Thursday, December 28, 2006

first holiday piss up

Seriously. I haven't exactly binged since I cruised into jolly old Cape Town.
Until last night, that is.

Mum entertained. She had a little drinks ensemble chez nous last night. A couple of her mates, my grandparents, Smoking Legs...and my father. All in the same room quite literally.
My folks, even though divorced (and it was messy some years back) are now, like, mates. He even bought a date. It was surprisingly pleasant.

I got a little scutters on whisky sours, and Smoking Legs and I went downstairs and ran through the Mount Nelson Hotel gardens and master dining room still holding our drinks. (We live next to this hotel - this rather pohshe hotel, where the staff would greet Miss Toast, you if they knew my name). We ran through the gardens, generally making a bloody raquet. Twas hilarious.

We also ate sushi at some ungodly hour down Kloof Street.

Needless to say I woke in a foul mood, I have to do some work today, and I have a giant, throbbing zit between my two eyes. It's huge and pulsing and I don't exactly feel like a goddess.



Pete said...

Right, first comment again.

Restore natural order of worldly happenings? Check.

BTW, who did your dad buy the date for? Himself? You mom? Or was it just like one of those party favours?

Mr Toast: Hey, Mrs [the woman formerly known as Toast], should I bring anything to your little piss up?

TWFKAT: I have it all covered, but you might as well bring a hooker to spice things up.


Peas on Toast said...

He he he. Such a strange set up it was Pete, I reckon a hooker would've gone unnoticed. ;)

kabintsimbi said...

Damn, running through the gardens at the Mt Nelson...sounds like one hell of a party! You see anyone famous perhaps? Oh wait, that would be you running through the gardens! Just kidding!

Re: the least Smoking Legs has no excuse to now wear a pair of poef dirty doondies...he has a few extras thanks to Santa!

Anyway, enjoy's bloody absolute shambles!