Friday, October 10, 2008


There's this spyware virus-type software that gets dumped onto your computer, apparently.

Spyware is almost always indirectly related to porn.

It's not always porn that leaves this shit on your PC, but most of the time, it is illicit material that does this.

Who knew.

I apparently had spyware dumped on my PC.
And my office now thinks I watch Magic's and Shaving Ryan's Privates.


I went for a drink with Poen and company last night. Her boyfriend (who lives in Kenya and is out for the weekend, and has since grown a very game rangery-looking beard), the people he works with, organised that Poen received a goat as a gift.

I find that rather amusing. They gave Poen a new tribal name and they gave her a goat.

'Here, have a goat.'

I am nowhere at the moment.
I just don't understand what's going on in my own universe. My head is in this ridiculous cloud. Seriously.

It involves men suddenly raining from the sky (confusing and dazzling); an incredible e-pal (normal?) amazing plans (exciting) and my book that is coming out in the beginning of December (surreal and satisfying.)

I have no idea what to expect over the next few weeks and months – especially with the book - but I'm literally bursting from the seams with excitement.

Post Script: My jeans will no longer burst from the seams with excitement. I am determined to kill off my two extra stomachs and pull myself together and eat a fucking salad.


harold said...

now that you have given up inhaling mothballs, you might as well go for a little run now and then. it might not be sexy and its hard work and you sweat like orkney mine mechanic but give a few weeks and you'll be shopping at model-0. goats eat salad. rabbits eat salad. In extreme cases, it has been observed that sheep sometimes order salad. even the odd elephant (and look where its bringing them...). use it. don’t use it.

thats all

Peas on Toast said...

Harold - sweat like orkney mine mechanic

Fuck that's a pearler. I love that. Gotta get me some of that tonight!

I do pilates and I dance. Running gives me shin splints and fucks up my knees. I'll probably just have to gte back on my bike and stop eating M&Ms for breakfast. ;)

Sunrise said...

Gawd, Pea's, freaking wrote a book, hotdogging it with Men globally, Dancing up a storm, hanging out with goat little overachiever, slow down you makeing us lazy ass slobs look bad!

NAH, good on ya, I bet the old chook's are super proud!

Peas on Toast said...

Sunrise - haha, you make it sound so glamourous!
That's awesome, thank you! ;)

Writing a book was the most unglamourous glamourous thing I've ever done. It's been a lot of hard work, but there waswn't a chance in hell I'd die not having written a book.
It's been my number one life goal since I was 6.

It's going to be surreal!

Mini said...


These porn titles are hilarious innit mate?....Heres a few tiltes that I came across from a friends blog.....He being an IT expert had to nail people @ work for porn surfing and this is whta he found.......

Forrest Hump
Charlies anal
Star whores
White man cant hump

Oh and as for the weight issue I suggest spinining babe!

Miss T said...

So are those actual movies you have actually watched? ;)

It so incredible to have your very own book come out!!! Congrats Lassie! Is it fictional? Autobiographical? Fact?

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - Ive heard those, aren't they such a HOSE???

Love them. I'm not fat just yet - luckily - but I think I should probably cut down on the bags of croutons I'm consuming!

Miss T - it's fiction based on truth. Some stuff is true, some stuff is's all...Pete Tong really :) Thanks babe!

Ches said...


The Chiz said...

hey hey, please make sure your publisher sends me a sample of your book! very keen to do a review and interview combo for the Chiz!

Peas on Toast said...


Chiz - dude, you'll DEFINTELY get a copy. So long as you're nice in your review. HAHAH HA!

Anonymous said...

I don't allow javascript or ActiveX unless I'm on a "trusted" site. I look at a lot of porn and have never gotten a virus. No popups either.