Friday, October 13, 2006

you know really

Fuck you Blogger for making me tear my hair out this afternoon.
Fuck you Blogger for somehow linking some bloody 'I am lost' blog onto my comments section.
Fuck you Blogger for redirecting my site to some Chinese teenager's rainbow-coloured monstrosity. And she's obsessed with headphones, noodles and maths.

Fuck you, for giving me an apolplexy because I thought she'd hi-jacked my site.

Fuck. Fuckers.

Headline tomorrow: Local blogger dies of apoplexy because Blogger fucking didn't work!


ChewTheCud said...

Aw i missed it - wanted to see what the fuss wa about. Would be real fun if some christians blog got redirected here though. How many times did you just use the word fuck? mybe mix it up a little - fliechen. Just in case you get some germans coming by.

Champagne Heathen said...

It seems to be half working... but I still get ah ni's site when I don't put the "www' in the address.

Dear ah ni. I hope she passes that exam of hers next week!

And I've lost commenting ability on your previous post.

Ah, the troubled lives we lead!

Jam said...

Peas just broke her swearing ban.

Champagne Heathen said...

It all seems to be perfectly fixed now.

BYEEEE was wonderful to have known you for an hour or two & had a glimpse into your life!! And never forget..."Colours fill my life with wonders"....BFFE (Best Friends for Ever!)


boyshey said...

there is something really wrong with your timezone settings... the RSS feeds need the correct post time... might be set to US or something...

again... just FYI

Revolving Credit said...

Completely disrupted my afternoon.
As opposed to saying 'obviously blogger is pomped and check back later to see if it's fixed', no, not me, I keep checking every 15 mins, check a couple of others blogs on wordpress, check internet connections not to blame, use back-up wireless connection, reset proxy server, refresh cache, terrorise some asian girl for hijacking Peas on Toast.

Repeat this cycle every 15 min's from lunch til end of day.

joe said...

I thought I was going insane! I have a screenshot if you want :-)

ATW said...

Bugger - missed all Peas In Transit Heist excitement. At least you came back unlike poor old kyknoord who at least resurrected himself here.

Perhaps you needed the guys that Champs was going on about here to protect you against further "Peas In Transit Heists"?

Try the blogger beta - it seems a bit more stable and is fairly painless to upgrade to.

Daedalus said...


Don’t you think it is about time to get a domain registered and setup WordPress?

Anonymous said...

You use a *FREE* blogging service for gods sake.

If you want to be so full of yourself, pay for a decent hosting and THEN winge if it breaks.

Koekie said...

Poo. I missed all the excitement. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet your Chinese soulmate.

Peas on Toast said...

Phew! Blog in Transit Heists aborted!

Anon - fuck off. You from Blogger?

Pete said...

Anon - Thanks chop.

Peas - I love that one of your newzbubble's is 'va-jay-jay'!

Martin said...

Pete, Anon is pretty much perfectly right.

I love how the "web 2.0 crowd" gets on their high horses everytime something they're not even paying for doesn't live up to their expectations.


Pete said...

Martin - I think Anon can shove it. You prvide a service, whether or not I (or peas) pay for it or not, I expect GOOD service. If you can't do something right, don't do it at all.

It's a bit cocky i know, but there are loasd of other blogging tools to choose from, so if you want to keep your community, shape up!

Peas on Toast said...

I agree with Pete. I accept that things Internet-rekated go pop every now and then, or are slow, or whatever. But my site was redirected to somebody elses.
At that stage I thought it was permanent.
I was under the conclusion that my blog had disappeared completely and for good.

This lead to a certain amount of stress.