Tuesday, February 27, 2007

cat got cream

I have to just say I am very impressed with myself right now.

I've even given myself a little pat on the back, stood in front of my full-length mirror and welcomed myself into the world of 'normal person rising from the cesspit of under-achievement.'

Allow me.
If I compare myself to this time last year:

1) My thighs are decidedly less wobbly.
2) I am happier.
3) I am less needy.
4) I can be in a room with my ex boyfriends and their new girlfriends and introduce myself and be nice and not compare myself to them and feel nothing but nostalgic fondness for that ex boyfriend.
5) I am on the horizon of a career change.
6) I am reading one book a week.
7) I am not getting wasted three times a week.
8) I am on the brink of telling my editor to fuck off if she tells me about how amazing her walk-in closet is one more time
9) I've let everything go. Except my body.
10) I have found happiness in the things I do.
11) I am a German rap phenomenon. Well, maybe not.

All in all, I'm a completely different person from what I was on 27 February 2006. That's got to mean something.


Hot PInk Flush said...

You go Peas!
Hmmm, perhaps this should be a tag post, because you are inspiring me to do a recount and be just a smidgen more grateful than I have been of late.
PS. Word up on being nice to exbf's new gf's

Peas on Toast said...

Hot Pink - Well I speak for one anyway. One new girlfriend I met this weekend seemed devine, so I can't really be nasty can I? And also since I have my own boyfriend, all the crappy stuff floats away.

PS: I'm reading Smacked. Am almost finished - amazing book.

fida said...

absolutely fabulous!*****


Hot Pink Flush said...

Totally Peas. (as I'm sure I told you already), I've never believed in jealousy, or comparison. Because (and I say this in all humility, honestly), they will never, ever have another ME in their lives. Never, ever. So, regardless of how fantastic she is, their relationship will never emulate ours (good and bad). So far this theory seems to work in practice for me too, most of the time anyway.

As for Smacked, yeah, it is amazing. More props to Melinda for writing it. It did take her ages tho, and she managed it around a fulltime job, and taking care of two adorable boys. So if she can do it... well,etcetera...*cough*UrbanChick*cough*

Peas on Toast said...

Fida - thanks doll. ;)

Hot Pink - For sure, I had an exact convo like that. This is the conversation I had with a mate at a braai on Saturday:

Her: She's his girlfriend you know.
Me: Yip, I am aware.
Her: She's very cool.
Me: I'm sure she is, seems great.
Her: A great girl.
Me: Great definitely. As amazing as me? Probably not. She'll never be me and I'm pretty darn unique. So I'm sure she's super, but, luckily for Dick, he's got me now.


Smacked is amazing in that she climbs from the bottom of hell and manages to better herself and her pysche after all the crap she's been through. Very inspiring. But a harrowing story eh?

Don said...

Feels good, dunnit? I'm with you sister, although this time last year was the start of something new, and it's just been blossoming (did I say blossoming?) from there.

Good times. No, great times.

GoDsGiMp said...

Thats great Pea's. Its funny how that happens. I know that feeling this year too. Add to your pat on the back, with one big cyber one from me.

Also, you gotta read my post this morning, Its hot!

Peas on Toast said...

Ah thanks Don - you've noticed a difference? Bless your heart. xx

Peas on Toast said...

Godsgimp - thanks babe. I will most certainly read yours. x

Daedalus said...

A healthy mind is a healthy person ... proud of ya :x

Antoine said...

Personal Growth!!! Tis a wonderful thing.

As was said a while ago. The only person in life that one is responsible for making happy is oneself!

You go Peas!

Peas on Toast said...

D-Guy - absolutely, you're right there babe. Thanks :)

Antoine - thank you sweetie. The past year has been very hard, and I've gone through some horrible and tough times. But thank God for them right? Without the shitty stuff, one doesn't grow.

Champagne Heathen said...

I am happy for you Peas.
And all the best for the career change!!

When I'm feeling kuk now the 1st thing I do is put on Bob Marley's "3 Little Birds" song - cause don't worry about a thang, cause every little thang is gonna be alraaaight!!

As for SMACKED - I read it last month, and yes, if she could pull herself out of that HELL she was in, then one can only be inspired to help oneself!

Peas on Toast said...

Champs - Bob, isn't he the best? Music can be so hectic like that - I used to pore over schmaltzy reidiclously cheesy stuff, but lately have been divulging in happy stuff and you're right, it makes such a difference.

And agreed: if Melinda Ferguson can put herself out of a hell hole with nothing, thern there's definitely hope for all of us!

kabintsimbi said...

Well top of the morning to you too!

What fanfuckingtastic news & what a way to start a day! Knowing that you're a happy person, content with her life!


Peas on Toast said...

Kabbie - Top of the morning to you too dollface! :)

Yip, right now I'm fairly fuckin' happy. But I think I've earned it as well, which is nice. :)

And let's hope it lasts...

Insane Insomniac said...

Its amazing what a new bf and excercise regime can do for a girl!!1

Ra said...

Well, something similar to this kind of a change.


Change Helps!

Point 1-5, Spot-ON! On my life as well.

6. :-( Sadly, cannot read much these days. However read Virtue by Somerset this morning! 9I do night shifts.)

7. Three times a Day!

8. I have no such thing going on here!

9 and 10, PERFECT!

11. I am an Indian Loner!
My pat on back is in the pipeline.

Cat, Pray for me...


Billy said...
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Peas on Toast said...

Insane - amazing eh? But even when one's love life is crap, exercise can really help.

Ra - excellent my dear! We're on the same page I see. :)

ThomG said...

Three hundred and sixty-five days is just a year. Looking back is good. I posted this very stream on Sunday.

Peas on Toast said...

ThomG - I will definitely take a look. It's amazing how things can change in just a year eh? ;)

kyknoord said...

I'm waving my pompoms.

kyknoord said...


Peas on Toast said...

LOL! That imagery is priceless :)