Saturday, October 28, 2006


So all whole lot of us went to Winex last night. After visiting +15 wine stall thingies, I don’t really recall whether Rupert & Rothschild had more nose than Diemersfontein’s pinotage had more watermelon. I had to consult C and E’s wine notes – they took notes, the big wine nerds – as to what occurred at Winex.
This is what was written therein as time went by:

Elgin Vintners sauvignon blanc: Nice with a rocket salad or light lunch.
Buitenverwachting chenin blanc: fruity, yet tart.
L’Ormorins sauvignon blanc: Nice with summer food. Good crackers.
Du Preez Estate chardonnay: fruity, but not woody. Almost dry.
Blaauwklippen chardonnay: very woody. But whatever.
Boschendal Estate: whatever this was, it tasted like chunder.
Rupert & Rothschild sauvignon Blanc: This is a goodie. Nice one, even if too sfeet [sic] for a sauv.
Rickety Bridge Winery: Chards, chens and shauvs [sic]
Diemersfontein: Told them to say hi to my godfather (This is C). Served choccy and nougat with the pinotage, told everyone.
Cloot chardonnay: Can’t taste, but sure it’s fdine. [sic]
Makro: Makro has a stall here wahahahahahahahahahaha
Constantia Uitsig: Tastes like poen. Nik Nkas [sic] were distilled in this.
Groot Constantia: Nice. Briilanit [sic.]
Paull Cluver: You little biscuit!

Then I drove home, earlier than everyone else as I had work to do. I actually worked, through a wined-up haze and exhaustion. Had I crashed into a wall, the wall would’ve won.

The Ant left for a two weeker in Mozambique today. The house is going to be very quiet.


Anonymous said...

You really do have the overwhelming talent of getting my day off to a great start. Your posts are always so reliable to hit the spot to keep me chuckling thru whatever shit gets plopped on my desk!

Go Team

Third World Ant said...

Ah thanks Anon.

And you have no idea how tired and cranky I am today. Thank God it's Friday! :)

Daytripper said...

I have yet to ever visit a Winex and this year will be no different... this is despite being a closet wine fundi and Sparkling Wine slag... *sigh*
Maybe next year....

Lou said...

Oh for a glass of SA wine. The only white wine I have managed to find here in Delhi has been disgustingly sweet and leaves you with a KILLER hangover the next day.

Have another glass for me.


Peas on Toast said...

Daytripper - best you get ass there next year - it's loads of fun as well. :)

Lou - I shall my dear. After sampling godknowshowmanywines, I must say South Africa really has some magnificent, um, vintages here.

ChewTheCud said...

it must be friday indeed - cos it seems peas signed off as the ant on her last comment.

C said...

you missed out on the delicious olives which miss E couldn't get enough of! never mind, think she sampled plenty for the both of you.

The highlight was defnitely the Elgin Sauv, delicate, fruity nose, with a subtle underlying boldness of flavour!!!hee hee hee

Peas on Toast said...

Chew - Crap I most certainly did! I had to write The Ant's post for her today...

C - olives? Fuck. Yes babe, I rate the Diemersfontein and Elgin stuff was prime. Possibly the best two at the whole show. Show stoppers indeed. Hee hee. :)

tBerry said...

Winex is such a jol. I went to the Kaapstad one where a mate was running the Const Uitsig stand. Tasted like 1million wines and then sat abusing ppl at his stand.

Const Uitsig Suav/Blanc was once described as having "more piss than a mulberry bush" by some Aussie taster...

Christian Troy said...


What is your rhythm for the weekend?

ChewtheCud said...

peas practices the rhythm method? this is news. how bout the bucket-and-saucer method? that works too.

other-duke said...

He he, that reminds me of my Winex experience... We (Cape Town) had an exhibitor called Paul Sauer, which was the best wine there by a long shot. Also R450 a bottle. I consumed nearly a whole one just tasting it every 10 minutes! If you could actually buy bottles from them at the expo, in my inebriated state, i would have.

