Friday, December 12, 2008

the year twenty oh eight

So I hit Buenos Aires on Sunday.

'Tis going to be a 36 hour day, the 14 December, what with travelling back in time.

Thus has come an appropriate moment to reflect back on one of the most crazy 365 days of my life. If not the most insane year I have ever had to live thus far.

2008 has simply been two things for me: a year of extreme lows and a year of extreme highs. Nothing much in between.

Beginning of the year, I was on a completely different path as to what I am now. I was the editor of two websites; basically set to follow that vibe for the rest of eternity. Not a bad existence, until it all went tits up, that is.

Come March, in the space of a week, my life changed forever.
In one week, I got made redundant, experienced someone willing to stab me by getting into my face for my cellphone, my pet died, and I broke up with someone.
That week was the hardest of my life – and I'd say mainly because I felt like I'd suddenly lost everything. My safety and salary especially.

Fuck it was hard. I still panic when people walk up to my car. Driving can still be a serious issue for me, especially at night – and sadly, I hardly venture into town (where the smash and grab occurred) anymore. A part of Johannesburg I absolutely loved and embraced.

But I think with all that fuck off hardness, something changed in me this year. A lot of things changed, and thank fuck for it – although at the time I couldn't understand why this was all crappening. I certainly got fucking strong. It takes a lot now for me to wilt, in fact sometimes I think I'm too hard for my own good.

And then things suddenly went majorly right. I landed the job of my dreams; and since May have been working for an incredible company. I changed my career. I also travelled, in the space of seven months to:
London – twice.
Israel. (Never would've considered going there, and my job opened up this opportunity for me)
And now, on my own steam, South America.

I launched my first novel. The most surreal and incredible experience of my humble little life.
I took charge and control of everything – as a single person – this was important – sorting through all my shit, coming out, I believe, as a much better person than I have ever been.

I hurt someone, and I also experienced a long-distance liaison with someone who lived in the northern hemisphere. I moved out of my Illovo flat and into my own place. I was part of breaking a Guinness World Record in Zorba Greek Dancing.

I quit boozing for two months, and bought a piano by mistake. I won a blog award, and sat writing freelance articles for my supper for two months while I knitted scarves.
I nearly moved to London, all the documents were ready to go.

Who'd a thunk it after that disastrous week in March, now I don't think I've ever been this content and happy.

And. Currently and very recently, I am sleeping on Chester's Pillow.
Ches and I met each other about two years ago and have over these years, become great friends. And now we are, you know, seeing each other. He's really so great - inside and out, of course. We're having a lot of fun.

And another amazing thing – The Ant and The Gilb got engaged last week.
It's been coming for years; and he proposed to her at a fuck-off crazy altitude in Nepal. Somewhere near the base of Everest. I am so chuffed for my fabulous old Italian friend, I tell you what. And I am going to be one of her bridesmaids. I'll be two bridesmaids next year – what an honour, seriously.

So with that, 2008 has been one helluva ride. Can't say it's ever been boring – Jesus Christ – it's been fucking nuts.

And that's why I need a holiday. To absorb and reflect all of this – shoot the breeze, bond with Dad (who is bringing only an overnight bag, or so he tells me. Sigh) and experience a continent I've never been to before.

Thanks for sharing this year with me.

I will very irregularly keep you informed while there, on my travels, of:

1) If I'm alive and haven't been kidnapped/lynched/trafficked for cocaine
2) If Dad hasn't finally lost his marbles
3) What the glaciers in Patagonia look like
4) Experiencing Eva Peron fever (The truth is I never left you through all my wild days and mad existence....)
5) If Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are really what the songs say they are
6) Salsa and Latino and steak and espanol and mojito and peso and leather and, you know, stuff.

'Till then, Malaysian Airlines, (WTF is that all about....wrong continent, wrong direction), is flying me out at 4am on Sunday.

Hasta soon.


c@th said...

Thank you for A FUCKING AWESOME year Peas. and thank you for letting us be part of it.

Muchos grande love to you and the pillow


Jam said...

You have been brave, alive, lived, loved - done so many awesome things this year....and of course, as we said - this too shall pass.
I hope that South America is awesome, love you very much and I'm incredibly proud of you for coming so far this year.

Peas on Toast said...

c@th - why thanks you babe :)It's been great having you read! Have a wonderful festive season too xxx

Jam - babe, without yours and HPF's help during that turbulent time, not to mention being able to have coffees with you everyday - honestly, I don't know what I would've done. You were amazing during that time, and I'll never ever forget that!
Here's to a fabulous Xmas and New Year for you as well, and can't wait to catch up properly over karaoke/wine :) in the new year! xxxx

Tower said...

Stoked for ya peas ;-)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Tower! :)

Revolving Credit said...

Ya see, ya see..I told you that shit would work itself out and it has.

It's been an interesting year to follow.

PS. I must say that I think you've travelled more than some travel writers I know?

Journey on Peazle.

Ches said...

Ha ha, Chester's Pillow! Thanks You...

Is that outside in or inside out? ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Ches - ha ha ha :)

Gold digger said...

Wow... It's been uber entertaining for the rest of us to share this with you. I'm not making light of your troubles though. It's been like watching a soap opera. Crying, cheering, biting nails... I'm glad it all worked out!

Peas on Toast said...

Gold digger - hahahaha:) Thanks so much, it's been great having people chip in their advice, support, non-support, and their two cents worth. If one things has been constant, it's this blog! :)

Thanks so much!

Revolving Credit said...

So, Tuesday's sexercise list, was that you publishing a wishlist/ticklist for Chester?

So I reckon that when you mention Ches from now on it really does qualify as pillow talk?


Peas on Toast said...

hahahaha Rev, ja ja ja.

(jajajaja is also how you laugh if you Spanish. Buen, eh?)

Revolving Credit said...

So this kinda stuffs with your plan of test driving a couple of latino's??

po said...

wHAT A YEAR, pEAS, I am so glad I discovered your blog this year

Sunrise said...

Niiiiccee, so you can pick some Punani by blogging, like a more storybook Facebook?

Ches is my inspiration!

DT said...

Wow Peas you have had an incredible year!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Mini said...

Have a blast!

We enjoyed your journey toooo!(kinda like a family)

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - it does slightly, innit? ;)

Po - thanks so much for your quips and comments too, I'm lad you've become a regular around the old place, and on Ches' blog too!

Sunrise - 'pick punani by blogging'. Don't you mean penis?? ;)

DT - Thank you dollface! :)

Mini - Mi casa e su casa :) lad you've joined the blogofam...:)

Kel said...

oh Im THRILLED about you and Ches.I always thought he was a good apple.Ah bless (TM peas) Have a fab time on your hols and congratulations :)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much Kel!
And all the best for your festive season too hon! :) x

The Seeker said...

Hi Peas!
Great reflection post - thanks for the great reading you have provided the blogging community with the last year. Keep it up!

PS Enjoy your trip.

Megz said...

hey hey cherie. Like i said reading your blog has become a regular part of my swiss life here... your reflection is awesome, and yes good or bad everythign is an experience and i think so much good has come from the bad even if its just the point its made u stronger. If we didnt have any bad times we wouldnt be able to appreciate the good ones as much as we do. Im glad you and ches are together, you two seem really a good pair even though im just going on blog personalities....

keep it real darling and have the most amazing time on holidazs..

Love Megz xoxox

Miss T said...

wow it has been a serious roller coaster lass but when you look back on it all with some distance and that fantastic hindsight you get to appreciate where it brought you. Well Done Peas!!