Thursday, October 30, 2008

fatherly faith

Hearing any sort of advice from my dad is risky business, especially in certain circumstances for which I believe he is not sterlingly proficient.

He's great with one liners. And that's how we spend much of our conversations: he recites a line from a movie and I say "Yes...hilarious....but why are you steering a plane with a cellphone on your ear?"

Anyway my old man gave me some advice last night, as he tends to do once he's made the mistake himself. Like the time he forgot someone's name and phoned me up to lambaste me with "Never ever forget a person's name, for you shall end up paying deeply for it."

He gave me some rather sensible advice last night in fact, it's just another thing actually executing what he said. ("I dunno how you're gonna do it Peas...I just. Don't. Know. But find a way...somehow.")

As much as Dad drives me sodding crazy sometimes, I think our time together in Argentina, out of our comfort zones, might even be a positive thing.

From an eccentric point of view, the man does tend to understand my motives on many things. Gratifying in a world filled with normal people.

I spent the evening last night sifting through the final edition of my book.
Deadline this morning with still a hundred pages to go.
I got maybe three quarters through, and fell asleep with my laptop on my uterus.

That can't be good. Surely.

If I look at my working day yesterday, I started at 7:00am and ended at 11:30pm.
I'm thoroughly exhausted.

Get up – work – eat - pilates sometimes – salad – wine – bed – get up – work...why are we on this planet again?

PS:...or maybe we're on this planet to do blog surveys? Media24 is currently hosting The Great South African Blog Survey. Do it!


icepick said...

Id be more concerned with how fucked your eyes, neck and back must be. I can barely make it through 8 hours without complaining? Surely, all that typing, thinking, staring and glare is killing you pixel by pixel?


Peas on Toast said...

icepick - I feel like I'm in this really bad music video at the moment. Am still editing bit and picees, eyes glued to the screen.

Am gonna need bifocals after this :(

Anonymous said...

My dad is also famous at giving one liner advice... When my brother left for London he said to him, "Listen, son, just keep your dick in your pants!"

Peas on Toast said...

Anon - and I'm thinking your bro didn't have the heart to say, 'Dad, the chicks in London are way to loose to allow me to do that,' right :)


thatdamnjoe said...

Chicks in London are loose?

Feck, why do I always have to be last in line to find out important stuff

Peas on Toast said...

thatdamnjoe - I'm exaggerating babe. It's a bad stereotype.

We're looser.


rhigardt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thatdamnjoe said...



I knew there was a reason I moved to the city

Peas on Toast said...

Damnjoe - I reckon you might find more ac in Welkom/Standerton/Bathurst!


thatdamnjoe said...


Lets just say getting action in small towns is overrated if you have to stay in the town afterwards.

The joe knows this, oh yes he does.

Did I just refer to myself in the third person?

Peas on Toast said...

Joe - ok, fair enough )

And yip Joe did refer to himself in the third person, and Peas likes to point this out because she thinks speaking about stuff in the third person never gets old. :)

po said...

Yay for Eddie Izzard, my favourite executive transvestite!

My dad's sole advice to me is to keep warm in winter. I may have figured this out on my own by now, but he feels the need to remind me in case I forget.

Revolving Credit said...

"..fell asleep with my laptop on my uterus."

You writing or giving birth to this book?
Must have been a labour of love.

Peas on Toast said...

po - did he throwin a free heater with that statement? ;)

Rev - I'm giving birtth to a fucken book. Don't joke china, this is more than a labour of love. I've spent three years on this, um, baby. ;)

Anonymous said...


i cant believe what you said.
do you think that is scandinavia or something like that.

S AFRICA IS A SHITTY COUNTRY, which cant even hold a world cup in time.

Brazil is a paradise compare to this shittyhole named full of retarded and ugly people who like to burn immigrants.



Peas on Toast said...

Beg pardon?

Have a drink!

Peas on Toast said...

Also, unless I was on 89000 fistfuls of drugs, which I am not, I never in a million years would've compared South Africa to Scandinavia.

WTF are you going on about?

So get your fucken facts straight, asswipe.