Wednesday, October 10, 2007


..are starting to run thin. The novelty of the travelling sisterhood is rubbing away like a bad chafe. Fuck, these women are loud. Besides the constant yakking, screaming and general screeching...(which is when I look to the hills/sea/beautiful scenery and focus on the laqndscape around me), my cousin and I spend an inordinate time waiting for them to get ready.

It takes about three hours.

Anyway, whatever, I've eaten a barrel of crushed lentils, three tonnes of rice, rougail strew, and just Way. Too. Much. Food.

Anyway, besides that - it would seem the walls of our hotel rooms are paperthin.
The day before yesterday, our neighbours graced us with a lovely rendition of Too Much Rum, Therefore I Shalt Puke At A Loud Frequency. Hearing people chunder isn't wonderful. Last night was extra special. For the chunderinjg neighbours embarked on a bit of Passionate Fucking, leaving no room for any imagination. We blocked our ears, but yet, and bless for them I guess, the happy honeymooners didn't cease to scream like banshees.
I wonder what's in store tonight.

Right. Am off to eat some more and tan up a storm in my pukka gold bikini. I found one brighter than tinfoil in the main town (Victoria.) It's like wearing a space suit in the ocean.

Then I'll probably eat more, drink a few Sey Brews and pass out. In time for a boat trip to Praslin tomorrow.
May the sisters stop screeching. Honestly, I hate to go on and on about thius, but fuck, they never stop.

Thank God we're on holiday.


SheBee said...

ahhh the sweet sounds of the neighbours getting lucky when you aren't... :(

lentils? you lied! you said they had good food there!

olentils???? the little sperm lookalike jigs?

crayola dude said...

Hah. Serves you right for going to a tropical island on holiday. I mean, WHO DOES THAT??

Sweetass RSA said...

that's what you get when you go to a tropical island with old people girl!haha! ...we're just jealous girl...have a blast!

The Divine Miss M said...

Don't you find it really funny how you need a holiday from your holiday? Always ends up happening to me.

There is nothing better than listening to your neighbours engaging in their sexual practice! I would recommend way to much to drink in the evening and then you can serenade them with your own personal rendition of chundering ;)

Betenoir said...

gold bikini? who are you, princess Leia? gettaddaheah!

SilverSabre said...

I demand piccies!! And a recording of les Honeymooners :P

You can post it on Facebook :P LOL.