Friday, February 09, 2007

lady on bike

I’ve decided to embrace sport.
Perhaps you’d like to read that again.

Assuming you have, the next assumption you’d probably make, if you know me well or intimately, is that I’ve finally lost the final pretzel that makes up my snack basket. So to speak. I’ve gone twelve monkeys. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m trying to better myself.

Since school, I haven’t held sport in high regard. I was an arts student in Cape Town for God’s sake, and now I fanny around with writing and musical instruments.

Couch potatoing has become a cultural part of my life. “Je suis une pomme de terre!” I declare proudly from the rooftops, paintbrush in hand.

It was suggested to me, however, that perhaps I actually don’t hate sport as much as I have made myself believe. Perhaps I just think it my right as a creative arty-farty to do fuck all physically, save the energetic boofing I like to do on a very regular basis.

See, ego is involved too. Get me up on water skis and I’ll look like a right fucking tosser. Make me run, and I’ll look like a sodomised ostrich with shin splints. I ran at school, and consequently it ruined itself through shin splints so bad, I often got carried off the cross country course in a stretcher.

Then there are sports that I do enjoy. These are ice skating, snow skiing, dance-offathons, and if I had the deportment, grace and petiteness, I’d most certainly want to be a ballerina.
Also, my boyfriends have always been sports fanatics. If I was a hockey player, say, perhaps this would’ve be a good medium in which to bond and be competitive.
So I’m going to make an effort to embrace what I previously thought I hated. Sport.

Save the flaming poenani, I really did enjoy the 94.7, and will be doing the Argus in March. I also plan to make the trek across town to Northgate to ice skate at least once a month. And even look into joining an ice hockey team. But I won’t get ahead of myself.

I've been getting onto my exercise bike recently and actually feel fucking amazing after I get off. An oke winked and checked me out when I crossed the road in my sweats to grab a juice from the café. Even though my ski shorts were hoiking up, exposing my thighs to all who could see.


Elle said...

LOL.. sporting-hating.. yes it is apparently the God-given right of an arts student to hate sports.

I, though an arts student, don't hate sports. I wont play sports because it's just simple too much effort. But watching sports and cursing my ass off just because my team is losing is a whole nother story. :)

storm said...

you go peas!! i dunno what happened, but you're obviously going through a session of making life changing(however slight) choices:-)

and cycling isn't all that bad as long as you have a proper seat:-)

Peas on Toast said...

Elle - yeah, I also make a GREAT spectator! But now I'm going to try and do it myself - once my bottom starts looking like toight buns of steel, perhaps It'll all be worth it. :)

Storm - tell me about it. My ass is hurting today. Those buns of steel are just months away....I live in hope!

C said...

I know this may be getting ahead of ourselves, but if you join a gym I'll come and spin with you...who needs soap dispensers when you can spin right???

Elle said...

ooooh, now getting buns of steel is a whole new card in the sports game...

... or one could just take up tennis just so the oh so yummy instructor could explain that "you hit the ball forward, not sideways" a hundred times.. ;)

Peas on Toast said...

C - wahahahahaha Poen! Spinning?? One step at a time china. But I'm joining gym, and plan to go three times a week. You keen? I'll start with the circuit and move onto the bikes...

Peas on Toast said...

Elle - I always thought Bjorn Borg was a hottie. :) I like tennis actually - especially when I hit the ball over the net.

kyknoord said...

Shouldn't that be "Je suis une pomme de terre de divan"?
BTW, I'm guessing there may just have been a correllation between the wink and the hoik.

Antoine said...

Eish. One trusts that this will blow over and you can enjoy the life of a couch potato once again.

The only reason why I try to excercise is at my advanced years I find I get out of breath when I shag for ages.

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - de divan is correct. But I think I might just resemble the terre right now too. ;) Hoiking and winking, hmmmmm!

Antoine - yes, I will now become She Who Can Carry On For Hours Throughout Multi-Orgasms.
Shag 'em dead. ;)

storm said...

did someone say tennis????

peas if you're at all eyecandy:-) is a tennis instructor. and he's awesome, and i guess his tennis abilities aren't bad either.

could hook you up with a number if you want:-) the only reason i haven't gone is the fact that i refuse to look like an idiot in front of my eyecandy!

kyknoord said...

