Monday, December 01, 2008

freedom state

It's amazing really. You get out of Joburg for one weekend, and you feel like a new person.

Poen's farm weekend involved us regular bunch – about 16 of us - doing what we usually do when in the mielie belt that is Viljoenskroon.

We get pissed, loll around the pool, eat lots of meat, smell cow shit, have sundowners in the peanut fields, and generally play the fool.

Had a lot of fun myself. My personal life has suddenly taken an interesting turn.

A couple of things that marked the weekend:

1) C2s story about this dude she went home with at varsity who, after whipping his kit off, revealed a pair of mustard-coloured tighdie-widies. With a hole in the front with a little run down the side. With a leering stare he said, “Hey baby, let's get it on.

I can't think of anything at this moment that would be more traumatising. I mean the Woolies 3-pack jock set is horrific enough as it is, but Autumn mustard? With a hole? I'd make a beeline for the door and never ever, ever, look back. As he went to the bathroom, she phoned a mate: “Pick me up now, please mustard coloured doondies, not coping.”

2) The car in front of us ran over a tiny kitten that was still alive. We stopped, and Ches had to break its neck to put it out of its misery. So actually, that was more traumatic than the vision of holey-mustard briefs.

3) Ches and I apparently did a little bit of our Hip Hop dance, but I can't remember. Video footage slightly-jogged the vague memory, in between Zulu dancing, shirtless men and a broken chandelier on the ceiling.

4) Stopped in Parys for breakfast on Saturday, and besides the shitloads of two-tone and people hooting in the streets because maybe Steve Hofmeyr had just released his latest album, it's a cute little town.

5) The smell of bovine by-product cannot be emphasised enough.

6) We made mojitos, which is especially fantastic, since that's what I'm going to be drinking in Buenos Aires in two weeks, and it's only fair I give my liver notice.

7) Reacquainted myself with the golf club that smacked me in the face during a party in first year. The guy who owns this particular golf club – called The Peas Driver – came on the weekend. This time the club didn't come into contact with my face, which is always nice.

The best thing was feeling yourself completely unwind. I didn't think too much about my book launch tomorrow (gasp nerves tomorrow), or work or anything.

Which is another reason why I love that Poen lives in the Free State.


Paula said...

Poor little Kitty. :(

Peas on Toast said...

I know hey Paula! I felt terrible, we all nearly started crying - I think the hangover wasn't helping either!

Mini said...

@ during a party in first year year!.............

Dude thats the most hilarious shit I have read in a while, and all true? Fuck so you've got one of them amafongkong incisors? bwhahaha

Parys real neat town innit?.....Problem with the towns people is they all have their own ideas as to what bait to use whilst fishin( none of which actually work)

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - yup. Me and golf clubs don't generally have a good history, and yip I have one fake tooth, which shines luminescent under UV light. Attractive. ;)

Parys is swell hey. Lots of antique shops and stuff, was nice to actually stop there - we usually just drive through to the farm without stopping to check out the scene.

kyknoord said...

Ja, I also judge people by the colour of their underwear.

Peas on Toast said...

And that you should, Kyk.


Megz said...

Best of luck for the launch tomorrow Peas... your gunna rock their socks off...

Let us know how it goes... as i am sure you will...

gros Bisous. xo Megz

Peas on Toast said...

Ah mais merci Megz!

I have asked the Dove to bring me a tranquiliser for the nerves! :)