Monday, May 05, 2008

wedding 2

The second wedding, happened to be filled – chockers blockers - with Ozzies. Half of Perth flew out for this ceremony, trust me.

Our friend has married a true blue Bruce. There was many a rugby joke.

Just to give an indication of how ballsy these strapping fellows were: mere minutes after the church service, we stumble outside to find a group of Ozzies enjoying a joint right outside, under a tree. All very gung ho. I mean there's always a time and a place, and only an Ozzie wouldn't give a fat old stuff about either. Hilarious.

They were everywhere, and how excited were we? Dad walked up up one of them who looked frightfully hair product-saturated and said: “Shane Warne, Hi.” He scrubbed up nicely, my Dad. Even wore a suit. After baiting me for days with plaid and polyester threats. He also dragged me around the Ozzie bunch introducing me as his daughter. (It's ok Dad, I really can sort myself out, thanks)

It was a large wedding, set in a marquee on the lawn of her farm. It really was a gorgeous wedding though. And as the night went on, I had to discard my heels, 'cos I was getting stuck on the grass like a giant golf tee – so this Ozzie dude kindly gave me his shoes: He waltzed around in his little Perth socks, and I walked around in his Prada brogues. His mates kept on asking me whether I was engaged/had a boyfriend/was otherwise occupied because they really wanted him to come right.
“Can he stay over with you?” (Well....I dunno. I really only talked to him for his shoes, see.) Thoroughly pleasant chap though.

Many folks shared a sneaky smooch with a sneaky Ozzie at some point. I was pretty much ready to go with the Shoe Lending Ozzie, and although all my mates around me were sucking sneaky face, I just couldn't bring myself to close the deal. It just seemed too easy. It also meant admin: small talk, battering of eyelids probably, and I dunno....dancing and making human chains seemed way more interesting than playing tonsil hockey with some bloke from Perth. Maybe next time.

I saw a bunch of my old school friends, and we all got completely punished together. One dude asked me whether I was Australian based on “my deloitful accent” (of course I'm Ozzie, I mean for Chroissakes), and basically, 13 hours later – it was a 13 hour wedding – we crashed after an amazing night.

Then drove back to Johannesburg yesterday. THAT was a ball ache, let me tell you. The traffic was out of control. Please put your spawn on a leash at those Shell Ultra places, please. I saw a kid on a leash at one of the weddings. She was adorable, well-behaved and not kicking up a fuss.

I start work today. Eeek. I haven't worked in a office for almost 2 months. Now I am back to 8-5ing it. I'm terribly nervous, and terribly excited. It means my limbo period has abruptly halted. I even did an embarrassing First Day Of School, the laying-out-of-the-office-uniform for this morning the night before. (Boots and skirt, if you're interested.)

I have a lot to learn over the next few weeks. I hear I might even have some studying to do.


c@th said...

hello peas....

ah my love. you had a rollicking time! im glad.

good luck for today - shall be thinking of you.


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much Cath!

Ta^KiLLa said...

13 hours in the presence of blimmen Australians.. Gosh i hope u had tons to drink..

Anyways good luck for the 1st day @ work..

Laying out clothes the night before - cute.. I did that last when i went for my 1st interview i think..

Take Care


Peas on Toast said...

Ta Killa - God, we were suitcasing to hell and back, those Ozzies are unstoppable! :)

And yes, tomorrow I'm wearing jean pant to work. Figured it's apt to scrub up on the first day...then it's back to my usual wardrobe :)

Thanks Ta Killa!

Anonymous said...

So much for the old "I'm gonna get some, 'cos I loaned her my shoes" trick. Did you eventually give them back?

leez said...

You should have gone barefoot.


Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - and as a pick up line, he got ten out of ten for originality,poor bloke :)

Leez - I did. And cut my foot open. Not cool :)

The Divine Miss M said...

Good luck with the first day at work!

You'll be fab :)

I can't believe you turned down Ozzies, they rule!

Peas on Toast said...

Miss M - I know, shocking hey? It just seemed a bit random...snog and then leave kind of thing.

Oh well!

First day so far is going fab thanks!

The Divine Miss M said...

Ye true, rather random. But as long as it is just a kiss and then leaving. Sometimes a good kiss is worth it ;)

Yey for a good first day!

Ta^KiLLa said...

Good kiss can be worth it..

But what is the definition of an Australian kiss..

I'LL tell you...

Its like a French kiss but DOWN UNDER..

Peas on Toast said...

Ha ha ha the lot of you!

And true to the Oz-ism book, they were throwing out "Strayas" and "true blue's" and "chockers" all over the place. It was like I was on the set of Kath & Kim (minus Kath & Kim)

leez said...

So... How is the first day at work?

has the bitchiness, boredom and banal bantering got to you yet?


Revolving Credit said...

Boots and skirt!

I notice that you have again neglected the doondies??

Is this a habit you developed after wedding 1?
Are you going all Sharon Stone on us?

MsBehavn said...

Both weddings sound absolutely fab, Peas.

Hope your first day on the job (so to speak) went off without a hitch. I'm sure we'll hear all about it tomorrow, right? *hint hint*

Mini said...

I am your new number1 fan,this blog rocks

Jam said...

Yay! First day. Are you going to be "initiated"? Glad to hear the weekend was good...miss you!

Peas on Toast said...

leez - nope not yet, am in an all male office, am I not the luckiest bitch alive? So not bitchiness, just shitloads of baiting, which is always fun!

PS: Gotta love company lunches! :)

Rev - oh shit. Knew I forgot something. At least I wore a bra, right? ;)

Msbehavn - Thanks doll, so far I'm absorbing gigantic chunks of info and am settling in - it rocks!

Mini - why thank you! :)

Jam - missing you too babe, can't wait for dinner and a serious catch up! xxx

Ches said...

Peas, here's a Vida and Jelly Dougnut for your first day!

**Passes Ms Toast a Vida and Jelly Dougnut**

Peas on Toast said...

Ah thanks Ches! * munch munch* :)

SwissTwist said...

I'm so loving how that very PINK dress / skirt goes with Prada!

Hope you had a fab first day!!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Swiss - it's actually been remarkable, managed to learn a whole lot and it's been fun too! I know! :)

As for the pink dress - but only, but only :)