Friday, September 22, 2006

jolly good soap dispensers

So, met up with mates at the Jolly Dodger last night. Most of us have something to bitch and moan about, but unfortunately, as is the case, 90% of the bitching was about men. N has gone and organised a formal dinner at her house. For single people. Oh God, we’ve self-categorised ourselves into the singles box. Now we have to find dates for this thing. The rules are that we can’t bring mate-mates. Otherwise I’d fly Doc over, trust me. People with girlfriends, mates or not, aren’t allowed. Have we not found any potentials over the next two weeks, everyone else finds that person a blind date.

Am I in hell?

Not one to adhere to rules generally, I’ve invited a mate. He’s been informed if something potentially shtoinkerish comes along between now and then, I’d have to invite The Potential. Not looking likely though. But he’s cool, and hottish and girlfriend-free as far as I know.

The Jolly got a little out of hand. This is what we left with:
1 x soap dispenser. After trying to get airtowel and framed haemorrhoids advertisement off the wall first.
1 x Handbag filled with liquid soap.
1 x offering of sex. Yes somebody has openly acknowledged that he wants to boof me. Or more like openly suggesting ‘mad, passionate monkey sex’ from random oke who wouldn’t let me go home. Then a plea to snog me. Refreshing, except not.
1 x hangover.
5 x Fitzy’s. Help.
1 x meeting of nice, hot oke who was in love with person behind him. And he’s in, um, stainless steel. Not number crunching, as previously guessed.

Trying to see if I can assemble soap dispenser on wall and if my flatmate notices its there.

I have a school reunion tonight. It’s not my 10-year just yet – a huge affair involving trips down to Natal, with a new wardrobe, a hire date on the arm, a new glamourous career and a fake wedding ring – thank heavens not yet. I still have two years to attain all those things, thank fuck.
This is a little get together for all the different years living in Johannesburg now. My headmaster is supplying the drinks and snacks at a chosen venue.

Is he out of his mind?

Either he has forgotten what kind of pupils he spawned, or he has collective amnesia. We’re a close knit bunch, us boarding school lot. I remain good friends with a lot of my school mates, and he has no idea obviously, that we get ratfaced together at least once a week. Take C, one of my best friends. And E and J2. Not to mention most of the other girls going that I fraternise with on an almost constant basis.

Two other mates who didn’t go to school with me have offered to come as C and my ‘life partners’. I will pay money to see the look on my headmaster’s face when a playful slap and tickle is had when I introduce as such: “Mr Dickinson, I’d like to introduce you to Klo. My life partner.” Tempting.

It’s going to be huge. Good luck any old teachers and the headmaster and his wife. And thanks for the free party, you won’t regret it. Best you join in on the boozing. Bottoms up.

PS: It's time to emigrate. Jacob Zuma got off.


Somali said...

Mornin Peas,

Why not go for a blind date... you never know it might end up like ''The Wedding Date'' But then again, maybe not.

I will be sitting on the same flight as you, after the NEWS about JZ.

Enjoy your ''school'' party,

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Somali. :)
I would go on a blind date, except that all my mates are going that option and finding blind dates for each other is hard enough. This whole thing is stressing me out!

Anyway, we have a couple of fparties lined up over the weekends to perhaps meet someone. Sigh. ;)

Antoine said...

Yup, the life partner is a goodun. Especially if the life partner is an old school mate.

Would leave the Headmaster thinking (fantasising?) what really went on in those dorms after lights out.

Peas on Toast said...

Antoine - exactly. It would be a hoot. He isn't known for his bubbly sense of humour, so the reaction would be priceless. :)

sheldon said...

...surely there must be a

Lord knows I'd find it useful... besides axe murderers are people too hey. But good luck with that china!

I'm hoping the NPA finds some nasty dirt on JZ... N.A.S.T.Y

Peas on Toast said...

Sheldon - thanks dollface. :)
But I'm actually perfectly happy with my partner thus so far. I really am. He's not exotic or anything, since I know him, but it should be fine. :)

Daedalus said...

Playing with some flash on Ostendo ... check out the banner. ;)

kyknoord said...

I find it difficult to believe that you aren't bombarded by offers. Perhaps you should publish a list of criteria that your date will need to meet before they'll even be considered. A list of non-negotiables (such as "must not have a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/life partner") would be particularly useful. This way, the run-of-the-mill non-starters will either be too insulted or intimidated to risk it and you'll only have to separate the chancers from the genuine possibilities. I'm sure your friends would be keen to help out. It'll be a bit like Idols, but probably with better singing. Hey, I can even make you a "Date Peas" blinky, if you like :-)

Peas on Toast said...

