Wednesday, April 09, 2008

diving faces

Right, so I'm settling into freelancedom nicely. Being the starving writer, starving for her art actually sounds quite glamourous, doesn't it?

Sure, I don't own the house Colin Firth does in Love Actually, and write books overlooking the lavender fields of Provence. I live in a 60s-style apartment block off Oxford Road, and the lightblub in the lounge has blown.

However, I will be moving. Whether it's relocating here in Joburg or to Uranus (ha ha ha...ha), I'm moving domestic venues. It's going to be hard, I've lived in this place the longest of my adult years.

Anyway, I went to Vida yesterday, dressed the part. Scarf, blue sunglasses, frightfully flared pants.
This is much better! Sitting in the sunshine, sipping on great coffee and writing while I do it. Instead of SkyNews, I'm getting out. Shit.
I looked down in horror as I was going about the business of being one of those “I-go-to-cafe's-everyday” types of people, writing a little, and realised:

I look like a hippie bastard.

Oh well, sign of the times. I'm trying to take this freelance world by the horns. I never anticipated making a salary off bits and pieces of writing until I was like...a lot older. But either way, I'm trying to relax and remain positive. For the first time in ages I've had some big options. I can do or go in any direction my instinct tells me to, which is exciting, but I'm cold sweating it as well. A lot.

The funny thing is, I'm living that hand-to-mouth unpredictable writer's-on-their-own type life for the moment...and I have to giggle. It's not going to be like this forever, but I might as well enjoy it while it lasts, right? I'm living an existence as a struggling writer, in a dingy apartment and doing what writers do at some point in their lives.
Next week I'll be embarking full-time on my book. I've never done my book full-time. My manuscript is mine to play with for most of the day. Heavy.

I have to remember to thank heavens that I don't have a mortgage or children. I own a rat. And he doesn't eat that much. Oh and a car....he's quite expensive....and rent. And insurance, and, oh God.

OK I will not think of that stuff right now.

No no no.

Baze has lent me hundreds of DVDs. I watched Human Traffic last night with a mate. What a slice. Love that movie.


Anonymous said...

Where you moving to? Spill it! Your info-teasing is not nice.

Peas on Toast said...

Ha ha Anon :) I don't know where I'm moving to. Honest to God. I just know that I am moving. So I gave two months notice on my flat.

I gotta move. Start afresh. If I stay in Joburg, I'll probably move to another suburb - this is looking like the most likely scenario.

DT said...

You are soooo lucky!I would give my right eyeball for your life right now! Sitting in coffee shops-writing! Damn Shit - talk about living the dream! I am sure it is scary but now is the time to take such risks and hopefully your rat wont suffer too much!

happy snapper said...

A move would probably be good for you. Sometimes, all you need to feel revived and positive in life, is a change. It's often really scary....cos change is scary let's face it, but it can be so refreshing. Nothing like a clean slate in something to get the little happy cogs in your brain moving :)

Hope you find a great spot to move your happy cogs Peas :)

Peas on Toast said...

Ah DT, bless! It sounds glorious doesn't it? It sounds glam and all that, but I do miss shuffling to an office a little. I won't lie. :) Maybe I'll regret it later and wonder why I never just enjoyed this time completely!

Am starting to. No other choice really but to love what I have right now, innit. And speaking of rats, it's Chad's feeding time (thanks for reminding me!)

happy snapper - ah yes. As they say "change is as good as a holiday." I think it's time to make my house a home, my castle :) And to move means a new start, and possibly a place of my very own. I'm not sure yet and can only really kick this into gear in a few weeks. But yip, it's scary as in "shit, I have to tell the bank/cell phone company/traffic dept that I have a new address. I have to sort out and throw out a lot of stuff. Buy a new couch set maybe."
So who knows, but it looks like I'm leaving this particular apartment in two months at any rate!

happy snapper said...

Ha ha, just made me think of that Australian movie called "The Castle"...funny stuff. You should watch it if you havent already :)

I guess throwing out a lot of stuff could be pretty theraputic though. Out with the old and in with the new. As for new couch set, woohoo! Now you can choose the one you like (and can afford). I shudder to think what I will be able to afford when I move out of home. I currently still cant afford too. *holds thumbs*
2 months sounds like a good time.

Peas on Toast said...

happy - The Castle is in my Top 5 movies. I have it at home and have probably seen it about 23 times - it's a KNEE SLAPPER! :)

Yeah and then there's the cashflow. The couch set might have to wait for another few months. But that's orright. And thanks for your kind words! x

happy snapper said...

Knee slapper, DEFINATELY!!! :)

Yeah, cashflow is a close friend of Murphy, believe me. But no worries, you can go for the whole Oriental/Asian feel and use large scatter cushions to sit cross-legged on. why not?
No probs hey :) encouragement is good. x

Champagne Heathen said...

Oh man, I am jealous! It takes guts, or retrenchment, or both to give the freelance writing lifestyle a try! And with so few life responsibilities, the time definitely is now.

Why are you moving from that place though? For the change or what?

Peas on Toast said...

Chmaps - yeah absolutely.

Moving because a) I need a change and b) I want to start anew and all that.

Been here for four and half years now. There are lots of memories in this place. Either that or I could dye my hair blue, and I figured moving would be less hectic :)

leez said...

I think it most writer's dream to be able to pen a novel.

A good substantial, interest holding piece of work that will hopefully earn you enough to stay at home and do nothing for the rest of your existence here on earth... or at least to pay for a long much needed holiday.

Good Luck with it. What will it be about? think about publishing excerpts from your blog. a sort of peas on toast diary.
those types of books were a bit popular a while ago. People like to live thier lives through others and a so called "aggressive, frustrated(?)" white woman in sa today could prove popular. or what do you think?

maybe you could inspire a revival.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Leez.

I've reworked bits and pieces into a novel or sorts. It's not a blook. Comprising fiction and non-fiction, chick lit type of stuff. It's been a huge learning curve. And have worked on it for almost two years now. It's almost done, but yeah, it would be cool to spend some daytime time on it too. :)
Hopefully it'll be out this year.

happy snapper said...

Just a comment to say that I've tagged you in a meme. Something to do while you're sipping coffee at a cafe :)
check it out here

zuzula said...

Novel sounds v exciting - I have long dreamed of retiring to the south of France to spend my days getting pissed and writing chicklit. Make the most of your time being your own... I am looking longingly out at the sunshine from inside my horrible London office...

Peas on Toast said...

happy - oooh thanks babe! I'll definitely take part, yay!

Zu - yeah, south of France, authoress style, buying fresh courgette and driving a Citroen Dursh...sounds heavenly!

Sending you sunshine from a cafe in the meantime love! xx