Monday, August 11, 2008

flu & families

Right, so I am in Cape Town.

Have spent quite a crazy intensive weekend devoted entirely to family, and now I am exhausted. As a result, have woken up with 'flu.

I've managed to avoid getting sick for 5 months. Now I can't breathe or swallow. FUCK THIS SUCKS.

Both sides of my family are pretty highly strung, but Dad’s side is completely hyperactive, all with soaring metabolic rates that could burn 45 hash browns in 30 seconds, type of thing. So I've been tearing around with them.

That aside, the goal of this weekend was to spend some time with my grandfather – he’s old and I have this feeling I probably won’t see him again. Although this is no time to think finality.

I also came down to attend my uncle’s 50th.

It’s intense; it’s family-centric, and hence why I am still here, on a Monday.

The 50th was fun. Peas hit the Klipdrift only because the first year Stellenbosch students manning the bar let me in on their little secret and retrieved a bottle from under the counter especially for moi; and I embarrassed my 16 year old cousin with my dance moves apparently. (‘Peas, [hands on hips] those moves are so embarrassing.’)

Oh then my uncle – the man of the moment – ‘Peas, you’re by far my naughtiest niece.’ (Uncle Gary, I’m your only niece. Have another drink big guy.)

My dad and Brit aunt said the speeches, and my poor uncle – the youngest of them – certainly got it as a kid. They used him in all sorts of garden and construction experiments it seems, with my dad, the eldest making all sorts of aero-dynamic equipment whereby my uncle would be the Test Pilot, all too gleefully.

Like the time Dad tied his feet and hands together and threw him in the pool. W.T.F. Or attaching the go-kart to the foofie slide with my aunt, while whacking Uncle Gary in the driver’s seat…only with dire ‘splatter against tree’ results.

As promised, I spent a bit of time chilling with my Grandad too. He really was so happy I came down to Cape Town, and that was the main reason I came down here.

Walked my dog on the beach, drove around my old student car for a fair bit (can’t believe the thing still rolls, seriously), and dealt with Dad, who has lost another 7 screws since I last saw him.

I think Dad needs to see a therapist. Seriously.

As I said: Intense is hard work. Especially when you’re constantly pulled in two directions by two families. It’s always difficult and I get very frustrated by both of my [estranged] parents because of it.

I fly back to Johannesburg tonight. After I quaff 3 litres of grapefruit juice, because it looks like I'll spend my last day in Cape Town in bed.


Nessers said...

I feel your pain with having a cold. I too am nursing one and I have the whole sexy voice thing going tho it would work better if half of my words did not keep disappearing as I said them grin. Hope you feel better soon

Peas on Toast said...

Fuck Nessers, sorry to hear you also have one as well! Have finally got up, with serious difficulty and am hunting around for Corenza's, anti-biotics, all those things...hope you feel better soon. x

Miss T said... to love family

Peas on Toast said...

Miss T - especially when they're all nuts, right? ;)

Lillybell said...

A bit off the Subject..
But I saw the trailer of Carte Blanches line up of programs...sad I know , but then I saw a whole lot of art work like looked exactley like yours!! on your blog, I thought you were going to be on Carte blanche....then they showed the program and it was something totally
different..FREEMALES...whatever those are...
Anyway thought you would like to know..your artwork on your site rocks...

Peas on Toast said...

Ah wow, thanks Lillybell!

It's very very amateurish, but I always have fun making them. Thanks so much!

kyknoord said...

Sounds like you picked up that bug that's been doing the rounds. It's a promiscuous bastard.

Peas on Toast said...

I've managed to successfully avoid it for months! I set one foot in Cape Town and I'm man down! :(

I blame close proximity to family.

Vendetta said...

*kicks flu*

get better soon peas!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Vendetta, what a ball ache!

Miss T said...

Try hot or is that whisky? Not sure now. Try alcohol it has a sterilising effect :)

Francois said...

Hehehehe very funny post!!

Sorry to hear about your flu-bug (but no don't blame it on Cape Town!!)

Mini said...

Any other uncomfortable encounter?(Boy I love them)

Oh you probably have an uncle John right?

Get well!

The Divine Miss M said...

Family are brilliant. Mine are mostly all at war with each other.

Each year I have to check who we are and are not talking to.

Get better soon hon


*gets over excited*

You rock :P

Smiley Face said...

Just ravage those Corenza C's. I was sick a couple of weeks ago, took probably too much of them. But the moral of the story is that they worked, and worked well. Plus they make you sleep, and wake feeling right as rain till they start wearing off.. Get better.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You can't choose your family, but you can choose your medication! Feel better sweetpea!!
Now listen to Dr. Blogshell:

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much guys!

Nothing like getting back to Jozi flu-riddled and depressed and finding these awesome get well comments. Thanks so much! xxx

Marius said...


I'm usually one of the silent readers... you write really well, and just read your story on can you twist. Nice ;-) Keep writing.

Peas on Toast said...

Marius - thanks so much! And also for dropping me a comment, always appreciated! :)