Thursday, September 14, 2006

Peas does G’town

[Note to readers: this is the Ant hi-jacking Peas’ site! First off, I want you all to be good readers and leave your birthday messages in the comments section – today Peas joins the ranks of the 26-plus brigade. Secondly, she called me in the wee hours of the morning (7:30 to be precise) to transcribe a post on her experiences in Grahamstown. So forgive us both if the post lacks some of the usual Peas charm…]

I am a lurker in a town that has never seen high heels.

I arrived in Grahamstown and I have to say, it is honestly the most beautiful little place. Very Victorian and oh so green. Pleasantly surprised. As for the university, not as beautiful as UCT, but pretty damn close.

I am staying in a res. I am over this before it began because this morning I had a shower in the communal bathroom – I think I have inherited Athlete’s Foot, and I think people saw my poen when I was changing because my door wouldn’t close properly. I was thrown straight back into my first-year days when I was living in res, when people come home at 3 o’clock and have a kwaito bash outside your door.

But let’s backtrack.

Last night I went out to the Rat and Parrot with the DCI delegates and speakers. I even saw some people from school and who are now there studying.

Pick up line from the Rat: “Hi. Have you ever seen Requiem for a Dream?”
“Isn’t that about a crack-whore?”
“Ja, but she’s so hot and you look like her.”
“Thanks man.”

I have to go and get breakfast now with my meal coupons. I feel like I’m going to chunder because I drank far too much last night.

PS: the people here are so great because they’ve been really friendly and shown me around.
PPS: the guy that heads up DCI told me I’m not allowed to “snack” on the students. I asked why, just as the most beautiful German I have ever seen walked through the door of the Rat. “Because this is a professional course.” But I could snack on that little flaumenstreufelskuchen till the cows came home.


Anonymous said...

may it wonderful, and happy birthday! i agree though, there really is nothing like UCT. PS...beware of the dead babboons!

Third World Ant said...

Have a happy happy my darling! Please ignore any advice from the lecturers and fondly anyone you choose! Here's hoping you have the worst killer hangover tomorrow (only because it means you're having a wildly entertaining evening tonight)

Mwa mwa mwa!

Revolving Credit said...

..Happy Birthday dear crack-whore, Happy Birthday to you!!

You're there less than 24 hrs and..
- You've been called a crack-whore as part of a pickup line (..hmm)
- You're hungover
- You've just turned 26 but immediately feel like you're 19
- You've flashed your poen ;)
- You've found some 'flaumentreufelskucken' to snack on.

You go girl...unleash the Peas

(..and try not to leave too much destruction in your wake...then again..ummm)

Jam said...

Hello gorgeous Peas.
Happy Birthday - remember, you'll only get better with age...promise.
Good luck with the conference...
and snack all you want. You don't seem to be one for rules anyway (which in my book is a good thing)

Suavé said...


Have a great day out in G-town, and 26 aint that bad. Not that I would know but nonetheless. HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks chaperoonies!

I've already run half a marathon in my 26-year old plendour to buy cigarettes at the end of bloody GTown. Not coping! :)

zuzula said...

happy birthday hon! enjoy 26 - it was a fab year for me :)

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Peas!
P.S. say hello to my beloved G'town for me.
P.P.S. I think I know precisely which german you are referring too (as you're currently hanging out with my peeps) - and yes, he's lovely to look at :)

Antoine said...

Only to look at Kate?

mike said...

indeed, he is a fluffy wuffy leedle coochy woochy flaumenstreufelskuchen isn't he! :P

Kate said...

Antoine: Only to look at - as I have only had HANDS for one guy for over four years now :)
Mike: Hahaha! I'm sure the german in question wouldnt appreciate that, but its still funny!

Inyoka said...


(Written on a brand spanking new Apple MacBook which I spent a fortune on in London on Tuesday. She is in her final year of journalism at Bournmouth University - the best journ dept in the UK, I am told.)

Inyoka said...

Er... the 'she' is my daughter! And it should be Bournemouth.

Bugger! Too much red wine last night!

My love to Grahamstown (I spent seven years of my life there) and the Rat.

Colin Daniels said...

Dam Peas you need to learn how to use the < /a > tag so that your whole post doesn't come out looking like the Daily Sun.

PS - Don't I get any credit for being the DCI Coordinator or is that saved for your other flaumenstreufelskuchen?

Martin said...

Haha, now that it got mentioned, you do look like Jennifer Connelly!

Ant, while you're reading this (if you are), can't you change the setting to make comments on your blog accessible to everyone (and not just blogger users)? Your insights regularly go unpraised/unchallenged because I can't comment without a blogger ID... :-)

Third World Ant said...

Colin - that is MY fault. I put this post up for Peas, and her post window doesn't look like mine, couldn't un-bold, un-underline it. Sheesh! Cut us some slack, will ya?

Peas - as for looking like Jennifer Connelly... I'll check with Gilb if he thinks your pornalike looks anything like ker!

other-duke said...

I wanted to get wishes in while it was still your birthday. So, happy birthday. Sounds like You're having an awesome time. Did you see the sign in "the rat" that says the mouse and buggie? Hilarious. Enjoy the rest

kyknoord said...

I was going to let this go down to the wire, but I'm ready to retire, so happy birthday & here's to an inspirational year.

muddlepuddle said...

P E A S Y P O O ! ! ! !

Hope uv had a super marvellous floorbanging ass shaking day!

Let me know where to send that Play Station Karaoke thingymajiggy to!! As promised in days of yore when you were still 25!!


Carlz said...

Peas - please contact ground control asap! please let me know you're ok and didn't go home with dodgy locals as instructed!!!!!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Thnaks for giving me pflaumen to look at guys. My eyes are sore, but you know the saying.

Peas on Toast said...

And guys thanks so much for your birthday comments! :)