Thursday, April 19, 2007

it just gets better and better and better and better

So, I spent yesterday morning crying in pain over my fucked tonsils. The pain was so bad, I actually just couldn't bear it. I couldn't talk, so all I could in my frustration and pain is let tears leak out of my eye sockets and groan in garbled voices to the doctor, on why I needed pain killers, like, right that second.

Then something else happened causing my head to spin and me to cry for a solid four hours.

I spent another day in bed, that it is until my mates found me. Just when I needed rescuing, my mates all rocked up. In the face of everything that is truly crap and unfortunate – my friends were life savers yesterday.

First Klo arrives on my doorstep with fresh ingredients for Cocky Leeky or 'leaky cocky' soup. Chicken soup guaranteed to help me feel healthier and better. She made me soup, dried my tears and swabbed my wet forehead like a queen. The Ant took me to the doctor to get my medications, as I was writhing in pain.
Then E2 and C came over and we all had a lovely chick dinner of Cocky Leeky, warm rolls, and one cheeky glass of red.

It was a Code Red yesterday, and my mates pulled in for me, and so, thank fuck for great mates.
It's dark times, and they don't seem to be getting much lighter at this point, but through it all I have amazing friends.

PS: Why the long face? My longterm Ex S got engaged yesterday. One always knows these things are coming, but I really didn't expect it so soon. In the face of my horrible month, it was hard to conceptualise. But even still, I only wish him happiness.


kyknoord said...

On the plus side, you'll be over the worst of it in a few days, while Ex S's pain is just beginning - not that I'm cynical or anything :)

muddlepuddle said...

jayzuz. do i know how u r feeling.
chin up my precious. sending you a big hug.cliches at this time are the most irritating so not gonna say one word more. xxxx

Jam said...

Hi Peas. Heard about this and really really felt for you.
I hope the chicken soup provided some comfort.
Many many hugs...

Louisa said...

It just doesn't seem to be your week hey? Well, at least you have good friends that come bearing soup.

Chin up Peas, it's almost Friday... :-)

Betenoir said...

Ah, that sucks balls, I have to say. And such awful timing. Mind you, you can console yourself that he can;t be that great a loss if he was dumb enough to let a fab lady such as yourself get away. obviously, he was intimidated by your wondrousness.

Peaches said...

Shitters Peas!!

Champagne Heathen said...

Hi babe, I thought of you yesterday, but thought I'd stay quiet (enough) till you had good meds healing you. I am VERY HAPPY to hear that your mates pulled through so brilliantly! Just keep making sure they keep that good style up for awhile!

Virtual Hugs (I don't want no tonsolitis - even without tonsils I still manage to get it!!!)

Tertia said...

you poor dear. my kids have it too. i give them suppositories for the pain. if your friends really, really loved you, they would have brought (helped?) with the suppositories with the chicken soup

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - that's how I feel about marraige right now too. :)

Muddle - Your kisses are fantastic :)

Jam - yip, luckily my mate phoned me at sparrows to tell me before I logged onto Champers' site, eh? Otherwise I would've really been devastated.

Louisa - it's Black Week alright...

Betenoir - I'm safe in the knowledge that we spent 6 years together and it was (mostly) good :)

Peaches - shitters indeed, eh? ;)

Tertia - I'm taking my meds through the hole in my face, luckiyl :)

Revolving Credit said...

So how'd your meds mix with the wine? Hopefully the pain was dulled a bit and you got the right kinda buzz.

Kudos to the girls for the care and attention. Just make sure you've got lots of ice cream and jelly. Ice-cream is smooth and cold so it provides temporary relief to your sore throat. So just keep eating it whole day.

Are there any volunteers to help Peas with her suppository???

storm said...

i'm sure you're way better off without him! but it still sucks, specially since you're feeling crap already....but if it's one thing i learned....when it rains it keep your chin up, your money tucked away and prepare yourself in case there's more.

Good friends and good wine....wonderful:-)

boldly benny said...

Hey Peas, sorry to hear you're still sick but glad you have your girls to pull you through it.
I must admit I've been leaning on my friends alot and they really my surrogate family.
As for the boy, it's always tough when the exes move on but at least you can look back on your relationship with fond memories rather than a feeling of longing.
Lots of strength to you xB

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - kudos to the girls indeed. And Big T. I wouldn't mind a couple of whisky suppositories right now. Girls?

Storm - it's almost come to the point where I can't cope with any more shit anymore.

Boldly - freinds are the best aren't they?

Jam said...

I generally find that the point at which you feel you can't cope becomes the point from whence things improve. What goes down must come up. Hey Rev?

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - bless your cotton thong my friend. That's what I said last week, lol.

But I sincerely hope you're right. I've reached breaking point.

fush and chips said...

Engaged? I feel your pain. Love of life got married last week, in London. If there's a god she'll get really really fat. Sigh.

Peas on Toast said...

Fush and chips - firstly, I love your name. You're from Natal aren't you? ;)

I'm toasting my glass of wine to you, because you know how much it sucks. :(


fush and chips said...

Yep, Natal midlands. Love of life’s wedding was shotgun. I have not the words. Am on day three of jameson whiskey and country & western music wallow-a-thon. I finally understand Patsy Cline.

Peas on Toast said...

Fush - me too! What is up with us Natal Midlands people getting the short end of the stick?

OK. Well, mine is slightly different. I dated this guy for 6 years. We discussed out children's names. Then, things well apart and I left him. For all the right reasons. But even so, he was my first love, and at one stage my The One (For Then). He's been dating someone for nine months, so this has all been rather unexpectant. And because I'll always love him to some degree, it hurts hey.

I'm sorry to here about the shotgun scenario. Fuck. Wallowthons are something I've been quite good at myself. Patsy Cline - nice! I'm onto Dusty Springfield. At least I won't throw a toaster in the bath like I would when I listen to Lionel Richie.

Antoine said...

Head up Peas:

You will be up and at em quicker than you will know!!!

fush and chips said...

6 years? Ouch. Children’s names, been there. The ex once said that relationships never end once they’re started- no matter that they’re ended right here and now. Somewhere in the ether, that relationship’s still going- maybe you got married, maybe they left sooner than they actually did, maybe they shagged your sister. They just keep going, like those countless TV broadcasts bouncing off satellites and carrying off into space forever.

Get better.