Thursday, November 08, 2007


I thought it would be a good idea to buy rum and Fanta Pineapple for that Caribbean, holiday feeling. You know, a drink so sweet and revolting and ridiculous, it would make my hair stand on end.

Well. We had a few sundowners, on the dunes, watching ducks copulating.
I'm sure we intended on braaing, reading our books and chilling.

Instead we got hammered. By accident. Fuck. And had loud conversations about maths and such. The rum headache this morning, never felt anything like it. Mr 747's beard is getting like his chest hair. It doesn't bovver me as much as I thought it would.

Pirates must be grouchy because of rum imbibation.


It's kiff being on holiday though, really kiff.


acidicice said...

I wonder if that's all you really my experience rum makes people really randy...

DaveRich said...

Its the same as having one John Deere before you go out... it never happens.

The Divine Miss M said...

ye Peas, you're supposed to be having a dirty weekend away but all you're doing is talking about Maths and drinking rum!

Or is there something you're not telling us ... ?


Revolving Credit said...

Pineapple Rum, bearded pirates, Pythagorus & duck porn - sounds like an adventure holiday!

PS. Did you just use the word 'kiff'??

Storm said...

Rev, i think the whole Kiff thing is becoming a habit!!!! she did it in one of her comments to yesterdays post toooo!!!!!!

somehow maths and rum just shouldn't be used in the same just doesn't work for me????

and peasy, i hate you! i really really hate you!!! you're on holiday....AGAIN!

Peas on Toast said...

Yeah, don't worry not only maths :)