Friday, August 22, 2008

qlc, but a nice one

There are still amazingly kind strangers out there.

Yesterday, after a meeting that lasted no less than five hours (I battle in meetings of the boardroom type. I really really do. Fidgety, ADD, honestly I almost die, this is not a joke), I arrive to my desk where there is a package waiting for me.

Oh the excitement!

It's four CDs:
Bump 1
Bump 2
Mother Mix 3
King Of My Castle
CD Single.

It's Christmas in Vegas, baby.
What meeting again?

Three Words:

So JL, thank you for making my day. And the consolidating towards my Techno Fabulous dream.

He sent me the orijaainals. He heard my plea, and obliged. The original Bump – that's seminal OK.
As seminal as my Monster Hits 1 CD.
And almost as seminal as, say, Now 1. (Now is at 487 now, right?)

Imagine finding that CD. Valuable antique.

And on that note, thanks to everyone for helping make my music mission a reality. Those who have offered [questionably illicit] links for video rippage, for offering their help, sending me and lending me their CDs. It means so much; I know it takes effort. You are all so kind!

You really made me so happy yesterday. And today, and forever.

As a result, 3RM and I had a Rave For Two People in my lounge last night.

3RM revealed he had Bump 5 on his puter. Holy Lord, Bump 5 was a good year. Good God.

This era of music really ripped the ring out of synthesization. 3RM says there's no such word, but actually there is. I just made it.

Fucken marvellous. And I'm going fishing this weekend with this music. I'm in heaven.

I got my quotes for the holiday in Argentina at the end of this year. Maybe with my Dad, maybe not. That still has to be determined.

I have some thinking to do before I make the flight purchase to Buenos Aires. Either way its on the cards. The question is how it will be done.

I think I'm going through (another?) quarter-life crisis. Recapturing my youth. The periodic songs, the travelling: I feel like I'm 18 at the moment, when in reality I'm almost 28.

I suppose like how a 45-year old buys a Porsche, hangs with hos and gels his hair back.


JL said...

And then Alice followed the white Rabbit, which was actually brown because he's a dirty little bugga if you know what I mean,and then to stop him from committing suicide she cried,

"strangers are helpful"

and then he said, "yes, I want to be a stranger"

and then thinking together, they both arrived at the conclusion that

"we both want to be JL - he's a cul kid stranger"

and so they got married and ate lots of biscuits that made them grow big and some grow small and had hybrid rabbit-people kids who grew up (without biscuits) with JL as their role model giving inappropriate gifts to strangers making the world a better place one Pea at a time. And then curiouser and curiouser.

FiOnion said...

Be brave. Head out to Hillfox fleamarket and check out the DVD/CD stall there. Ranks and ranks of Bump, Now, What's Hot, Monster Hits, etc etc.
(Assuming, of course, that the stall is still in business....)

Either that, or it's time for a trip to Panorama vlooimark, once more........

Peas on Toast said...

JL - and they lived happily evah after, immersed contentedly in the sweet synthesized sounds of Bump 2, eating biscuits and not having test tube babies.

Fionion - Most definitely! Was just saying this morning that Panorama is sure to have what I am looking for - I'm definitely going to do a visit after Greece.

JL said...

...and you totally forgot to mention that I also saved you from a certain death at the hands of anthrax. You're welcome.

Peas on Toast said...

JL - I didn't even look for traces of white powdery anthrax. That's how trusting I am :)

BTW, I have Mother Mix 3 on loud and proud on my colleague's travel dock. It's blaring Bump in the office, and amazingly everyone is loving it!

Miss T said...

Just be careful who you fly with to Argentina. I made the mistake of choosing a dodgy airline to Brazil that went bankrupt and left me stranded in Sao Paulo!

Peas on Toast said...

Miss T - yeeouch. Yeah I got two quotes - SAA to Sao Paulo and Malaysian Airlines to Buenos. Much cheaper=Malaysian, and I have zero interest in Sao Paulo as it is.

So I'm gonna go with the latter definitely!

Mini said...

Aunty Peas

I will be do my good deed for the day.I have a CD called "Hits from the Palace"-Caesars Palace(I dunno if you can recall? A famous downtown club in Jhb)And since I don't listen to it I am sure you will appreciate it.

Where shall I send it to?

Peas on Toast said...

Ah Mini, that sounds JUST up my street - could you pop me an email?

acidicice said...

BUMP 5 IS/WAS and ALWAYS will be the shizzle! Listening to it takes me back to the days where I was young and carefree and could get my groove on with no worries.

The days when Milk Inc. were all the rage and Mojo's 'Lady' was overplayed.

Man. I miss that.

Peas on Toast said...

Acidic - it's a BEEYOOT, innit? One of its finest. Number 5. Am loving it. :)

Milk Inc said...

"Coz I've got broken bones,not from the stix or stones but from the names that you call me!"

Peas on Toast said...

A true classic. Classic classic classic. :)