Friday, September 05, 2008

oh and..

...Another very important thing: Me and my hot Pom were trying to find each other last night and it just didn't materialise.
Don't you just hate that, although I got to say goodbye just now. He's just lovely.

So as we're talking, my bikini top decided to unravel itself from around my neck and fall. The. Fuck. Down.
We were having a conversation about trying to patch our night together and it fell down, but the worst thing? I didn't even notice.

How does one not notice the cool ocean breeze on one's bear breasts I ask you?
He was too polite to say anything, oh dear.

He works in the Brussels office. Bit of a pity. Well there's always next year's conference.


po said...

Oh dear. Hehe. Not cool.

Mini said...


Thats just Peas!

(still love you tho)

Megz said...

hope his package was a bit bigger..

oh thats right... you might not have even shagged ;)

love yah work peas.

* Megz (finally back online, but instead of coming from australia, comign to you from switzerland now)

kyknoord said...

Congrats on the record. Sorry I haven't had time to give you a weather update, but it's been hectic here at work.

Miss T said...

hmmm...don't think he was being polite hun

Somabula Blog said...

Hot Pom?

Any 'hot' anything would have taken you there and then!

Bear breasts? Must have been quite a hairy moment... growl ;-)

BecauseIcan said...

Maybe he was gay...

Hot-Gay-Pom... makes more sense than Hot-Pom-ignores-exposed-boobies..


Gustav Bertram said...

Madame, he was not being polite. The cad was enjoying the view!

Peas on Toast said...

HAHAHAHA, thanks guys :)

Yeah we were standing pretty close up, and I know his eyes weren't on my [not-so-girnomous] chest...but still, even so, a LITTLE bit blind :)