Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh my gad

The Ant got a phonecall from me at like 8:00am this morning, me in my doondies, feeling as fresh as a daisy doused in acid rain....a little hung from my first evening in GTown and the Rat.

Anyway, I transcribed my post to her this morning.

But I forgot to say, thanks everyone for my birthday wishes below. I am 26 today. And I'm freaking out over here. No better way to start your late-twenties on a hangover in Grahamstown.

The journalism department here is super jacked, I am most impressed. This is where we'll have our seminars and such. It's a new building with the latest tech equipment, and fresh coffee. On that, I ate in a dining hall this morning. Breakfast res food. Mmmmmmm delicious. Takes me back to when I was 19. OK breathe. I'm 26, it's only seven years from 19. Breathe.

OK The Ant is going to post for me this morning. Better run, can't find my other delegates.
PS: Fuck. I'm 26.


Revolving Credit said...

What wrong Peas, don't they have computers in GTown? You are a a blogger conference aren't you?

I'd expect to have a live RSS feed at the very least. Oh well, next time.

Ebjoy the Barfday, hope the hangover doesn't impeded things too much.

Antoine said...

I trust you now realise that 26 feels the same as 25. Oh wait... you a woman person. Each year you feel 10 years older.

*wicked chuckle*

Enjoy the start of 26

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday!!
From a long-time daily follower of Beans-on-Bread. Don't go and get a book deal or something. 2 of my favourite blogs went that route and the blogs just aren't the same since...

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys. I'm feeling a little teched out and hungover, but neverthless, enjoying th eastern cape holspitality immensely!

PS: Anon - You know Belle de Jour?? You lucky bugger. :)

Billy said...

Belated Happy Birthday Babe. I trust it was celebrated like it was the last night on earth?