Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ant's hostage and gtown

So, The Ant has told me to remain at home this evening.

Immediately suspiscious.

Peas: Why?
Ant: Because I said so.
Peas: What are you doing?
Ant: I refuse to answer any more questions.
Peas: Can I at least stay in my pyjamas?
Ant: No, not really.
Peas: Pyjamas and heels?
Ant: Sure, whatever.

So I’m being taken seige in my own house. I am a voluntary hostage. I still have to pack for Grahamstown, visit Ex S’ mum, finish a [quite frankly annoyingly deadlined] feature, pay a bill before I get arrested, and fit in a spot of training before I head to the Eastern Cape, land of horny farmers that I tend to smash in my face in drunken and dark circumstances involving Jagermeister and high libido.

Speaking of the Eastern Cape, and Rhodes, I heard an hilarious story the other day from a Rhodent mate of mine. It’s incredible, and only in Grahamstown, let’s face it:

This oke went to a 21st at a farm nearby, where there are lots of baboons traipsing around. He had to shoot one apparently, for what reason it is unknown, and being drunk and disorderly, placed this baboon in somebody’s car. With a backwards Fred Durst cap on, kind of chilling there behind the wheel, propped up, arm hanging out of the door like a taxi driver.
The guy freaked, but can you imagine how funny that must’ve looked? Anyway, the baboon seemingly made it’s way around Grahamstown and Rhodes as a prop. A dead prop, which honed like nothing on Earth. It was found in people’s cupboards, chilling out on the lawn reading a newspaper, sitting in lectures, dressed up, dressed down. Appalling, but hilarious.

This interesting part of the country is where I will find myself in the next 24 hours. I’m scared.

This will probably be my last blog entry before I hit the DCI Blogging Conference tomorrow evening. Also check out the DCI Blog For The Bloggers over the next few days. Till then, keep grooving and stay away from small dogs.
mwah xx


Candy said...

Peeaaaazzzz!!! Happy Birthday for Thursday! Please send wishes belated to the Ant for the 1st.

kyknoord said...

Run, Peas!!! She's going to cut you open and sell your liver before you go to G/Town (it probably won't be worth much after that).

Carlz said...

yay for hyper links ;) travel safely. see you tomorrow

Crusoe said...

I have a feeling there will be a few more hilarious stories born in the next few days, starting with, "There was this crazy Joburg chick who......" :)

Billy said...

Enjoy Peas, hope its a blast. Be gentle with the locals they are fragile.

Daedalus said...

Ertjie, Enjoy Grahamstown hun, it is a small shitty place that holds fond memories for me ;)

Somabula Blog said...


If you want to understand Grahamstown and the EC farmers which you seem to be meeting all of a sudden these days, see if you can find a copy of Bugs Wilmot and ??? Marx's L.A. Lore (As in Lower Albany). You might get it at the Museum, which is just down from the university.

Hilarious stories and cartoons about the people and the very characteristic humour of the area.


Anonymous said...

Peas, good luck at the conference-
I just see one teeny weeny probleemo,

i noticed registration is at 7 in the morning at the media building. i'll eat my hat if you make it in time.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys!

I am excited and a little nervous!

Guppa - I know. 7:00am. YOu know me too well. ;)