Tuesday, December 26, 2006

christmas in the cape

Shitters - well it's been a while hasn't it?

Merry Christmas The Blogosphere!

I've been in Cape Town for a couple of days now. Always a little nostalgic when I'm here. The first bit being that I drive my old student car as my only form of mobility. It's an old Toyota Corolla with 240 000 km on the clock, and besides the compulsive shuddering the old thing does when cruising at over 100 km/hour, it's still going strong. It smells like mould, chows petrol like a beast, yet this is the same car I ramped the first two steps of Jameson Stairs at varsity one afternoon when scutters drunk with my mate The Dove after our last exam in second year.
(It's a Range Rover as well as a trsuty old Toyota, see)

So it's been a chockers holiday thus far. But because Capetonians are half asleep most of the time, I've managed to unwind somewhat. Smoking Legs is also down here with his family, so I've been tearing here there and eveywhere to bond with my dad, my French grandparents, as well as chilling out with my mum at our flat in Gardens. It's exceptionally and oddly quiet in Cape Town for this time of year...uncannily so.

I've done the usual - ambled through the Waterfront, visited Kalk Bay and Simonstown with Smoking Legs (that's where he is staying), and walked up and down Kloof Street in town where I'm staying.

It's all been a bit manic. I ate so much on Christmas Day, as it goes I suppose, that I passed out semi-comatose on the couh for like five hours.
Haven't swum - I dipped my foot into the sea at Camps Bay and it nearly completely froze off. I'll save swimming for Knysna. We head there on Friday.

My dad's the same. Flying his plane dangerously low over urban areas, dating a couple of women all at once, that sort of thing. Bless.

I got Smoking Legs a shitload of doondies for Christmas - but that's another story altogether.

Now I', ambling around the Waterfront, going to the Aquarium and tomorrow will climb Lion's Head with the family and Smoking Legs. Hectic. Climbing isn't my favourite pasttime, and family meeting family is always a little intense. But hell.

It's been great. Nostalgic - god I was a student here four years ago, it feels like a lifetime has passed since then. Joburg can do that to you I suppose.

Right, enough ramble ramble. Everyone else is probably having a way more exciting time then me: skiing holidays, Mozambique, Transkei (C is going to Bazaruto, lucky poen), and such.
Dinner party at my mum's tomorrow. Time to get pissed.I haven't been drunk in about two weeks. The moment you stop working one tends to stop boozing as well. Interesting.


WarpedShadow said...

'll save swimming for Knysna. We head there on Friday.

Well I hope it is nice and sunny here by the time you arrive.

joe said...

peas, when we gonna have a drink at Opium On The Beach???

Yzerfontein said...

Camps Bay beach is for looking at the pretty people...swimming results in you being half the man u used to be.