Tuesday, November 04, 2008

shalom, and I can't believe I'm alive

Shalom and fucken hell.

A few things before I go out and drink myself silly in Jaffa, the old city of Tel Aviv, with a Frenchman:

1) I did 17 hours on a plane and did not die of deep vein thrombosis. It's nothing short of a miracle.

2) I got a boarding pass in London to Tel Aviv without throwing a hissy fit. He yawned, basically, and handed it over.
Fucken love the Brits.

3) Both flights were fucking insane. In fact, hello I am still alive. Somewhere over Germany the thermals were throwing the aircraft around like a pinball. Pleasant.

4) I felt the cultural difference the moment I stepped onto the Israel-bound flight. I was one Heimie Shroderberg short of being even slightly Jewish. Guys were getting up mid-flight to pray by the exits. Like wrap that leather stuff around their arms, open a torah and chant quietly to themselves mid-flight. With that box thing on top of their yummicahs. Fascinating indeed.

5) It’s warm. And the boys are looking hot.

6) Walked into a baggage strike at the airport. Chaos. Everywhere. Had to wait for bags for 3 hours. Made friends while doing so. One worked for Crayola. He is in...the crayon business. And is sending me a box of free crayons. Seriously.

7) View from the 17th floor of my hotel (where I'm staying)

Then the Frenchman arrived, and Jerusalem was forgotten for one more day (tomorrow maybe after work), and now I’m off to drink in Old Jaffa and …I dunno…eat hummus and smash a fuck-off falafel.


Ches said...

In the words of the old country!


Dude...you missed an expic dance class last night. The lights tripped, and we did hip hop in the parking lot to music pumping out of Elizabeths car.
Sadly, no new nice looking girls attended.

You were sorely missed!

Revolving Credit said...

Praying at the exists during flight??

Seems like these guys have flown with this flight crew before.

Peas on Toast said...

Ches! Shalom my boy!
Whaaaaat! I can't believe you did street dancing hip hop! I feel cheated! Wwas it cool, have we got some good moves to learn for next week???

Rev - Dude it was worrying, but they seemed very peaceful. I was half catatonic and thought I might've imagined the whole thing, but no. ;)

icepick said...

Thank god for hummus...

Peas on Toast said...

Smashed so much in my face last night icepick, shew. ;)

Mini said...

I got a new greeting in the Middle East .....Its called SHALOM-MUALAIKUM

I am gonna create a new breed of people.They gonna be called JEWSLIMS.

Njoy babe!

po said...

Peas only you could make a travel experience from hell sound hilarious!

the branch manager said...

Forget the falafel, honey. Find a schwarma joint - if you're not in the desert, there should be one within 50 metres. Order a schwarma ON A PLATE. Preferably lamb. They bring you a fuck off plate of meat and bottomless pitas (No the pitas do have bottoms, it just means they bring more when you run out - like coffee). Then you pick from the hundred or so odd toppings to add to your schwarma - they're awesome! If you're brave, ask the owner for the hot sauce he hides from the tourists somewhere behind the counter. Handle with care! Go sleep for a day, because you ate three times more than you can handle.
Fuck Jerusalem, go to Eilat, it's a party town.

Miss T said...

AWh man ....Definately a country on my list of places I HAVE to see. Have a blast lass

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - thanks Mini, and I want to see your list!

po - you shouldve seen the air hostess...

branch manager - that SOUNDS AWESOME! Am gonna ask about for that dish baby! Wish I could see Eilat and Bethlehem, really wanted to - but won't have the time sadly :(
Perhjaps there will be a next time!

miss t - thanks m'dear, I never thought in a million years I'd ever get here, so I feel so lucky. x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Glad you're alive. Phew.
Sounds like a rocking time though and how awesome to experience new cultures etc...now...tell us more about Frenchy...


Julie said...

Hey Peas,

Have a great time. (BTW if you ever fancy a trip to Bahrain you can come and crash at my posse)

No cankle pics this time - did you buy some of those oh-so-sexy flight sox lol