Cool Daedalus, I shall def check it out.

PS: I learnt my name in German last weekend: Erbsen auf tost. (sp?) :)

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - thanks my dear. In truth I do get hit on a lot. But my problem is this: I have such a long list of criteria myself (probably from having a heart broken, I don't care to take risks anymore), and unless someone slaps me int he face with all these criteria - and I literally can see that this person meets my level of standard, I don't really let them in. It sounds very picky, and it is. Only recently did I look at someone very differently. Before that I didn't even care to look. I imagine I have let many a lovely guy slip through my fingers with this attitude! Also when I snog them and then run. Runaway Snog, that's me.

But I'm working on it. I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Unless someone extraordinary comes along, I'm really not interested.
I really am in a lovely place all by myself. This, of course has its benefits and downsides.


Daedalus said...

Shit Peas you sound like a recent encounter I had … avoid being an Ice Queen hun. Men become reserved and tend to not approach Ice Queens ey. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Peas
The posters in the bathrooms at the Jolly are a pain to get out. After numerous attempts, I discovered that they are magnetic. That plastic cover has magnetic edges. I now have quite a few on my fridge (and the haemorrhoids poster with the cactus).

Peas on Toast said...

Deadalus - I'm the furtherest thing from Ice Queen my dear, so I wouldn't worry about that. In fact, I should probably practice being a bit more of an Ice Queen in truth. I just hold men at arm's length when I'm not interested. ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Anon - you got the haemmorhoids pic! Bastard! :)
But thanks for the tip, we'll try and remember for future attempts.

capdog said...

Jeez did you read this..

Some mean things to say!

Don't worry Peas I love your blog.

Peas on Toast said...

Cap - Thanks for the link mate, this is hysterical. This oke, Nick I must've spoken to once or twice, but since he spent most of the conference on the shitter, I can't say I got to know him at all. And his assertions of me thinking I'm a fucking celebrity is nothing short of ridiculous. He said it, not me! And there's a valid reason for me not wanting my pics up, of course.

Nick the Prick - What do advertising people dress like? And what does this have to do with my blog? Your past two artciles mentioning me says something different. I really don't care if you think I'm 'too cool' or whatever. Perhaps people in Bloemfontein, your home town, don't wear sunglasses. That's really not my problem. :)

Revolving Credit said...

Peas, it's meant to be a fun date, not a marriage proposal - so ease up on the criteria a bit....have fun with it. Whats the worst that can happen...the date runs out the house screaming in terror...thats not so bad is it?

Else, aren't you still owed your 'Kyk Date'...maybe he can make a plan to get to Jozi.

You can attempt to have a Peas variation of the 'Win a date with Kyk' contest.

Maybe something like 'Score a Squeeze with Peas'

Post the candidates letters of motivation and let the bloggers vote.

I vote for Helmut.
(Helmut dumkopf, you have to send ze letter, ja)

Anonymous said...

Click on this:

Isn't that Nick the dick?

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - I know, the formal is going to be fun, no probs with that. I'm talking about relationships in general. :)

Yes Kyk and I still have to go on our date, I'm definitely going to be going down to CT soon, so it will def happen. :)

Anonymous said...

What a cock!

Nick van der Leek has completely missed the point!

In his recent column .... he takes a stab at those blog writers out there who fail to meaningfully contribute to the 'greater good'... he writes...

"The Internet represents an opportunity for great minds to come together, or for small things to amuse small minds. We can tap the wisdom of crowds, or become a mob of brainless dimwits fascinated by what’s mindnumbingly dumb and ditzy. If we choose the latter, the stereotype will soon emerge of the ‘dumblog’."

Basically he's saying that bloggs like Peasontoast, (PEAS YOU CELEBRITY YOU!) are a load of shit and don't contribute to the greater good and towards the immense potential that the blogsphere has to offer.

What a fkn BOER!! A real ArseClown!!!

Since when did a smile and a fkn laugh fail to contribute to the greater good?

Van Leek needs to get over himself and stop being so anal retentive...

I mean read this...he's a clown!!

""My guess is the intention of bloggers like MushyPeas is to attract a plethora of potential sex partners (on the internet), pick and choose the most screwable/entertaining, and write about these experiences, hoping to also capitalise on a book deal. It’s hard for me to imagine a more distasteful character: it’s not only prostituting one’s life, but one’s thoughts, soul, etc."""

