Monday, December 15, 2008

mi padre es loco

And other useful phrases. I kept calling the waitress a 'You are a lovely steak!' last night in my limited Argentiñas. (You like that? They have an ñ on this keyboard. So you can just make everything ñ. Like mañaña and baña and añaña....Not to emntion and upside down ¿. Fuck. If I didn't have so much to see or do, I could play on thiskeyboard all day long¿¡)

Tell me, when you order a steak here, ?do you starve yourself for eight weeks before¿
'Tell me, do you scoop the entire cow onto the plate or what¿'
Never in my life have I experienced such gargantuan sized pieces of bovine. And shitloads of potatoes to go with it.

Not gonna sit here and tell you what I've seen and done so far. I'll save that for the 24 hours bus journey. I got Buenos Aires to rip the ring out of first.

Hasta luego!


kyknoord said...

24 hour bus trip? What's Spanish for "You are bananas?"

Miss T said...

Please bring me back a Argentinean cowboy...pretty please with sugar on top!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Aw Peas...I'm so glad you're having a jol!! You rock it for all us SA gals ;-) always need an excuse to go back and fetch your name ;-)