Friday, March 09, 2007

can this day

...get any worse?

Surely after three signs that you shouldn't get on a plane, you shouldn't get on a plane?
1) Dick left his wallet in the office (with our bike collection tabs, his credit card, his ID, his whole fudging life basically)
2) We were late and nearly missed our boarding time;
3) His uncle left his cellphone in the car, which he had to go back and get
4) Then we lost one of our boarding passes once through.

The fact we didn't drop an engine into the Atlantic on circling Cape Town to land, and then dying in a raging inferno of plane detritus, is rather surprising.

Then we couldn't find our bikes. And henceforth, in some off-airport warehouse, had to sift through about 8 000 bicycles to find ours. Eventually.
Get to Kalk Bay where we're staying at Dick's parents place. A beautiful split level place, overlooking Kalk Bay Harbour and seabeds of kelp, on the mountain. The setting fit for a queen.

That is, until Dick's ex girlfriend rocks up.

I kid you not. There I was, sipping on an Elgin vintage, the day's stress oozing from my body with each gulp, and suddenly, his ex - who lives down the road - it was a long distance relationship - stops by willy-nilly with her father.

The father knows his uncle, but of all the crap! Flung so far out of my comfort zone, I escaped downstairs through a basement window to puff sulkily on a cigarette.
In Dick's defence, he had no idea that she was just going to pop in - and hid out with me until she left, after a brief hello and goodbye.

Still felt crap though. I'm pre-menstrual, pre-Argus, pre-cry.

I had a large wail in the bathroom this morning whilst brushing my teeth. Then pulled myself together and met my dad for lunch on Fish Hoek beach.


Jam said...

You're going to do just fine at the Argus, promise!
And don't worry about ex-girlfriends - they pop up all over the place like ex-boyfriends and don't mean a thing.

Vincent said...

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The Pete said...

And you are in Kalk Bay, put the feet up, listen to the waves and just relax.

The day might not have been good, but the weekend could be awesome.

boldly benny said...

I think today is just a bad day in general - mine has been the pits and I'm trying to nurse heartache on top of it.
Enjoy beautiful iKapa and good luck with the Argus, I'm sure you'll rock it xB

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - thanks babe. :) I suppose he's got to contend with mine on an ongoing basis. xx

Vincent - Hi -thanks so much! Will check out your blog as soon as I get back to JHB, alink excahnge sounds fine, thanks for your compliments!

Pete - That sounds fab - I'm off to Kalk Bay harbour to do just that! Will have a mojito for you at Cape to Cuba. :)

Boldly - Heartcahe? Oh babe, I'm sorry to hear about this! Will check up on you as soon as I have regualr connection - but in the meantime, keep ya chin up. xxx

The Pete said...

I got engaged at Cape to Cuba, so have fond memories of the place.

Enjoy the Mojito and the Cuban bread.

Revolving Credit said...

2 things

If you're staying in Kalk Bay, what time do you have to leave there to avoid the cyclists starting in the early start groups and make it to Cape Town on time for your start. Can you get out of Kalk Bay??

If the weather is anything like today, I pity you cuz you're going kak off and end up frying your poen on that bicycle seat.
(temp today 'tween 36-40C with 77% humidity and no wind)

Good luck and break a poen!

The Granny Wrangler said...

oi! toss the slapper into the bay - she's sure to be chomped by a great white. except some do have taste so keeps your fingers crossed as she tumbles downwards, bouncing off the rocky crags.

kyknoord said...

I find that yelling, "I KILL YOU NOW!!!!" is a pretty good catch-all for shitty situations. Can't do it too often, though.
P.S. Willkommen nach Kapstadt

kyknoord said...

P.P.S It doesn't really work when you're on your own.

kabintsimbi said...

Ah're going to be just fine cycling on Sunday! Was driving around town today & saw all the bicycles tied up behind cars...thought, mmm...wonder how she's feeling right about now! Judging from all the training you've been doing, it'll be a piece of cake, piece of pie!

Screw the have him now...imagine how she must have felt seeing you there by his side...the chosen one...the queen! Fack her...

ps: why are you smoking when you're cycling on Sunday...your engines will conk out or something!

And another thing...look at how beautiful today is in Cape Town, fack I love it! It's been wonderful, so sit back, relax & enjoy the stressfree life that CT has to offer you!

Good luck for Sunday & have fun doing it!

GoDsGiMp said...

good luck pea's.

Ill be one of those annoying people having a skottel breakfast on suikerbossie hill, cheering you on.

Hot Pink Flush said...

Oooh, can't wait to hear how the race went...
was holding thumbs all sunday peas!

other-duke said...

so nu.. how was the race!?

Peas, did you make it, for one and secondly, if you did, was it a sub 5?

Do tell...

Peas on Toast said...

Hi chaps!
Thanks for your wishes for the was hardcore!
O-D - I did a sub-5!! :)