How can she pick out a plethora of sexual partners if she writes under a pseudonym and refuses to allow knobjocky's like your self to photograph her???

E in London - out!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks E, my dear. :)

I'm actually completely hacked off at this stupid freak. Making me sound like I'm up my own ass the whole time. He bloody asked to interview me on he second day, and now goes and writes this.

But thanks for your words dollface. ;)

Vincent Maher said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Peas on Toast said...

Vince I had to leave my desk so that I wouldn't distract my fellow colleagues with my howls of hysterics.
I love you, this is priceless.


Champagne Heathen said...

Peas, maybe if you shaved your head, pierced several parts of your face, dated someone simply because they are of a different race to you [and that would solve your singles' dinner!!] and kept talking about "aaafrikaa is like shoo wow my guiding force and I realised this when I was knitting blankets with kiddies in some township.." ...Basically he sounds a bit bent up on stereotypes and if you don't look the alternative part then you definitely lack intellect and insight. (Even though it is intelligent people who realise they can wear what they like or banter away and it is not a social statement or complete reflection of who they are].

The maddening idea is blogging is what those who blog want, demand, and create. In all its million facets. If you don't like it, don't click on that blog. sigh. How daunting a world is for some people when there's choice.

Enjoy the school reunion. At least you'll be able to flash your celeb status around with those tequilas!

Peas on Toast said...

Champers, you're right. If anything I learnt at this conference I'll rememeber forever: blogging is multi-facted. There are those that use it to fight for freedom in their countries, spread messages. Do it for the greater good. There are those that pin up tits and ass. And there's me that writes about my day-to-day. That's what makes the blogosphere so interesting. ;)

As for the reunion, I'll be sure to remember the little people. Since most are still my mates, it's not hard. wahahahaha :)

Carlz said...

Hi friend!

If there's one thing you don't do - its screw with the blogosphere - it could mean a death worse than stroh rum - Our reporter friend has made a fatal error - and if there's one thing the Shnitz believes in, its KARMA.

Peas on Toast said...

I love you Schnitz. xx

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people called Nick are generally arse-wipes?

Peas on Toast said...

I digress Anon, but I know a couple of lovely Nicks. It's a real pity he shares a name with the good ones...;)

Anonymous said...


I'm a Nick, and I think "Nick the dick" is a tosser. Some Nick's are legends- um um , Nick Faldo, Nick Price, um St Nicholas, um well..

"Then there was a likable fella with long hair, who is the epitome of what a blogger should be. Affable, geeky, very knowledgeable (a fellow from Harvard after all), and above all, altruistic. Although American, he demonstrates a terrific love and understanding of Africa. He is confident and overbearing, but also sensitive and clever and patient and sometimes quiet. He is also innovative and fun and friendly, and gets around. He connects, not only over the internet, but over the air – extending his hand and shaking mine."

That is hilarious.Its had me in stiches of laughter,
This is how "Nick the Dick" concludes his article, if you ask me- the conference didn't see much of him because these two were busy nobbing in the Rhodes cricket pavilion- while chatting about how their blogs will save the world- and how they both have a crush on Peas, but don't know how to act on it. So he only extended his hand, Nick? so Nick, you affable , geeky knowledgeable wanne-be, take loser and pin it up on someone else's door. Go worship Harvard , and read a few travel blogs. Dickhead.

other-duke said...

Yeah, so Zuma hey. whatafuckup! that means he could potentially be the leader of this country still. scary stuff. showers and beetroot allround!!

i'm off to London next year. not sticking around for SA's demise. or my 10 year high-school reunion :)

enjoy the party

Peas on Toast said...

Guppa - I was waiting for your comment, and as usual am in hysterics. :)

"knobbing behind the Rhodes cricket pavilion?" *cue howls of laughter.* You're one of my greatest mates on this green earth, and there's definite reason for it. xxxx

O-D - I may heading off on exodus next year, pending a couple of things as well O-D. As long as I leave before he's president. I'm proudly S.African and all, love my home, but with him in power, this country is up for it's ultimate challenge. :(

Rocket said...

The Jolly Fat Man is also called Nick I believe.

I also know some real wankers called Nick.

While I was in the UK, (some years back) this Loser called Nick, (it could be wrong, his name could have been Michael or Trevor, anyway, that's beside the point) embarked on this campaign with my girlfriend at the time. She apparently held out for a few months and then gave in.

The fucking bottom-feeder instead of finding his own snuggle-and-shag, opted rather to go in like a medival wall sapper and take advantage of a bereaved hottie in her moment of weakness.