I'm sure the flat will be alright. You and TRM can invite Aunty over for a sleep over, sit up all night in your jammies, do each others hair and bitch about people you disliked at school... and fart, i suppose

Peas on Toast said...

tBerry - God you gotta love the Ozzies. :) Next year I'll stay for the duration of the evening definitely!

Christian Troy - Who are you mate? Before I divulge details about my weekend!

Chew - Us good Catholic girls are very familiar with this method Chew. ;)

Peas on Toast said...

O-D - that's exactly the plan. Aunty is coming over for a night or two next week. Hold onto your hats. ;)

Kate said...

"Paull Cluver: You little biscuit!" - excellent!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a SA wine from Tesco's to be included in our general shopping delivery. It was a rose, but it tasted more like vomit. I was really bleak, because I ordered it for a taste of home.

There's a SA wine that you can buy over here called "goats do roam - (and then in small print)in villages in south africa".

I'd never seen it at home, but I love it, not least for the great name!

Kevin Cadman said...

Peas my dear... great post; made me chuckle!

Eugh, I don't know if I'd handle sampling so many wines one after the other. As you say, it all starts to taste the same after a while!

Apparently Leon Schuster set up a hoax a few years ago for some wine expertswhereby he set up an elaborate wine testing evening but instead of having expensive wines, he filled all the different bottles with one type of box wine. They were ALL the same and nobody could tell.

It makes me wonder if people can really tell the difference between wines ;)

I went to a whiskey tasting once; I fucking hate whiskey. One taste and my 'tasting' experience came to a grinding halt ;)

And, on a completely separate note, how's this: I came quite close to hooking up with some arbgirl at Tiger last night until the words "Ohhhmygawd, I'm like, the world's worst speller" came out of her mouth. She instantaneously became unattractive.

You have yourself a great day ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Kate - I love that name! Almost as good as the Fat Bastard wine. :)

Kevin - Noice china! You're almost hooked up with someone - you're moving forward, this is so good to hear. Even if she does have bad spelling. :)

peanut said...

Hey Peas,
Thanks for the heads up, am off to Winex tonight, so I will definitely be avoiding the Constantia Uitsig stall...!!!
In preparation for you weekend with your aunt, I suggest you read today's post by Much ado about sumthin! - She's pretty much the Aussie version of you!! Anyway, its all about the joys of farting!!! Here's the link:

tBerry said...

Kate - Goats do Roam is from Fairview Wine and Cheese estate in Cape Town.
They're the ones with the tower that the goats climb up. Hilarious when you're half pissed on a wineroute. Also, best to go there at 4:45 just before they close, cos then they pour big glasses and you can taste the cheese at the same time!

Revolving Credit said...

Kate - You can order the good stuff directly from SA at SA prices plus shipping . Try CyberCellar

Next week is Whiskey Festival in Cape Town and I'm gonna do some heavy tasting.
Must not forget to eat before going tasting. made that mistake last year.

Peas on Toast said...

Peanut - have a blast babe! Wouldn't count too much on these notes here though...:)

REv - did you park a tiger dollface?

Revolving Credit said...

Peas, when you get a bit pissed and go drinking afterwards, oh it can get so ugly yet still be fun :)

Must remember that the cocktail bar we're all at afterwards, is NOT part of the Whiskey Festival.
You CANNOT pay with you un-used drinks tickets, you MAY NOT help yourself to another drink behind the bar and you SHOULD NOT ask the barman for another taste because the last drink wasn't enough for you to decide whether you liked it our not.

tBerry said...

Constantia Uitsig Wines are actually fantastic. If you get the chance to taste their White Bordeaux blend (Sauv Blanc/Semillon) called "Constantia" it is amazing. And all their wines score 4 or more stars in Platters (if you think that counts).

Also, the farm itself has three of CPT's best restaurants, Uitsig, the River Cafe and La Colombe (consistant top 10 restaurant).

Try the wine, experience the farm...

Peter Barlow said...

ah yes, the didn't happen to see wines from Rustenberg estate in Stellenbosch there? or Brampton? my favourites. :-)

Champagne Heathen said...

