Saturday, January 06, 2007

air pockets

We went for a flight with my uncle (meaning Smoking Lgs wasn't subjected for any long and sordid period of time with my father in a tiny metal capsule thrust above the planet at 4 000 feet).

Slightly turbulent it was. I screamed on take off and, shat myself over Wolseley.
Potentially sweated out all my water over the mountains. But I made my uncle promise to tell Dick that I was a brave little soldier who demanded we do flips and stuff (when we were conveniently out of view).
He had my back.

Our last night in Cape Town. Wll spend it swimming in Fish Hoek. Yesterday we climbed yet another mountain (but that's a whole other episode), and then watched American Pyscho over cake.


My phone is farked. The aerial is broken. Can't get or receive calls. Sooo annoying.

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Ramone Allones said...

for fark sakes, i was about to sms to you to let you know you've maliciously with intent and aforethought pilfered my hat!!!!

If you were a pirate you'd be keel hauled. Arrr.