What a remora fish!

And that Nick van der Leek sounds like a real muppet. What exactly has his contribution to World Peace been?

Peas on Toast said...

Rocket - shiza, I'm sorry to hear that mate. You still with her? (After Trevor/Paul/Nick got a fat slap I hope!)

High in Dubai said...


I just have to comment on Nick the Freak... Totally unnecesary on so many levels! I just wonder where his stupidity comes from...

Although I must say you would make a totally kick-ass celeb... Can you imagine how much tabloid fodder you'd generate?

duke said...

"If bird flu ever ravishes the globe..."

Er, Nick, I think you mean "ravages", you illiterate poltroon.

Don't pack your bags just yet Peasy-Poo, there're are still a load of obstacles in JZ's path - like a new indictment and the ANC congress in 2007.

Apfelshtroodil said...

It's tough at the top. Every second-rate, no-good, audience-less, self-esteem-starved, attention-seeking, unrequited spoomflanger (good word, eh?) wants to take you down.

Jaegermeister said...

Nick is bitter and confused. He tried his luck with Peas...failed. He wanted to be cool and converse with Vince about programming...failed. He ended having the shits anyways.

During the speed talk, he tried to explain to an Ethiopian delegate, in an extremely patronising manner, where Bloemfontein was, resulting in saying, that "it’s a place in nowhere, with a lot of grass around it"

Peas on Toast said...

high in dubai - thanks m;dear. I've already been the subject of media fodder in some publications, which is pretty funny. I find all of the hype quite ridiculous. Still, never understand where people like Nick get off. Oh well. I'm still smiling. :)

duke - the word 'poltroon' - love it! :) Let's hope that ANC conference pulls us through eh? ;)

apfelshtroodil - you're a hoot! ;) I'm hoping I'm none of those things. xx

Peas on Toast said...

Jaegermeister/pflaumie - I remember that! he he, you're the best dollface. xx :)

Anonymous said...

Peas, sounds like this Nick guy had the hots for you at the conference and you either, turned him down or chose to ignore him. He sounds so damn boring.. and is a proper TWAT. ( if i was as hungover as you i'd probably wear the sunnies too.. and it's also a good screen to block sleeping eyes)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Anon :) He at one stage, over a [long] breakfast asked if he could personally interview me and I kind of ummed and aahed. Perhaps that's what ticked im off, who knows.

Thanks everyone for your hilarious comments! ;)

Wienerwurst said...

MUahahaha, look what I found:

Guess who that is!

Wienerwurst said...

He has 5 blogs!

Revolving Credit said...

Know thy accuser:
The Dick van der Lick,

These self righteous little cunts like Nick Leaky Prick really fucking piss me off. The Web and Blogsphere is an electronic medium of social interaction.

Just because everybody out there is not using it to join the virtual peace corps, hug virtual trees, petition the IMF or debate the metaphysical implications of Schroendinger's Cat and it's interpretation of Chaos theory; that does not mean that there is no benefit derived from the use of this medium.

In the same vain, he would have us broadcasting only Summit TV and the Learning channel as the rest, in his view, is just a waste of media.

Dickheads like this, who approach life with a narrow-minded, elitist, pseudo-intellectual view once ended up burning books because it did not conform to there wishes and wants. Now we all know where that led: The Inquisition and later a Nazi Aryan State. Need I say more.

I would suggest that Nick the Geek, peruses our great constitution, especially the parts relating to freedom on expression :
‘Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes ¬
• freedom of the press and other media;
• freedom to receive or impart information or ideas;
• freedom of artistic creativity; and
• academic freedom and freedom of scientific research. ‘

He probably has not read this blog because if he did he would realise that it forms part of a broader circle of friendship, provides guidance and support, help others experience social interactions that they might otherwise not encounter in the physical world and does all of this with a touch of humour and humility.

I think he envies Peas her openness and ability to interact.
He so wants to be a Marketing person ..HAHAHA

Peas, we love you and your blog and what it brings to us all on a daily basis. We all realise that our trials and tribulations are not unique, but just part of life. So just keep doing it.

To Mr van der Leek, I really do wish that you are able to experience the real life outside your bubble (copyright to Vince Maher) and get off your high-horse long enough to mingle with us, the common folk.

PS. You’re all invited for some birthday cake on my blog , even Nick van Freak;)

Kate said...

God, there's so much to say about Nick's bitchy why-arent-i-cool-like-peas article, and most of it has already been said. But I must just point out that dropping his hits count into a diatribe (sp?) on the blogging psuedo-celebrity experience makes it hard to take him even remotely seriously.
Love ya, Peas. And congrats on the soap-dispenser score!

