Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I knew I had a wee little ear infection yesterday from the crazy weekend. I knew my body has taken strain over the last month.
But I wasn't prepared to wake up with full-blown tonsilitis this morning.

What a fucking nightmare. I've been in and out of tears all night because my throat is so sore. I woke throughout the night with a fever so bad, I thought my hands were on fire. I was scorching, then I was so cold, no amount of blankets would help.

Then I got all delirious, and because it was 3:00am, I reckoned Satan was in my room again, so I just cried and cried and cried. I can't talk. It's too painful, and I'm sweating buckets from the fever. Jesus supposedly told me last night if I stop blaspheming so muh he might make me live, but 'I'm actually on my deathbed.'

Poor Ant - she awoke to my hysterical sobbing this morning.

I've finally had a physical and mental meltdown. It's helluva inconvenient, not to mention really painful.
Fucked. And all I want is visitors, I cannot get out of bed.


Lost-in-Jozi said...

The only thing for a bad case on tonsilitis is bed rest and NO VISITORS! None, nada, zip.
Lie back and sleep.
Hope you feel betetr soon.

High in Dubai said...

Sweet Peas,

That is bleak! Don't actually have any advice as to how you could get better... But will be hoping and praying that you get better soon!!!!!!

Vitual kisses and hugs to take the pain away!

Jam said...

Go to the Dr. If tonsilitis gets really bad, it can infect your ears and everything else too. I had it last year and also wept in agony. And then cursed my parents for not removing my tonsils when I was younger. And then went and got a course of anti-biotics (which I hate) which sorted it out really fast.

Nessers said...

You poor girl. Got to afree with Jam - go to the doctor post haste. The only thing that will clear this up is good old anti-biotics. Don't leave it cos it will just get worse - your tonsils are your first line of defence (did you know that) and if it is down then the rest of your body is more vulnerable "and here endeth the mother's lecture". Feel better soon

Lost-in-Jozi said...

I agree with High, Jam & Nessers:
You do need to see a doctor.
But then it's back to bed to sleep

Betenoir said...

Peas- lots of water, vitamin C, and rest. and if you're not better in 2 days ffs see a doctor!

get well soon, chica!

Jam said...

And hey! You do have visitors. Lots of virtual ones!

ChewTheCud said...

So sorry for ya hun.

You got jesus to keep you company though. Tell him to help himself to stuff in the fridge and he's cool. Just don't let him get near any TV games. Ultimate Flawless Victory - thats all I'm saying... (chews has mortal combat flashback - aargh!)

*Big Hugs*

boldly benny said...

Shame Peas, I used to be (wo)man down for weeks when I got tonsilitis - gotta agree with eveyrone just go straight to the doctor. I'm usually a bed rest and lots of fluids kind gal but I know tonsilitis - you need drugs.
Lots of hugs and sympathy, hope you feel tip top soon xxB

Third World Ant said...

Hello dear... I think these good people are right - off to the doctor with you! Call me if you need a lift xXx

Revolving Credit said...

The plus side of tonsilitis is that all you get to eat is ice-cream and jelly.

R U sure it's tonsilitis?
You didn't possibly get an STD from 'Hey-soos'??
Did you practice safe snogging?

Doctor for you my dear!

kyknoord said...

Poor thing. Let's hope this isn't going to need a visit to the third-world ENT specialist.

storm said...

good luck babe! i'm gonna sound like the thousandth mother this morning and also tell you to go to the doctor....and be careful, my one friend almost died from tonsilitis, because they got so infected....she ended up in hospital for weeks!!!!!!
Personally i think the rest will do you tons of good though!
hang in there!!!!
lots of hugs and kisses

Johnny Quarterback said...

Um Peas. I'd like to draw your attention to your last comment on yesterday's post, ' I went on a long cycle Sunday. In the rain, by myself. It was fantastic'

And you wonder why you're ill.

Anyway hope you feel better.

acidicice said...

Hey Peas...I've had my tonsils removed - twice - I was in LOTS of pain after the second operation and they gave me suppositories which I refused to use...I stayed in pain...I went back to the doctor and he insisted I stick stuff up my butt - and it worked like a BOMB (I suggest surgical gloves and some KY) - I insist...go to the doctor!

Peas on Toast said...

Hi chaps!
Thanks so much for your messages and stuff - god do I feel like death today or what!

Have bo,bed out in my bed, in a pool of sweat - when I'm ready to stand up, will head to the doc - promise. Thanks everyone. xxxxxxx

SwissTwist said...

As weird as it sounds, gargle with Coca Cola, it really helps.. though an alternative is salt (which makes me gag when not with Tequila).

Ich w√ľnsche dir eine schnelle und gute Besserung Peas!

Champagne Heathen said...

Drink ginger tea, gargle with salt, and as for my 3rd recommendation, considering your last comment "Have bo,bed out in my bed"....huh?? It seems you are already medicating yourself up enough to cure a purebred race horse.

Keep that up too!

Don't forget to watch kak tv as you sweat it all out!

Hoox said...

Dr Hoox is on the way.
Two birds with one stone. I can be your visitor and I will bring a bottle of tequila. The first two shots will be fed intravenously just to numb the pain. While you are not looking I will spike the rest of the bottle with anti-biotics.
I was going to bring a Hello Kitty SARS mask but then remembered I have had my tonsils removed so no chance of infection.
Anyhow, feel better babe. I sure as hell fire know about throat pain. Drink hot tea. I found that soothed it a lot. That and oh... Voltarin bum bombs! :-S

Peas on Toast said...

Hi chaps, thanks so much for your comments.

The doc told me in is tonsilitis, which will explain my my throat has never been so sore in its life. The pain I tell you, is monolithic.

So now I'm on antibiotics and myprodol, and sweating my fevers out.
It's so not cool. :(

smg said...

must be that nasty zol at emmarentia. you gotta get the good stuff next time!

Peas on Toast said...

lol smg. I'll come upstairs next time to look for handouts mkay :)