Friday, March 28, 2008

keep talkin', i'm listening

Another delightfully mediocre day. Except, only for a while, because again - again - it ended exceptionally well.

I have some freelance work coming through which is Ace of Spades. So in between stitching, I am actually writing some articles. I even plan to unhermit myself from the safety of my apartment this weekend for a bit of action.

On my house - I have found a strange safety herein. For one, I don't need to go outside and freak when someone walks up to me, or comes up to my car; and for two I don't have to bump into anybody I don't want to see – I'm safe! But my shrink reckons its time to get out. (But why?) I just have a lot of bring-your-own-booze's at my place, it's working like a charm. I am still seeing people, so it's not like I'm Quasimodo yet. (Apparently, she thinks this is ok, but I need to actually go to places. Whatever man.)

So Klo and The Dove came over for Stitch 'n Bitch Club last night. Actually, we just had a good meal together. I was the only one stitching, of course. 3RM may look at my scarf in disdain and say, “Are you actually going to wear that?” (Well of course I'm going to fucking wear it. Come. On.) The girls, though, were naturally compassionate.

Had such a great dinner with my girls. We've all been through some seriously hard life-stuff, and Klo reckons self-flattery is the way forward. ("Remember Peas, I am amazing; you are amazing. Quite frankly, we're probably the most amazing people out there.") The level of sincerity in which that was said, and how earnestly she looked me in the face, well she could've told me I had grown a set of testicles on the top of my head, and I would've believed her.

Oh and that nice thing that happened? It happened again yesterday. It's so refreshing, I can't even tell ya. It's so good for me, and am loving it and just...being nicely distracted and you know, stuff.

But then, during my dinner party, I got some news. Clearly the Universe is sucking up to me, and trying to get me back in its good books. Well it's working. The Universe's charm and charisma is working; I'm falling for it 100%. Bastard. Who runs hot and cold, but whatever....God, why am I even humanising the Universe?? (This should be unpacked in a different post.)

But maybe something good has got to happen as a result of life, balance and karma right? Surely, it's just science? Because when I got this phonecall, I almost started crying. Relief, disbelief, everything. I am over the moon, it's not final – and when it is, Jesus, I'll tell you all about it – but it's been going on for about 2 months now. And I've just cleared the point whereby I can't do anything else, I've given my best and now it's just up to the jury. Makes sense? Probably not. But it's been one helluva journey. So when I said something good has to happen for me, well, take or leave it, I will expect nothing less. Motherfuckers.

(Sidenote: Now Universe. Listen to me, and listen to me proper. I'm thankful for these little bursts of cool things. I am. Now please just keep 'em coming. I love you and thanks you for my opportunities during this horrible, bleak, dark time. Which I am already laughing about, but will laugh about with a genuine belly laugh in a few years time. For now it's kind of a vacuous, “fuck you for fucking me” laugh. Annnyway. Thank you for remembering me, somehow. Thank you. )


SATAN (aka Nick) said...

Pea's darling, let me guess, you won shares in the tequila farm outside upington?

Glad you are back on your feet (well ...)

Peas on Toast said...

Satan - well hello there! Nope, I must be honest - if I won shares in a tequila farm in Upington, I'd sell them and go on a skiing holiday :)

But the good stuff basically means I'm moving forward somewhat, and this is GOOOOD.

kyknoord said...

But if good things are happening to you, then it means that bad things are happening to someone else to maintain the balance. Oh, hang on, that would be me. Bollocks!

Gold digger said...

Your blog's better than a soap opera! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what the Universe has come up with for you...

Revolving Credit said...

This post is far too cryptic for my almost-but-not-quite-yet friday morning semi-woken mind.

Please post more pictures!

PS. How much do you want for the tequila farm shares??

Nessers said...

I am glad you are seeing light again young Peas - can't wait to hear the news that you have been withholding from us for the last 2 months (brat!). The universe is funny that way I agree just when you wish the earth would open up and swallow you whole it does something nice and makes you realise there is good things out there even if you don't think so at that moment in time

DT said...

Sounds good – nothing better than a bit of acknowledgement from the universe, I could use a bit of that myself! Enjoy the excitement and anticipation!

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - no don't worry babe, it's not you....because my ex-boss will get it WAY worse. Hugs?

Gold digger - ha ha, well it's kind of great in that I never thought it would get this far :)

Rev - if you could deposit at least R900 000 into my account for the tequila farm (I've given you discount, did you see that? ;), then we can call it a day. I'll help out when I can, see. :)

Nessers - I'm seeing the light! It's still a little murky, and it feels like I'm waking up from an horrific coma, but it's there! Phew! xx

dt - thanks my dear. Let's see if the Universe goes all the way!

Sheena Gates said...


You are being romanced and getting happiness by the boday by some unknown greek god.

Peas on Toast said...

Hahaha Sheen! :)

Put it this way, you wouldn't believe it if I told you :) Or maybe you would...tell me, is the Greek wearing those porn cycling-short swimming trunks they tended to wear when I was there?

MsBehavn said...

I can't wait to hear more details about this fantastic news, Peas.

I think I might give myself a brain tumour if I try to guess what it is, so hurry up and tell us already, ok?!!

Another Girl said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, thought I'd pop in and say hello ;)

So what's with the universe thing? Did my long lost uncle finally die and leave YOU the emerald mine? Tsk, wouldn't that just be typical?

Sazzy said...

Hi! I'm in love with your photos that you always post in the beginning of your blogs. Where do you find those? Do you make it or google them? Please let me know as I've been online for an hour looking for stuff like that! :) Thanks!

Peas on Toast said...

Another girl - well hello there! Thanks for popping in my dear :) And no, no emerald mines as yet...I'm relying on my future husbank for that! :)

Sazzy - ah thanks! Well the shit thing is, I don't have Photoshop on this computer. I do, however have Comic Life, that cool Macbook programme which allows me to add the speech bubbles etc. But I have serious restrictions and desperately need to get Photoshop on here. The images? Go to Google Image. And key in the right keyword. Google Image + right keywords will give you mounds of material :)

Jam said...

Hi gorgeous
So glad you had a great weekend. I need a coffee with you, soon!!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - hell I miss you! This week I'll get my tochas in gear and hopefully organise a good old-fashioned coffee meeting with you babe. Definitely. It's time! xx

sazzy said...

Thanks peas for the info about comic life. Photoshop is actually available to use online now instead of buying the actual program. It's called Photoshop Express. Here's the link:

If you already knew this, oops, sorry! :)