Friday, September 05, 2008

parties & records

So we made it into the Guinness Book Of Records!

I'll be on the Zorba page, alongside another 2000 people.

It would've been a little bit of a sore point after all that logistical shunting - loading bus after bus with people, then practicing the rehearsal, then doing an actual rehearsal, then getting one attempt to do it properly.

No pressure or anything, the Guinness guys walk around with cameras aimed at your feet, so you can't cock up. They then look through the video to see whether everyone's footwork is good enough and in sync.
Hilarious though. Some teams were pretty militant about the whole thing, like the Russians next to us.

So it's been so great having the rest of the European and Middle East offices here. I somehow pulled through the conference yesterday nursing a particularly severe hangover.

But I met up with my two mates I met in training in London a few months ago - they're absolutely great, I wish I could see them more often. The Irish one, and the Scottish one. Sweating through the day, and every now and then getting a whiff of ouzo and wanting to administer a tactile.

All the teams then had to get dressed up and have dinner, where some countries did proper dancing competitions. We also had live entertainment, with these really trendy 'beat boxing' people 'wheeky wheekying' and stuff.

Next year we have to do a gumboot dance. Get someone in to teach us, choreograph us and we should clean it up.

Then we all moved onto the massive, all-encumbersing party. So nice to party with my Irish and Scott, seriously. Unfortunately Miss Scott got a piece of glass in her foot, and we spent a drunken moment trying to dig it out.

Headed to the beach to play with the Italians - and there a lot of white cotton manpants prancing about. People just took their clothes off and swam. I would've done the same, no problem showing off MY pants - but by now I was so fucking tired.

I decided to go to bed at a decent hour this time - 3:30am. As opposed to 7:40am.

Although the Ityes are such clowns. I wonder how they'd ever take anything seriously, and Miss Irish works in their office. They're hilarious, just scooping us up for millions of photos and playing the fool.

'Touch my freddo ass' one says to me. (Freddo=cold). OK, then, I'll touch your freddo ass.

Today, I'm hanging by the water's edge in sunglasses, sipping on water man. I'm knackered.


Charmskool said...

Hopah! Well done on the Zorba's. I'm dying of jealousy for all the fun you're having. I am def. meeting you for a martooni when I'm in Jozie so I can get all the juicy details that I bet you are leaving out. It's freezing here and I have to do real work in my new job. Oh I just noticed I'm your first comment today. Yay.

Ches said...

Being in the Guinness book gives you free Guinness for life!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Charm - oh man I'd love to see you when you come to Jozi! And sorry to hear about the shit weather, my dad sent me a detailed weather bitch email yesterday WITH pictures. It looked pretty hectic, this storm.

Ches - it does??? That reminds me, I haven't had a Guinness in agges, it's so grand, it's good craic. (Love having an Irish mate, LOVE it.)