Friday, January 11, 2008

fashion victims

As part of my “take some fucking pride” campaign with myself, I have been taking an extra maybe 5 minutes in the morning to get ready. I can just about wear my pyjamas to work if I so wish, if I'm not out and about interviewing people. It would be dumb to wear my PJs, sure, but the thought crosses my mind every single day, as I awake to this cruel, cruel world.

I once dressed up when I had a hangover. You know, put my face on, threw on some earrings. And I swear my hangover was slightly less excruciating. So, I'm putting in almost as much effort with my general wardrobe in the mornings, as I do when I go out at night this year. No more just jeans and a jersey. And I'll actually brush my hair.

It's funny how our fashion foibles control how we leave our houses. No really. For instance:

I feel bi-polar if I put my bangles on both arms. They must either be on one arm, all chunky, and many, or I won't wear them at all. Martha Stewart has to wear a bangle on each arm, or gets panicked.
I never wear dangly earrings and a necklace at the same time.
I don't leave the house without at least one over-the-top ring on one of my fingers.
If it's white – and I have a lot of white in my cupboard – it's nearly always cotton.
I don't wear a watch anymore.
Pink and red together makes me feel like I'm tripping - in a a good way. If it clashes, I'll probably end up having a productive day.
The only nail polish I wear is red. On my fingers. They've been red since June last year. I'm naked without the red.

I honestly feel very out-of-sorts if this dressing ritual isn't kept to. Perhaps I'm obsessive compulsive. Do other women do this?

In other news, I'm a cheap date now. And 747 is also a cheap date, so really, it's a win-win situation.

For example, dinner at a restaurant last night:
medium rare steak, drizzled in pepper sauce, potatoes, and sauteed veggies A falafal.
Three gin and tonics A tonic water with ice and lemon.
A bottle of Fat Bastard (the shiraz) A tonic water with ice and lemon.
Creme brulee Five thousand packets of sweets, (body parts, fireball jawbreakers, watermelon gummies) and eight chocolates.
Filter coffee Green tea
A movie maybe, something light hearted like Horny Housewives 2 – The Uncut Version A documentary on the Crime & Investigation channel on the abduction of Pakistani children. Depression, how you old friend?

Total: around R500 around R200.

We both having a problem with outrageous sugar cravings and stuff at the moment. Can't get enough, and I'm not a chocolate person. Usually I go months without chocolate quite happily. So this is a bit strange.
This weekend will be the Big Test. It's been 11 days of Sobriety Club. But with housewarmings and dinners heralding on the horizon, the weekend nights are when Sobriety Club will seem overrated.
But I'm feeling so clear of mind and so full of restraint, you don't wanna fuck with me. So drink away in front of me – I can't wait to see what I (used to) look like after 8 tequilas.


KaB said...

ooh...the 'take some fucking pride' campaign...I like it!

Unfortunately, I work in the mothership of corporates...hierdie campaign would not go down well if I wore the clothes that make me proud...god...I miss thigh-high boots, suspenders, corset & that leather whip...shit...I'd make my boss proud!

Piss: dangly earrings & necklaces are a terrible combo & I often find myself naked without my lippy...

Anonymous said...

If I took an extra 5 minutes to get ready in the morning, it would effectively double the time it takes me to get dressed. It's rough being a girl, isn't it?

Nessers said...

I also can come to work in shorts if I want to as I NEVER meet outside people but I started to wear make-up again after months of crying so there was no point and I feel better about myself so I know if someone is looking at me its cos I look good and not cos he is thinking WTF is that heheh

Peas on Toast said...

Kab - thigh high boots and suspenders, you know what? Casual Friday babe. I dare you. If you do it, the cheque's in the mail.

Kyk - wow! Two and a half minutes! Do you wear one of those all-in-one jumpsuits?
(Overalls even?)

Nessers - TouCHAY.Even the construction worker did a double take the other day on noticing I'd cunningly covered up my remaining facial eczema with foundation. Taking pride whens self-confidence. And I am seriously lacking that right now.

