Tuesday, September 02, 2008

these pictures are lamely unjustice-making

So I took my brightly tanned tochas around the island today.
Rhodes is not your classic Santorini, but it sure is gorgeous and unspoilt.

The girls and I hired a Hyundai Getz, while the boys went on quadbikes. Personally, I liked the aircon.

‘It’s a big car,’ says the Greek Hertz woman earnestly. (Big in comparison to say, a lawnmower, or maybe a coffee mug, right?) So we casually motored down towards the town of Lindos. A haven 'must-see' along the eastern coast.

It was idyllic. Rhodes has been pretty ‘ha hum’ until now, seriously. But today we got to see why tourists come here.

About 50 kilomtres from where we staying, was this amazing little gem, as you round the corner.
Beautiful little Byzantine churches and whitewashed houses underneath an akropolis of Athina. All the streets are cobbled in mosaics made out of little pebbles. And one of the greatest things? Not that many people know about this place. Not one Yob or American, (besides our colleague of course.) The tourists were mostly Ityes, being clowns and doing handstands in their banana hammocks on the beach.

Lindos is pure Med, in all manners speaking.

Saw a few asses too. Donkeys. Clip clopping through the streets. (Pedestrian-only streets. Love that. Very Venice-like.) I love asses. I stroked a few asses, they are so adorable.

And women who were topless. I was keen, but thought better of it.

The sea was so calm and still, you could just float in/on it forever.

We then explored old Rhodes Town. Which is basically a Medieval city. The thing is surrounded by a bona fide castle wall, all old stone, and properly old. Rhodes belonged to Turkey at one stage, so there is quite a bit of historical battle shit that went down here.
The Greeks won, like eventually, and voila. You get tzatziki and meatballs now.

Fuck. I’ve mentioned tzatziki every single day I’ve been here. But don't for an instant mock it. Dionysus herself (the Goddess of fertility and wine...we would've got along very well, and I totally would've invited her to book club had she been a) mortal and b) alive, today.) Tzatziki is nothing short of sensational here.

Our hotel had transformed on the way back in after an action-packed day. The other country offices have arrived. It’s buzzing, and it’s going to be amazing. Tomorrow we all do the Zorba. All 2 500 of us. What a gas.

PS: Good ‘Hey-there’s-an-amazingly-hot-guy!’ day. I saw a couple of real hotties.

PPS: And hair grows on arms. I’m just saying.

PPPS: When I say 'hair,' I mean furry ridges of fluff.


Revolving Credit said...

Spot any hairy toes?
And hairy assess of course??

Vimbai said...

Tzatziki...mmmmmh, yum!

Peas, seriously dude, how about post a few pics of Greek Adonis-look-a-likes for us to fawn over....throw us a bone or some'ing :-)

Anonymous said...

Dionysus was actually a man.

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - no toes , but plenty of hairy asses!

Vimbai - I'll do my best, although men in mankinis? You sure?

Anon - No. I don't believe you.

Miss T said...

you know the hair is like EVERYWHERE right?

Kitty Cat said...

Only Greek's can combine yogurt, garlic and cucumber and have it coming out tasting so good! (Doesn't seem to work when I try at home).
Yes, a pic of the Adonis's pleeeese...

Anonymous said...

So do you like a hairy chest?

Lisa said...

so, you're gonna youtube the zorba right?
ps. mailing you now...
lets just say, dont use my work address for anything for a while

Somabula Blog said...

Dionysus... son of Zeus and Semele, also known as Bacchus.

Who says you learn nothing on holiday?

the branch manager said...

peas i Love you....

(L)indie Lover said...

i really want to be somewhere as cool as Greece right about now.

Peas, where are those lovely porno haikus of yours? I can not find them =0(

Champagne Heathen said...

Dionysus. Definitely male. He couldn't have been more so. Inspiration for theatre. Standard 8 Drama.

Fat old guy with nymphs everywhere and loads of wine jugs and grapes surrounding him. Also pretty damn happy guy. Not surprisingly.

Being Brazen said...

your sooo lucky to be in Greece right now - looks and sounds awesome