Saturday, December 30, 2006

joburg by the sea

We drove through to Knysna yesterday and immediately hit it hard.

Doc, my mate from India is here, as well as Moogs, Ramone and a couple of others. Polo was cancelled due to rainy weather, but we rah -rahed it at the schlocky afterparty anyway, where I bumped into everyone I see in Joburg anyway. I suppose one can't expect much else.

We got absolutely scutters. I mean, fuck. Champagne, Jaegerbombs, God knows what else, but okes were buying Moet by the bottle. Saw Claudia Henkel, ex Miss South Africa tucking into an oke at this VIP party. Also partied with Ex S' brother and wife, which was a little wierd. Ex S was at home with his 'very boring' girlfriend apparently. Anyway, we had a fabulous time.

We're staying with Smoking Legs' granny, she's a brilliantly minded 83-year old strong bird, and we have the cottage downstairs which is convenient when it comes to certain love noises.

We doing sdundowners again this afternoon with everyone at the Heads, and I'm so hungover today. Smoking Legs is walking around with his shades on inside. Bless.

Did I mention the folks all met each other up on a [rather strenuous] hike up Lions Head back in Cape Town? Yah. Was interesting, not too hectic thank goodness.
Everyone here is so tanned and stuff, my body has yet to be seen in a bikini. A white bikini, because I never did get my hands on that gold number.

Right. Boozy days ahead I've forgotton how hectic hangovers can be. Shit, I'm getting and feeling very old right now.


Anonymous said...

If you are getting so trashed, how can you type coherent sentances at 2:30 in the morning ?

Antoine said...

Hoppy New Yeats young Peas. Trust you will have a great one with loads of fun stuff to regale us with!

Elle said...

Happy new year peas

Champagne Heathen said...

Careful Peas, his girlfriend is one divine full-of-fun-and-chaos chickie!!

Peas on Toast said...

Champs - in this blog my dear, Peas rules I'm afraid. ;)

Peas on Toast said...

PS: Happy new year everyone!
Anon - I don't set the time on this thing...

Anita the 'very boring new girlfriend' said...

let's get something straight chick/peas (like what the fuck, who calls themselves peas anyway??)

i don't appreciate getting a call to check out some blog coz apparently you mentioned me. i actually live in the real world and have a real life not some virtual storybook to get my kicks from. Don't bother mentioning me in future as unlike you i'm not that off the rails that i need to be a drama mama.

Get a real life and your facts straight

Peas on Toast said...

Eish Anita, I just heard that from someone mutual that I happen to know pretty well. They must have their facts wrong, not me. If you living in the real world, something like that shouldn't bother you too much. And if it's true what champers says, you're fun loving as the rest of us. Perhaps chill.
Methinks you protest too much.