The Goats Do Roam is a play on the French wine region, Cote du Rhone. I am gonna assume. You're welcome to tell me I am wrong. I don't see how though. It is arbitrary enough.

WINEX tonight.

My best of all festivals though would have to be the Good Hope Food & Wine Fest in Cape Town in May. Great wine (whiskey, berry shooters, aqua de vie etc.) across the entire 2nd floor & great food across the entire 1st floor. Oh man, the Sunday memories of that....being invited by as-pissed stall operators to the free-champagne afterparty. The bouncers trying to kick us out cause it was over & we were singing to loudly from the 2nd floor to the crowd below. Being handed many many bottles of free wine left over. Sorry...I'll stop with my nostalgia now...

Champagne Heathen said...

Peter Barlow???? Hmmmm....why does just the sound of your name seem familiar with those two fantastic wines you just plugged there???

Martin said...

How, may I ask, do either of you know what "poen" tastes like?

You know, just for interests' sake.

Peter Barlow said...

How perceptive of you Champagne! ;-) My family owns and runs of course I like the wines that come out of there the best- more than a little biased. Just to set the record straight- the wine is NOT named after me, it is named after my late grandfather who I am also named after.

However, compared to the rest of my family I must confess I have the palette of a philistine so am therefore studying journalism instead ;-)

Revolving Credit said...

Martin. Question. Do you like NikNaks??

Champagne Heathen said...

Man, I LOVE that farm. Especially as it was so close to town and still did not charge for tastings. Let alone your excellent wine, cheeses, and setting. And of course those cute little cows everywhere.

So, Pete, your family owns Rustenberg. How very interesting. How would you like to discuss this over a dinner? *Eyelid batting* *eyelid batting* Candlelit of course. Just you, me, and half your cellar? *More eyelid batting* We could, uh, discuss, tastes & blends & aromas and all. *Lean forward a little and smile sweetly*

[Now THAT ladies & gentlemen, is the true meaning of a Wine Whore!]

Revolving Credit said...

Where are you manners girl?
Damn, you just can't seem to train them properly.

Champs, repeat after me:
'Champagne Whore, not Wine Whore'
'Champagne Whore, not Wine Whore'
'Champagne Whore, not Wine Whore'
'Easy, not cheap!'
'Easy, not cheap!'
'Easy, not cheap!'

Kids these days..tut,tut,tut

Peter Barlow said...

Champagne: hehehe, wine whore indeed! ;-) there are just the practicalities is all!

Jam said...

It's Friday and we're back onto Nik Naks and champs again.
Yay! Going to WINEX tonight!

Peter Barlow said...

Yes, its Friday...the end of the academic term and exams are looming...but who cares?? ;-)

Champagne Heathen said...

Sorry Rev...better manners... "Hi Pete! My name is Champs! And I love Champagne. Does your family make Sparkling White wine? But don't answer that now....let's discuss it over dinner. Candlelit of course. Just you, me, and....oh btw, you have to foot the bill though" *Eyelid batting*

Please can I keep him. He will be my toyboy and I will be guaranteed to be less grumpy!

Pete - no practicalities. I'll just inform the guys at your stall this evening that I have a date with you, please can they arrange the finer details. So easy.

Jam - Winex? You're going? Really? Fancy that! Maybe I'll bump into you there ;) See you at the Rustenberg stall!

Peter Barlow said...

hehehe, even though there is a small detail that I am currently broke and sitting at University in Grahamstown. still not deterred Champs? I do suggest you go to the stall though and sample some of the product! hehe!

Jam said...

Champs, but how will I recognise you?

Champagne Heathen said...

Jam - I'll be the chick batting her eyelids left right & centre, saying "Yes, that is nice, but do you have it in Sparkling white wine".

Pete - you are really testing out my LOVE of all things alcoholic that come from the vine, aren't you!! I will ponder it with your winemaker this evening. Don't you worry your little head (no Rev, not that head!) about it one little bit!

[Anyone seen Peas recently?? I feel like I have taken over.]

kyknoord said...

Hope all the wine didn't make you sic (sic). Briilanit post.

Peter Barlow said...

