Saturday, October 06, 2007

how not to...

...start off an exotic holiday.

On a roaring hangover. God help me, I'm gonna need to use a complimentary barf bag, if there's any turbulence whatsoever on this flight.

"Feeling rougher than a goat's testicle" doesn't quite give it the credit this monster deserves.



SilverSabre said...

I have taken your posts comment virginity today!

Score!! I knew I had it in me :)


And as for the 'getting plastered before international flight' thing...actually I have no idea what to say about that..except maybe that I have been there, and the barf bags are most helpful. Except when they tear half way through. Thats not fun.

The Divine Miss M said...

Ye, I've done that before and it is not pleasant. Whoever said it was the best way to get through a flight was LYING! Personally I think it is the worst. My favourite is sleep deprivation and then I just pass out.

I hope the holiday is going well!