Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well it's certainly been a couple of amazing days.

The honeymooning neighbours only relinquished us with a soap opera on full blast at 2:30am, and I've become accustomed to waiting for the chattering and slothful sisterhood rather well.
I've eaten chocolate crepes every morning for breakfast and fear that I may miss the buffet breakfasts quite unbelievably on my return to, oh God, don't remind me.

We ferryed it over to Praslin Island the day before yesterday - and honestly, what a paradise. Little coves surrounded by boulders, snorkeling - with a vast array of lumo-coloured know, stuff they make movies out of. We also went to Curieuse Island and made happy with land tortoises the size of a Fiat Punto. The island was a place for lepers back in the day, but hell, I don't reckon it would've been a bad idea to catch leprosy just based on the fact you could fanny about here for the rest of your limbs-falling-off days. Fuck it's gorgeous.

I've made a few friends - mostly Creole okes wondering along the beach. I suppose they are in awe of my gold blinkini and want to make its acquaintance. One of our cousins is taking me and my Kiwi cuz to a nightclub tonight for some high-powered rum drinking at a local hotspot in Victoria called The Love Nut. (Perhaps a spelling mistake...but I would've called it The Love Hut myself.)

I presume it'll be hangovers and peeling skin on the plane home tomorrow. God's truth, I actually have to sit in an office on Monday. What utter and deplorable pants! OK, I will not think of this. I have spent so much time basking on the sand, staring at the waves, swimming nine times a day and turning a wonderful shade of ebony. And I shall stuff my little brown face with a final smorgasbord of rougaille, lentils and rice just now.

Oh and Grandmere found a genuine coco de mer on the beach today. She reckoned it had been washed off some oke's boat during the tsunami. Whatever. Canadian aunt adopted a liking to Mahe Kings, the local cigaroo. My family is still very gassy. Perhaps it's my colonial ladylike upbringing - no shut up seriously - but I tend not to burp/expel air/do that sort of stuff out loud. They really don't give a damn. It's a little offputting.

Oh well. Off to eat more food. Bye.


ThomG said...

We all need to see pictures of this gold bikini. Yes, my dirty little mind has an image, but, hey, you keep bringing it up.

Peas on Toast said...

I will def post a pic of my blinkini Thom, promise promise! :)