Peas on Toast said...

Happy happy my darling! And one of my favourite readers in the blogosphere!

I'm coming over to give you a cyber-kiss right now. :)

You always make me laugh, always have something great to say: love you big guy. And a very happy happy!!!! :)

Kate - thanks my darlin'! The bloody soap dispenser sits on our coffee table. The Ant had a very perplexed look on her face this morning. I've joined the dots: your mates are the very people I met at DCI - and if you're anything like them, which I imagine you are, you're a genuinely awesome human being yourself. xx

Somali said...

Hey Peas,

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.... I just can't stop laughing after I read his article! If you can call it that.

My guess is that he is an ex-blogger himself, and didn’t get any comments!!

Nick - I feel sorry for you. Blogging is not doing anybody any harm! If you don't like it, stay far away.

Blogging is a form of art.

PS: I am glad you didn’t give him his interview… he is not worth it, and would probably have twisted your words.

The Nervous Voter said...

You guys need to give Zuma a chance. I've made it my mission to make a choice based on good information, even though I support Zuma more than anyone else so far and I have started blogging my experience in the hopes that other people like me can go beyond armchair politics.

One thing I can tell you is that this Nick character sounds like he needs his head cut off and his throat lubricated with a broomstick.

Kate said...

Peas: Yup, my mates and class mates and lecturers/bad influences :)
P.S. Its my birthday too! Wish me a happy happy please

Jam said...

I am still laughing about this article. Just read it. It's a wildly inaccurate description.
For someone with FIVE blogs, that's quite an article. It seems that Nick has more pretentions than an entire squadron of agency creatives. And what is advertising wear anyway? Does he want us all to dress like corporate nuns???
My guess is the intention of bloggers like MushyPeas is to attract a plethora of potential sex partners (on the internet), pick and choose the most screwable/entertaining, and write about these experiences, hoping to also capitalise on a book deal. It’s hard for me to imagine a more distasteful character: it’s not only prostituting one’s life, but one’s thoughts, soul, etc.
Poor thing. Perhaps that was his intention...

Revolving Credit said...

Just had a look at Nick van Twat's blogs and honestly don't know what qualifies him to speak with authority on blogging.

The stupid little clit appears to forget that he has created a blog. Scenario:
- Create Blog
- Post 'tween 1 - 5 posts
- Do fuck all for a while
- Decide to post some shit again
- Obviously forgets about the previous blog
- Create new blog
- Post comment......
(Repeat 5 times or until bored)

Definitely an expert of blogging..fucker!

Jam said...

On Zuma - regardless of what he says he didn't do, what he said he DID do was to sleep with another woman while still married. For someone to own up to this who used to be a member of the Moral Regenration Committee, that's just astounding. If his own wife can't even trust him, why should we as a nation?

Jam said...

btw - isn't this article regarded as slander? is the property of Johnnic...

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Somali - it is pretty funny. I'm having a good giggle myself. :)

The Nervous Voter - lol! As for Zuma, I have to say I'm with Jam on this one: I'd find it very hard to trust him. I'm hoping he'll prove us all wrong.

Kate - You too? Also an awesome Virgo - happy happy my sweets, also coming over to give you a big wet cyber sloppy on the cheek. Hope you have a fabulous, fabulous day! xx

Jam - lol - who'd want to get into the pants of somepne who dresses like she's in advertising? And self-prostitutes herself? ;) And perhaps it may be slander, but who cares eh? :)

Rev - lol ;)

Suavé said...

Hey PeasyPoo! Jeez, I leave for a while and this is what I come back to? I read that article and I cant stop canning myself! HAHA!! What a tosser!

Anyway, fuck him. There's not much I can say that's been said already but I for one love you and your blog and if he feels that he needs to talk shit to get your attention then fuck him. He's not worth it. I say keep on keepin on my sweet. You got my vote!


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks my little Suavie!

Where've you been hiding? Getting laid? ;)
You are a star. mwah back at ya xx

Note to all my readers: YoOu all are fantastic. THis is just what I was talking about at DCI. The feeling of community with blogging is overwhelming. I am a very frtunate blogger indeed.
Kisses for you all. (I'm feeling particularly generous;)

Suavé said...

Well uhm yeah. Actually that's right. How'd you know? HAHA! I'm doing it for us Peasypoo! It aint no fun if the homies cant have none, knowattamsayin! LOL!

