Monday, October 27, 2008

hello chucky many of them at that fresh food market in Parktown North this weekend too.


Ches said...

Which ones the demon spawn...they're both so alike?

Peas on Toast said...

Dude how's that kid's face though?
Fuuuuuuuccccccck me!
Imagine waking up to THAT everyday.

Fuck, my ovaries just retracted into my spleen.

Word to Chucky!

Chief Nut Reisie said...

Quick question... where exactly is the market? Is it there by the Nandos/Moemas? See, I have been nicotine free for almost 4 weeks, and have this CONSTANT need to feed my face. Ta muchly for the food info before you head out to the great unknown world (Israel is awesome btw. You won't even notice the bombing after a while ;-) )

Peas on Toast said...

Howzit Chief Nut!

Yip, it is in the parking lot of the Nando's/Moema's, but just below where the cars are actually parked. It's awesome for people like you and me: people who dont' smoke. I bought sausage, cheese and trout by the truckload and smashed them all in my face. Also this kiff organic beer is sold there.

Thanks for the thumbs up on Israel - I am more scared for Brazil. Israel I'll be in an office ;)

Chief Nut Reisie said...

Excellent. I am already planning my face stuffing extravaganza on Sunday. I am sure that I can do sausage, cheese, trout, beer, and a few cupcakes from Moemas at the same time. This no smoking thing is the balls. My thighs are already screaming for mercy...

Peas on Toast said...

Chief - my god, we're leading parallel lives babe.
I love a good sausage. Especially eating a long one in a market.

And the jean apnt are taking some strain, something epic.

Chief Nut Reisie said...

Hey, so who's fuggen bright idea was this non-smoking thing again? Not Mr. Carr, coz he's dead and buried. Not mine... oh no wait! Oops. And it's so not like my thighs needed any additional padding. Oh, and did I mention my new-found-super-hyped-funky-bitch personality that goes along with that nicotine free breath? Welcome to my world hunny. I will take the advice and do a long sausage in the car park. Done.

Peas on Toast said...

Chief - Find the longest sausage money can buy - and there are a lot of sausages there, German ones, Polish ones, etc etc - and wrap yoru chops around that.

Don't worry, I'm also a pyscho bitch from hell. The worst thing is, a few years ago I would've cared. Now I just sublime people on impact with my cruel words.

Fuck it. Can't be nice AND not smoke.