Friday, May 02, 2008

it's like

...we're in an advert.

This farm is beuatiful, and it appears us three ladies have it all to ourselves! It's like we're on a TV commercial - rolling green hills, lots of kuh, and a roaring fire. Soup and red wine in front of said fire. Lots of blankets and very friendly (minging) cats.

We went to Granny Mouse's Country House last night, just to be even more twee. In fact, it's one of the cosiest little pubs in the Midlands. No kidding. Again, red wine and fire.

Managed to buy some doondies in some random wholesale store outside of Howick. A three pack. With days of the week on them.

It's freezing here. I don't think you quite understand. It's freezing. Like a Norway winter, sans snow.

More fire, and like tonight, some Bierfasel. For a few pints and maybe an eisbein.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

No fair! Sounds perfect! This is exactly what I feel like doing. I'm going to Magaliesberg for the weekend! How divine?

Oh and the questions are: do your undies match up to the actual days and if they don't, is that allowed in the greater scheme of the underwear world?

Jam said...

mmmm.sounds just like what you need.
Relaxing in Cape Town.

DaveRich said...

Sounds idylic. For some local flava try out the Nottingham road hotel after the's haunted too and has lots of Michealhouse lighties fighting in the parking lot. Porkys is also cool, they have random Karaoke nights. You doing any meandering??

Ta^KiLLa said...

Sounds like a perfect setting for the HEIDI sequel.. Must be breathtaking and sublime there..

So like what days do the undies have..being a 3 pack..


SwissTwist said...

'A three pack. With days of the week on them.'

How many days of the week do they have on the farm?

All the best for your first day of the new job tomorrow!!

Peas on Toast said...

Blogshell - it was certainly an idyllic setting, and guys that underwear consisted of three pants: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

How hilarious is that. I wonder what they expect you to do on the other days? (Besides commando or other)!

Jam - I wanna hear ALL about CT!

Daverich - oh me and Notties Pub go back my boy! We definitely popped in, and Bierfasel was nothing short of crazy...I was charfing the 19 year old barman to the point where he was buying us all drinks for the rest of the evening. It was too much fun!

Ta Killa - It's Heidi alright, you've hit the nail on the head!

Swiis - thanks so much! Am nervous for tomorrow! Eeek! :)