Monday, November 03, 2008

ze cover...uncovered!

Before I rant, I'd like to show you a little project I have been working on for the last three years.
My novel.

I'm about to give birth to my first baby.
In all her glory, Mushy Peas On Toast - the novel - will be out in roughly three weeks. As soon as you see the little Amazon and thingiemabobs on the side of this blog, you can go ahead, click on them and buy my book. For sheezy. It's pretty isn't it? What with the rolling peas and all.

Three weeks, chaps!
But before I get to the point where I get to hold my baby after it has been delivered from the printers, I'm concerned about getting to Tel Aviv.

British Airways has gone and bloody well fucked up my flights. I need a gin and tonic, and I don't see one close by. They've overbooked my flights to Israel, so when I get into Heathrow, the BA managers at Terminal 5 won't know what is going to fucken hit them.

A slightly bleak, irate woman who is feeling tearful and itching to create a scene.

Who would've arrived after 11 hours, with horrendous water-retention of ankles and a possibly irrational fear of the Middle East.

Well, not a fear per se, just a bit of, you know, traveller's nerves. That Wailing Wall is waiting for me.

Fuck it. I'm off to get sloshed before I board.


Pin said...

Eeeeek! So excited!! Can't wait!! Congrats missy!!

Tay said...

Yay! I so cannot wait to get my hands on that book! Congrats Peas! *Furious clapping*

kyknoord said...

That's excellent news (the book, not the flights, I mean). Just in time for christmas, too.

Candice said...


This is more than wonderful - it sorts out ALL my girlfriends for christmas pressies!

Anonymous said...

well there goes your anonymity

thatdamnjoe said...

should be an interesting ride, the book that is of course

JL said...

OMG! Goodness PEAS! I'm so excited for you! That's like my biggest dream (I know I don't dream big). To get my book published. I will def read it. And then rip it to pieces and pretend that mine is better while I get wasted thinking that I should finish my damn book already and not re-write it for the 1000 000 000th time and take another course in English literature and publishing studies.

Goodness. I even worked at a publisher while studying publishing and I didn't even try and submit. Blah.

Fame will fix me. I'm sure of it.

po said...

Awesome. Will get one shipped to blighty asap.

The Blonde Blogshell said...



BEFORE I SOUND LIKE A DAMN STALKER/CRAZY PERSON (damn caps lock and I'm lazy to retype)
I am seriously impresses and proud and want a signed copy and all that jazz.
It's on my Christmas Wish List...

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much guys!!!
I'm both terrified and excited at the same time! :)

Anon - MY anonymity went a long time ago...


Kel said...

Oh my fucking gosh!!!Im thrilled for you .Well done.I went to Kalahari now to see your book and I got a little tear in me' eye.Shit hey...You must have worked your little ass off .
I feel so proud and we haven't even met.Please post details on the facebook group...launch dates etc.Or I'll play P.A. and do it for you -just mail
Good luck doll...I know it will be fabulous!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Kel! Wow! :)

Yip what I'll do is stick a littlw Kalahari widget on the Facebook group and on the side of the blog, definitely! Thanks so much for your support! xxx