Only if you've been on the "Supersize Me" diet since I last saw you. You'd have to chow down on a goodly number of Micky D's best to shake off your svelte and lissom figure.

Revolving Credit said...

OK, so who mind-fucked you into this crusade.

"I’ve decided to embrace sport."

Isn't 'sport' as Aussie term for mate, friend, acquaintence. As in "G'day Sport".

"I've been getting onto my exercise bike recently and actually feel fucking amazing after I get off."

Hon, thats cuz your poen is getting a saddle massage. Thats not sport, it's kink.

Peas on Toast said...

Storm - he sounds perfectly dishy! Can he help me with my backhand? ;)

Kyk - ah bless your little cotton pants! Thanks Kyk, you've made me smile today! :)

Rev - I've been mind-fucked to become saddle-fucked. If that makes any sense. ;)

storm said...

sure he can;-) perfectly able and extremely willing he be!

we were playing table tennis the other day, and he just HAD to help me get my uhm...tabletennisbackhand?? right.

thing is, after the umpteenth time he came and stood behind me, holding my arm(sjoe) i just couldn't do, so he had to show me again, and again, and again, and agan.....;-)

he gladly obliged;-p

Elle said...

ooooh storm.. i bet you were working it too!

I could use "good(looking)" tennis instructor... my backhand, fronthand.. heck anyhand.. just instruct me... ;)

storm said...

naaah, i just really suck at tabletennis..LOL

think he eventually caught on though...i mean a person can only suck so much right;-p not that he stopped uhm...practically helping me out or anything. dunno what happened to my partner on the other side of the table or the other friends.....i think they disappeared after the 10th time he came and held me trying to show me how to do it right.....not that we minded;)

didn't stop the uhm......lesson either

Insane Insomniac said...

I did my sports in school - namely theatre sports and dancing. There was a brief stint as the girls hockey team goalie. It was the best position cos I did very little running and my team was so good, they stayed on teh other end of the field.

At teh moment however, I firmly grasp onto the idea of couch potatoeness so inherent in us arty types. I get my excercise walking (cos cabs cost too much), heavy lifting at teh pub and shaking my ass on teh nearest dancefloor/bar counter - whichever may be available.
Viva la couch!

Jam said...

I was never a sports person in school. Then I went through a couple of years of fanatical running, adventure racing and mountain biking. The last year has seen the demise of me into a sloth. I miss being fit all the time, I hate the fact that walking up stairs takes effort. So perhaps I'll be riding somewhere behind you at the Argus.

Antoine said...


We gonna have to work on the fact your left hand hits the "e" keys before your right that finds the "h"

*wickde chuckle*

Champagne Heathen said...

You & Jam should've joined me in the race running at Zoo Lake on Sat afternoon. Me spurred on by a few vodkas against 10 twelve year old girls. 3 races against those guys & I couldn't breathe for the next 2 hours! AND half of them were wearing heels while they ran.

...I'll cheer you on from the sidelines of the Argus! Glass of white wine in hand, as you summit Ou Kaapse Weg.

Seriously, Jamaloni? The Argus? Have you thought about this?

AnotherWhiteBoy said...

Surely regular use of the Bushwacker 5000 is enough exercise on it’s own?

Peas on Toast said...

Ha ha ha!!
Enough, but not enough enough. :)

Insano said...

Antoine -
Its a work in progress.
Also i'm right minded, so my left hand is the dominant one, therefore being faster than teh right.

Nessers said...

What you need to do Peas is get yourself a real bike and get out onto the road to do your 10km and build up from there. It will increase your cardio strength (blah blah) and build great legs and ass (ho hum) oh and most important of all - the bods and butts on most of the guys give you such motivation to do just a "few more km's" in the the words of my friend Sam - I learned this from experience and believe me it really works so in the process of making your bod stunning you get to view a gallery of fine art yourself