Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I love air travel

1) The air hostess says to the lady sitting next to the emergency exit, "Do you mind sitting here? Could you handle an emergency?"
Lady: Sure.
Air hostess: Are you over 9 years old?
Lady...[pause]...I'm 63.
Air hostess: Sorry. it's company protocol to actually confirm.

2) You get to fall 20 metres out of the sky during turbulence, then bounce around on the tarmac a few times before coming to a stop in Durban.

3) But luckily, they'll sell you a R27 gin and tonic to calm your nerves.

4) A rugged, beard-laden 747 is there to meet me.

And yes he did talk the hind-leg off a donkey. And yes, it is great to be down in Port Edward. We quaffed a curry and a few gin and tonics at a beachside restaurant last night. And now I'm off to swim to the Transkei.

No really.
It's just across the lagoon, the Transkei.


KaB said... hilarious is number 1...priceless!

Those air got to love them! They make that R27 G&T worth it!

kyknoord said...

Just as well you weren't packing a wheelchair.

Revolving Credit said...

You love air travel because it gives you another opportunity to join the mile high club...

...if I recall, there's a reason why your boytjie is called Mr 747.

Chester Pillow said...

Hear there's some good weed across that lagoon...just heard though, via the via you know!

The Divine Miss M said...

That is brilliant! Stupid air hostess, she must feel like a fool. A fool I tell you!

Enjoy the holiday of sex ;)