Monday, September 10, 2007

i am still alive

Besides the fact my eyelids are gelled together by excessive sleep deprivation and a little bit of a pounding head, I'm ok. And am actually choosing to amble through town towards the Highway Africa conference in order to a) wake the fuck up, and b) feel like a Joburg tourist and ooh and ah at the Settler-type buildings here.

I mean, it is a quaint little town, this Grahamstown.

The Rat was fun, and it was cool to catch up with Paris Man, super-charged botanist now, and studying his Master's here. He regaled me with stories involving goat dung collection - just one of the many things he has to do for his research.

Another day of intense journo-speak. Bring it on. These speakers are all of a high calibre, and I've met some interesting people in this far corner of the OosCape.


KaBtalk said...

Ah man...I'm so totally jealous that you're in the Gtown! You should stay there for this's Boatrace...fucking would have the biggest jol ever!

Damn...I'm jealous...would love a drink in the Rat!

Nic said...

Ah Peas, the G-spot, gotta love it!!

I must admit I am looking forward to my long weekend in Gtown. I'm going down for the Captivate conference!

Should be fun, two years out, visit the rat, see how things are!! :)

Peas on Toast said...

Kab - I know, I'm growing quite fond of this little place. :) It's very quiet now though, there's even a sign I just passed on Somerset Street: "Bugger Off, we're closed for vac." Hmmm. :)

Boatraces - heard a lot about them, and enjoy! x

Nic - The G-Spot baby! Captivate sounds awesome, enjoy it - and the Rat seems the same as last year. Playing the same 90s music on a loop over and over again...magic. :)

Betenoir said...

you're still alive?... that makes one of us... I'm a little hung over.

Peas on Toast said...

Bete - shame doll, feeling a bit of Ghandi's slip slop in the old mouth eh? I feel your pain :(

Chester Pillow said...

Did someone say G-Spot?

Peas on Toast said...

Ches - I did! I did! ;)