Thursday, March 20, 2008

i survived...

...the Young & The Restless in the car.

Slept the night in some B & B in Colesberg. There's something about a Karoo town that just makes you feel...I dunno. Like you're not going to get mugged? Or that you're not going to see anyone you don't want to see when you haven't washed your face/brushed your hair/are wearing a red chav puffer jacket?

I'm in Beaufort West now. And since Sheena has tagged me, as to the stuff in my handbag, well what the hell, here goes:

(I did this once before on my blog three years ago, with pictures and everything. Today no pics, but this should give you an indication:)

- blue sunglasses (for disguise)
- Rapidly running-out-of-battery-power iPod
- Half a box of Marlboro Lights
- A notebook and pen
- A Sudoku machine (don't ask)
- 3 apples (I eat apples everywhere, anywhere, anyhow)
- A box of Biral (which I haven't taken for a week...not sure why)
- Dirol Whitening gum
- A tampon
- Red nailpolish
- Whore Pink nailpolish
- A cell phone
- An ID document (that looks like it's seen better days...after I put it in the washing machine)
- Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream
- About 6 lipgloss thingies
- Stray pie crumbs
- Sweet wrappers
- A Caribbean Twist bottle cap
- Tissues - used and new
- A wallet with no money in it
- A plastic spoon
- A hairband
- Indescribable flotsam and fluff
- Bank statements and bills
- House keys
- A cleverly shaped cellphone torch
- Ah, another apple
- A piece of biltong
- A French email address scribbled onto what looks like a piece of parchment, it's so old.



Betenoir said...

a piece of biltong? eat it! yummmmmmm.

Nessers said...

OMG How BIG is this bag hehehe

In mine I have a purse, a tiny Diary to organise my kids lives not mine as I haven't got one, 2 lip stick, a pen and a cellphone and strangely some glitter (no idea where that came from grin)

KaB said...

Crikey, it sounds like a Mary Poppins bag...I was half waiting for you to pull out a lamp & mirror...snapping your fingers while you're at it!

God, I love that movie! I love Mary Poppins...practically perfect in every way! Although, I bet she didn't have stray pie crumbs or biltong!

Haiwenna Peas!

fuzzy logic said...

I'm so glad someone else also has a lipgloss fetish. A girl can't ever have too many.

The Divine Miss M said...

Every girl needs used tissues in her bag ;)

And tampons! I swear every bag I have has at least 3 tampons in it!

Louise said...

Sounds almost exactly like my bag...

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ha! So when I was in MY smash and grab on Wednesday (which by the way, I TOTALLY RELATE NOW TO YOUR PREVIOUS BLOG) you got my bag!! haha! Sounds like mine! ;-)

Enjoy your break...I'm working :-)

Uncle E said...

Funny, funny stuff! Thanks for the laugh, once again.