Champs: hehe, ponder away! I am sure he will enjoy that at my expense! ;-)

Yeah, where is Peas?

Revolving Credit said...

OK Champs, you can keep him but only after you're cleaned your room.

And play nicely with all the other kids at Winex tonight.

Champagne Heathen said...

Peas has definitely gone AWOL. We're free to run amuck in here!

Pete - I will do my best to see what chaos I can cause as a result of your offering me free reign to do so!

Rev - Oh boy, and will I play nicely with those WINEX "kids"!! ;)

Jam said...

*jam runs past with her arms waving in the air*

Dave said...

This might sound very pious but you've just admitted to driving drunk, unless you counter claim and tell us that you went to a wine show and had less than two half glasses of wine, which I wouldn't believe anyway. Be safe!

I am going to the The Wine Show in London tomorrow, I'm hoping to get completely smashed and then catch the tube home!! Admittedly if I was in SA I would probably also drive home.

Champagne Heathen said...

Very pious.

You're sounding more like a Brit by the day.

Peas, I think Dave just offered to send you some of those treasured pounds to pay for taxi fare every weekend till year end!! You also read that into it, didn't you Peas??

kabintsimbi said...

How nice would an ice-cold bottle of savi b be right now? Damn, I could kill for one...specifically Durbanville Hills 2006, if you ever feel like a goodie, try it...unless you've already had a go at it!

Unfortunately, I've had one too many wine experiences & by god, they come back to haunt my olfactory system whenever I catch the odd whiff here & there! Once, I downed a bottle of red wine (why, don't know....just did & I had a couple strong glasses of good old voddies) & that night was just a big blur! Needless to say, I passed out in the car & ended up face first in the gutter...still did not wake up from the coma-like state! Disgusting!?! I think so!

By the way...totally just found out that you & the ant are flatmates...hey!?! What a flipping small world!

Peas on Toast said...

Sorry chaps, have been at a car launch. Yes really.

But good to hear the poen convo is still going strong!

One thing - Martin: 1) I can't comment on your post about women's blogs.
2) Nice post, but thought the line "whatever goes on in their pretty little things that they call heads" was slightly derogatory, even for a non-bra burning bitch like myself. I'd like to think I have something in the thing I call my head.
3) Poen tastes like Nik Nak. Take it or leave it.

Kabint - yip, The Ant and I have been mates for the last couple of years, she moved in with me last year. But had a blog way before that too. ;)

Dave - of course I drove a little under the waether. This happens after a wine show. I'm guessing the rest o the delegates did too. :)

Champs - Good to know you;re steering the reigns of answering comments while I'm gone, thanks babe. Can you be my agent? With the Ant of course.

Champagne Heathen said...

Only if you better focus on your role as my pimp and start producing...

It has been a little embarrassing having to do it here myself, and so publicly, and so blatantly!

Peas on Toast said...

Hey man, at least you didn't write a post advertising your services as a fuck buddy. *blushes with embarrassment*

Champagne Heathen said...

Good point. I haven't! I have blogged about featuring prominently in my friend's "How To..." sex book though. Although I do figure that can only be to my benefit if some guy tracks me down from that. At least he'll be clued up!

Ah, the private lives we lead!

Revolving Credit said...

Leading someone by the privates again are we!

Champagne Heathen said...

Again?? Have you been stalking me that well recently Rev?!

Inyoka said...

Plenty of good SA wine here in the UK - different labels to back home though. I buy (just about) all mine at Netto - one of those small discount supermarkets. Currently buying something called Pearly Beach at £2,95. A bargain! Also, lots of choice - Australia, NZ, Chile, Argentina, every European producer, USA (which I refuse to buy). Very competitive market and bargains if you know where to buy.

Whisky. My local has about 150 single malts, some nearly as old as me. The landlord gets a special malt in each Xmas. Two years ago he got in a 26 year old MacAllan. Absolutly smooth, no burn or bite. I no longer touch a blend. However... a little pricey at £10.00 (equivalent to 4 pints) a tot.

As for beer... magnificent bitter and ales. I have not touched a lager for years.