Tuesday, June 10, 2008

being home

3RM stopped by last night. I gave him his leprechaun chocolates and his My Friend Went To London And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt shirt, and showed him my holiday snaps.

Poor bastard, the ultimate is being forced to look at other people's photos.

I did it on purpose to irritate him. Also he was watching the Trinity Broadcasting Network, as he usually does – he finds looking at Baptist evangelists unbelievably entertaining – I had to irritate him back.

We came across my Trafalgar Square pics:
Peas: You can't feed pigeons at Trafalgar anymore.
3RM: No but dude. Those things are the rats of the sky.
Peas: But they were lovely! Imagine St Marco's Piazza in Venice not having pigeons.
3RM: Dude. You have a 3 year old waving about a crumb of food, and there's a swarm that just completely overrides him, and then his parents take pictures because he looks so cute, meanwhile.
Peas: Injuries? That's a little pious.
3RM: Dude. And then just by the sheer weight of numbers that causes a massive injury.

[then switch to MTV]

3RM: Dude. I don't know if I can watch P Diddy dance around in a pair of black leather trousers.
Peas: Pants, you mean?
3RM: Oh now I understand. It's MTV's Ten Worst Outfits

[Back to Religion Channel]

You're Invited To A Night Of Bliss With Pastor Chris!

Peas: Oh no, please no.
3RM: See Dude. You always find some element of entertainment here.

(Pastor Lynne now, getting the audience very excited. They're jumping around and laughing – she's good)

[Revert back to holiday snaps:]

3RM: Whose Your Paddy? Dude why didn't you get me that shirt?
Peas: because the Lousy One is more cliche and you harp on about those shirts, so it was only right.
3RM: No but Dude. WHOSE Your Paddy. That's a fucking awesome shirt!
Peas: Dude I know it. It is. But this one is better. For you.
3RM: How is it better?
Peas: It's just the best thing to have in your closet. Everyone needs one.
3RM: No dude, Dude. The Paddy shirt! You're never going to win this argument. You know better than I do that that is the better shirt.
Peas: I know. Fuck. I KNOW. Buyers regret.

Nah I actually think he likes it. I said I'd give him R200 if he wore it to the gym and did the whole circuit plus treadmill in it. In front of lots of people and only if I could watch/have photographic evidence.

He doesn't gym, so maybe the Baron in Sandton. Because that would be fun.

Missed the old chap. We chilled at my new place – which still doesn't feel quite like home – but getting used to it. Third Roommate always makes it feel like home, he's my own little Joey Tribbiani after all.


Revolving Credit said...

You're Invited To A Night Of Bliss With Pastor Chris!

Was 3rm ever a choir boy or perhaps an alter boy?
I'm trying to understand the fascination??

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - I absolutely agree with you - I'm also trying to find the fascination. Like its hilarious - there'#s no doubt - but 3RM goes OUT to find this stuff.

Revolving Credit said...

In terms of making it feel more like home, have you hung the Warhol prints yet?

Peas on Toast said...

Revvie, I haven't! Put up bits and pieces, but still have to get them framed. After my spEndage in the UK, I'm going to have to wait a bit...
And as soon as they're up - it's gonna be goooood! :)

Peas on Toast said...

PS: The Ant said she met you! And told me ALL sorts of stories. Kidding kidding :)

Revolving Credit said...

Apparently you weren't the only one travelling and meeting bloggers.
Kinda caught her a bit off guard, I think.

3rm said...

let's clear something up here: the amount was 500 zar's

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - she emailed me in London and told me, was very excited! :)

3rm - like clockwork. I was waiting for you to go through the deal with a fine tooth comb, and correct me on the R200. Was just checking to see if you were reading thoroughly.

Baron Sandton in your shirt this Friday punk. The deal is awn!

3rm said...

you call it a fine tooth comb, i call it stopping myself from getting screwed out of 60% of my due. bring on tgif. it's gonna pay for my whole weekend :)

Peas on Toast said...

Whatever Dude. You have to go into the Baron and wear that shirt with nonchalant pride. None of this, 'My friend gave me this t-shirt...oh wait, the rest you can read right here.' shit. You gotta go in there and pretend you've never even seen pictures of the UK, nevermind having lived there.

And then I have to take pictures. Then we'll talk $$$.

Ches said...

Pea's, think you should throw a condition in there that 3RM has to be at the Baron between 4 and 6pm, while all the suits are there! He'll stand out like a traffic cone! Ha ha...

Peas on Toast said...

Ches - oh yes baby, that Disclaimer is well in place. He can't rock up at mindnight after all the Investec husbands have fucked off home.

This is a straight-after-bet, most definitely.

(You can bring the goat for extra effect.)

Mini said...

Sweet Pea

On a serious note,according to my religious beliefs(not that I am very religious),if you feed birds everyday and then stop the birds actually curse you!

3rm said...

no problem whatsoever. knowing me as you do would you imagine that i'm that bothered by what the suits at the baron on main think? just have your cash ready...

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - a ha! See 3RM, I knew it would either be lightning or sky rats that would come back to haunt you! :)

And 3RM, its the Baron in Sandton, not on Main. They may be more people you know there. Just for the extra embarrassment. You're gonna work for your zar's mate. ;)

Lisa said...

Am so so sorry to do this to you, but you just made the one grammatica error that really reallt grates my cheese.
Revert back.
revert back?
Love ya still tho

Peas on Toast said...

Lisa - Grammatical shmattical, and even if you still love me - maybe, just maybe I DID IT ON PURPOSE! ;)

(PS 'really,' not 'reallt') hahahahahaha! Mwah xxx

Ches said...

Peas, square [] brackets really grate my cheese's...would you please revert back to round/half moon () ones!

Thanks... ;) he he

Peas on Toast said...

Ches - I've ALWAYS done square brackets in my blog.


Sorry. Granny is overworked and cranky.

Ches said...

I was kidding gran... :?

Peas on Toast said...

I know, I know :)

Granny just needs a strong gin and tonic, and all shall be at peace in this mad and crazy world.

mwah! x

kyknoord said...

There's no place like home, huh?

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - There really isn't! Am also back in the land of blogginess, finally :)

SheBee said...

Sigh. 3Rm is awesome, even in a gay london shirt.

I wanna see pictures!