Sunday, May 25, 2008

yeah but no but yeah

...I've bin practisin'.

So here I am at Oli Tambo, and it's starting to sink in. I'm going to freakin' England. It's really taken some time for this information to permeate. Believe you me. It's always been like a 'Oh yeah, sometime next month I'm going overseas.' I'm going to Europe. Jesus.

It sunk in after I'd got my boarding pass and my mum was waving at me from the sidelines, you know, I'm going for two weeks and my mum is crying sortathing. And I bloody well started crying too. How embarrassing. It's obvious I'm not a backpacker and leaving for months - I have a laptop on my back and I've dressed in black on purpose to fit in the moment I hit Terminal 5.

I'm flying BA, into Terminal 5. Swear to God if my luggage lands up in Kathmandu, I'm blow fish & chips right out of Canary Wharf. Not that I'm going to Canary Wharf, but you knowwhamean And don't joke - flew out of Austria once and they tracked my lost bag in Kathmandu. So it's not out of the question. (How the fuck...)

Anyway. After moving for 12 solid hours yesterday and pulling all sorts of new muscles in my body I never thought I even had, and locking myself out of my new flat once, and basically feverishly trying to get shit together before I go, here I am.

And I'm frigging excited. Am going to kick back with a double g 'n t once on board, and ponder whether I should take the Heathrow Express to Paddington and then find my way down to Victoria, or whether I should just take a good old fashioned tube when I get there.

Luckily, I arrive on a bank holiday. Fucking-a! No hustling with commuters and chavs! Although I'm willing to bet the £40 on me that I'll spot a pikey with 5 kids before I leave the terminal. My aunt's going to meet me at my hotel, and then we'll probably delight ourselves with a wonderful meal of Spotted Dick and then maybe visit the Tate Modern. Or somefing.

Hayzoos Christ I'm excited.


SwissTwist said...

Bon voyage Mme Peas!!

Lets hope the are no problems with the UK trains when you arrive, typical on a bank holiday!

leez said...

Have a safe trip. And a jack and coke to calm the nerves and excitement.


Charmskool said...

Wotcher Peas! I'm reading this on monday morning so you've arrived already. I reckon you've already had a few bevvies and a donner kebab from the chinese chippie. Have a blast! Good thing you're wearing black if you are going on the tube - it'll end up black anyway.

Jam said...

Have an amazing time love!!!!!!

c@th said...

Happy travels darling! X

jamjar said...

seems like you brought the weather with - I got burnt on Sat not that you would believe it wif the weather now!!!

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

Ah Peas, you're going to be in my home town when I'm in France!!

Hope you enjoy Engerland (that is what they call it) and have a great time in Dublin. Remember you will not meet any actual Irish people in Temple Bar - this is only for tourists. Try the Camden St area for locals. There's some good bars and music down there - although I've yet to find one that would meet your cheesey 90s music standards!

Have fun. I will be drinking lots of wine and eating pastries in France!

Vimbai said...

i am so jealous! Take lots of pics and go into Top Shop...stand...and take in all those pretty clothes!

Anonymous said...

Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Dear Peas, please do offer your considered and valued opinion. There’s R500 riding on it. Thanks.
[That way I may not say anything how very dissapointed I was not to get an entry from you .... ]
Love P, etc etc.

Alya said...

Have a great time, dear! I love London - I'm sure you'll have a blast!

Billy said...

Have fun P.
Give em hell.

Anonymous said...

Try to come back in one piece :)