KaB said...

Ooh...I love a good challenge :)

boldly benny said...

Hey Peas, I have my off days but I definitely agree that taking a bit of time in the morning can really go a long way in boosting confidence. This morning I was feeling particularly invested and not only did a full face of make-up, I even blow-dried my hair! And yes Kyk, my biggest gripe about being a girl is that it cuts into sleep time in the morning!
As for the routines, I definitely have plenty - I like to think some of them make my getting ready efficient but I actually think they're just my quirks... I always need accessories. ALWAYS!

Peas on Toast said...

Kab - don't forget to post pictures :)

Boldly - ok, I'll never use my hairdryer. I think I used it once back in 2002. Admin central, and I always admire normal girls who don't mind the extra 20 minutes it takes to do one's hair properly. So yeah, now it takes me 10 minutes to dress as opposed to 5 :)
And you're right, even if you feel like shit, you feel way better when you look better :)

boldly benny said...

Hey Peas, I'm blessed (or cursed) with DEAD straight hair so thankfully blow drying takes all of 10 min (MAYBE 15 min) so it's not as much effort as say someone with curly hair!
And because my mind is in the gutter I'm tempted to say - I do a quick blow job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Queen pea

Been reading lately that you have not been very happy with the state of your skin. Dermalogica is the way to go (and very affordable). Your skin wont be oily and will clear up quick.

Champagne Heathen said...

I used to have a rule that on Fridays I wore the highest of high heels (as opposed to my usual sandals for working in townships) & also upped the quality of underwear. It just added that excitement of now it was the weekend.

I've been thinking of reviving that rule again. (Altho I fear the mocking I get from my colleagues about when any of us actually dress up for work. Odd office like that.)

Well done on the hair brushing! I'm considering doing that this year too - but not seeming likely.

The Chiz said...

Hey Peas
The sugar craving thing is a well documented phenomena that the AA warn all newly sober peeps about. Basically there is so much sugar in booze that, once deprived of booze, your pancreas kinda goes cold turkey on the sugar and kicks off these wild cravings... If you stay off the hooch for a while it does slow down a bit. But don't panic, its normal and will pass. Also, compared to the calories you used to take in via booze, its not really a health issue either!

Peas on Toast said...

Benny - straight hair you lucky girl. Mine is neither here nor there, and it sucks! Will invest in one of those fancy expensive ghd (?) hair straighteners. Apparently take about 30 seconds to do the job. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Anon - thanks doll. I've tried just about everything - including more water consumption and cortisone cream. Am going for a facial tomorrow as well - so Dermalogica may just have to be the next step - this fucking rash won't go away!

Champs - ah yes, there was a time where I wore heels to work all day and then even later on when I went out. Overrated. I still wear them out, but during the day the old feet take strain. Flats all the way!

chiz - ha ha ha! I heard this too, and love the AA reference! :) It's crazy hey - we just eating any sweets we can find at the moment, and in vile quantities as well.

Anonymous said...


Does Mr 747 take as long as you in the morning to get ready? he needs to straighten his hair...

Ruby said...

i'm with anon on the dermalogica! it's really a fab product. I used to have a very odd skin...sometimes bad, sometimes model like pretty...since i've been using that stuff it evened out completely on pretty....i'll never use anything else agagin, ever!!!!

I never go to work in flat shoes, unless I have to audit a stock count....then it's jeans and sneakers;-)

I also have my little morning rituals and funny things that I either don't do together or cant do single.

Peas on Toast said...

Anon - no boet. Why would he need to straighten those curls, bru.

Ruby - Dermalogica it is. I'm sick of being a minger. :(

Sheena Gates said...

woooooo loooovely bangels there my lady :)

I'm back, yay!!!!!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Sheebs - welcome back dearie, hope you had a wonderful time in CT!

Wish the bangles were mine....but sadly.....they're not. :(