Friday, August 31, 2007

a new low

So, as life was merrily chugging along and things were relatively peaceful and quiet around here, it all had to go and change.

I'm having trouble sleeping, breathing, eating and being a normal human being right now. The Ant left yesterday. She's officially gone. I cried and cried and cried. I will find out the future of my job today. Or if it even has a future. This is extremely nerve wracking. And I'm already crying from the stress of the verdict; how we will go forward, or IF we will continue.

Wibble has become my baby. Not only does this stress me out, but it depresses me too - it's been my project since it's launch two months ago.

All I know is that later, I'm going out to get completely fucked. This week has been unbelievably awful. And later, I'll either be drowning my sorrows or celebrating. Drown me in a vat of tequila. I don't want Ant to go, I miss her already, I don't want to move in with mum, I don't want to sell my car, I don't want to be destitute next month.

I'm so stressed out, I didn't even attend a drinks do last night where my old headmaster was sponsoring the booze. I don't want him to think I'm bipolar, so I instead watched Top Billing and cried like a baby.

Wish me luck. My future is on the line.


Sweetass RSA said...

fuck everything does suck sometimes. it is what it is ~ just go with the flow. good times girl!

Peas on Toast said...

Sweetass RSA - Please pass me what you're smoking, everything sucks and I need to chill.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peas, chin up girl!!! I'll be having a few (read: MANY) tequilas later because of my own shit too. So here's to us!!!

"The Edge"

Peas on Toast said...

The Edge - thanks my dear- here's to us, and chin chin on the tequila. Hope your shit sorts itself out. x

tyrone said...

Morning Peas!!

What a shitty Friday! Sorry babe.

Will be thinking of you. I know it will work out.


acidicice said...

I know you're blue right now, but you of all people should know that eventually everything sorts itself out, no matter how bad it gets.

You'll be fine. It'll get better. In the meantime you can live through this in a boozy haze.

The sun will come out...TO-MU-RA! Bet your bottom dollar....

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Tyrone. Let's hope....:(

acidice - yip, somehow life always manages to go on. In the meantime, life stands still. It's torture.:(

Champagne Heathen said...

Hey Peas, all the best for whatever is about to pan out in the next while!! That's about all that can be wished, I guess. And congrats on the relationship. Nothing like a good (safe) shagging session to distract you for a few hours from your stresses every once in awhile!

SheBee said...

Sending you lots of hugs, babe.

Hope this weekend sees you chippererer :/

Love Bee

Peas on Toast said...

Champers - thanks my dear. This bird has taken a different approach to shagging this time however - I'm leaving my chastity belt on for as long as I possibly can. Almost devoutly. I call it self-preservation, others call it nuts. ;) Hope you had a good trip to the US!

Thanks Bee. Hugs are good, they work wonders, as I discovered last night.

Champagne Heathen said...

George Bush & his right-wing abstinence promoters would be so proud of your new approach!

Should the Wibble venture sadly not work out, I know where you can find many a well-paid job, as funded by the US of crazy A, in the aids/ sex world.

[America was ridiculous. I need a holiday. And apparently I left to soon & my mates made it to Mexico this week!]

Peas on Toast said...

Champs - having George Bush be proud of me is nothing to be proud of :(
But it works for me right now, we'll see in the future.

Mexico, oh man, take me there right now! I could happily drink up a storm in Baja and never return! Lucky friends of yours, indeed :(

Katie said...

oh pea pod my little angel...i wish i was there to spark you up a hemp guy and het you a long island ice tea!! Just know you are loved very much and things will work out!!
They always do!!

chin chin girlfriend! Lots of love X check your FB

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Katie! You have blessed my tochas and made me feel a helluva less crap about everything today - thanks for your gift! So apt!

You're an absolute star xxxx

Sambo said...

Hey Peas, I don't know if you know the demographics of people who read you daily. Perhaps you can post this for interest sake. I am thirty-two, yes I am, and a copywriter and I simply can't do without my daily dose of you. So If this menial fact is any consolation. Good. Furthermore, You rock, and inspire many many people and if you believe in the law of retribution then you should know by now that only good things will happen for you.

ThomG said...

Luck, Peas. Anything I can do from a world away in Cali, let me know. I am going to raise a glass of whiskey in your honor tonight anyway. Jut remember - it's still a good time to be you. "Pull your pants down, and slide on the ice."

DanielThomas said...

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ChewTheCud said...

Christ woman! Can't you just get normal spam like the rest of us?


Peas on Toast said...

Sambo - thanks so much! That warms ye olde cockles :) Bless your heart x

ThomG - thanks my dear.I hope the whiskey went down as well as my copious number of gin and tonics last night.....:(

Daniel the spammer - Sorry, huh? What? I agree with Chews here, can't you send me Viagra/porn spam like the others?

SheBee said...




David said...

Get 1 large bathtub.
Fill with Tequila
Sprinkle salt around the edge
place 1 large lemon in mouth
dive straight in