PS - (If you dont mind) I spoke to Kagiso about the slapping incident and he told me about you and Doc. So HA! I don't know much, but I have a skeleton in my head. But dont sweat, the secret is safe with me.

Peas on Toast said...

Suave - you're so generous dollface.
ha ha

OK what abot me and doc? You can't leave me in suspense like this! I'm scared, on the mentioning of a skeleton...;)

Spill it Suavie!

Suavé said...

Dont you worry your pretty little head about it munchkin'. It's nothing incriminating so rest easy. I just found out a little bit more about you that's all. And yes I just might have a skeleton or two but then again would I want to divulge such information? I think not! *evil grin*

C from London said...

Hey Peasy

Off the topic of nasty Nick - very happy that you are off for a school reunion, we have had a few of our own impromptu ones over here, almost always involving tons of alcohol and misty eyes.
Are you sure 'Mr. Dickinson' is paying - that is not the 'Mr. dickinson' I know and love! Our 10 year one will rock.

Peas on Toast said...

Suave - now you have me going! Please email me, these skeletons could be anything. I have a few. :)

c from london - I know, I was a little shocked myself that he is offering to foot the bill. Should be loads of fun, we're thinking of rocking up as goths/in our running kit/tracksuits. You know, so I don't look like a too-cool-for-school advertising chick. ;) ha ha.
I'll divulge all feedback tomorrow. x

Apfelshtroodil said...

Last word on the Nick: An extract from one of his blogs:
"Voices. Waves. Water. And echoes. My own voice, echoeing through the cool depths of space, swimming across space from a sunny Earth many swings back, back to now, where the Earth twirls its way around the solar fire, flinging the silver moon around it on its way, like a boy kicking a stone on his way home from school.
Swimming, and space, is a place for elegance, dancing, slow motion, and slow motion sickness."
Now we know how to make the world a better place by blogging - Write the biggest pile of sel-pitying shite you can dream up and post it to nobody!

Peas on Toast said...

Apfelshtroodil - I saw that! I lost track of what he was saying after the second sentence.


Revolving Credit said...

Sounds like it may be time for him to change his medication!

Sounds like he wants to be a Goldfish in a bowl, spitiing an occasional pebble against the side.

Just fucking swimming round & round & round........

Peas on Toast said...

Funny enough Rev, we were thinking about feeding him oodles of klippies and coke at the Rat to see if he could relax a little and have a laugh with us. Then he went and got the shits. And we never saw him again.

Third World Ant said...

It may be a little late to comment but my f@$&%^*^ing Internet connection's up the creek, but: OH SHE HAS NOTICED! THE FLATMATE SEES ALL!

Third World Ant said...

It may be a little late to comment but my f@$&%^*^ing Internet connection's up the creek, but: OH SHE HAS NOTICED! THE FLATMATE SEES ALL!

Peas on Toast said...

Babe you're a hoot. I feel the frustration through cyberspace.

Ramone Allones said...

In case you were wondering... and i know you are... Ramone is off to Mocambique tomorrow! Whooohoo

ladies reference my checklist below- so as to fully appreciate the extent of awesomeness you will not be witness to:

1. bacardi (its becoming a habit)
2. Speedo (Red one)
3. Aviator Glasses

that's all. If civil war breaks out you'll know why!

have an awesome long weekend- and pity the locals in moz!


Revolving Credit said...

Arb thought for the day

Peas, have you ever thought about renaming the Whacker your 'Peacock'.

Sprang to mind yesterday as I was driving on the highway. Saw a car with the plates 'WACKER - GP'.
Whipped out the phone and took a pic but it wasn't clear enough to see the plates.

Carlz said...

Peas - just to let you know, Shnitz is back on snack diet - some men make me sooo mad! why play games - hey? *sniff *sniff - please have a tooty for me tonight,

Peas on Toast said...

Ramone - enjoy you lucky devil. And please leave the speedo at home. please.

Rev - lol. But I'm afraid the whacker is just the whacker my freind. ;)

Carlz - snack diet it is, men are bastards. :)

Nick van der Leek said...

Vincent Maher
4:45 PM (16 hours ago)

to me, Steffi, Jess
Hi Nick

Good to hear from you again. As requested, I apologise. No hard feelings?

Kind regards,

Vincent Maher | Chief Product Officer - Mxit

T: +27 21 888 7000 M: +27 82 998 5412 Mxit: vincentmaher

Get Mxit on your phone: or SMS ‘mxit’ to 44541

"Accidents don't happen to people who take accidents as a personal insult" - Don Corleone