Monday, February 16, 2009

4 plastic rings & a watch chain

The thing that is currently pulling me through the exhaustion and disentachment I feel from the world I feel right now, is Germany.

That, and amazing mates like Klo who arranged a three course girls only Valentine’s banquet for us.
She bought the house down.

Right now, I feel disentached and mildly on another planet for many many – but one is my book; it does feel weird having total strangers ask me questions about things.
Definitely. I still does surprise me that people take such an interest.

Friday I got a pearler: ‘So is that character real? What’s their real name? Where did they go to school?’


Where did they go to school? Are you serious?

Who cares where that supposedly ‘real’ person went to school? Of all places?
It’s a book character, so if I said Pofadder Hoerskool, would that make a difference?

Like, in Spud, who was Spud’s dentist? Because…I want him to do my teeth.

Anyway, it's always interesting.

Spending time with my closest friends who know me very well right now, as well as spending lots and lots of time to myself, working as hard as possible between 8-5, that’s ultimately when I’m happy. Because I am me.

And this weekend I researched Berlin back to front – Dove and I are so excited we could literally turn into bratwursts. I’m so chuffed she’s coming.

After our champagne, a three course meal, Klo made us then eat 8000 platters of sweet things, which meant I lived through the night nursing a migraine the size of Canada.

Yesterday I went around Rosebank Market with a French friend of mine, met up with people for lunch at Crank’s, and shit – we hit the …antique side of the market. The dangerous side.

All the ethnic bothnic dreamcatcher shit, you can pass without forking out your wallet. Not to mention the Jewish stand with the ‘Shabbat With The Cohen’s’ cushions – love these though – want one for fun in my house.
But we went to the side of the marker filled with the cool old stuff.

And I bought a vintage necklace.

One of those silver watch chain jobs, with the solid silver medal at the bottom. They’re helluva cool, and it looks so….old and lovely. You gonna have to trust me, but I got a good deal. It was maybe an unnecessary purchase, but farking hell it’s a beeyoot.

And then sometimes I go crazy, like at the Perspex stand where they sell giant rings that look like Licorice Allsorts, and they’re so pretty you wanna eat ‘em, and I now have 4 giant Perspex sweet rings. For days when I feel like an eccentric, tortured artist.


Plus some Cleopatra’s Milk. It’s powdered and in a jar. Serious. It’s this bath concoction – threw in a few ladles into my nightly tub, and it is, perhaps, but the best bath product I have ever purchased. And I use a lot of bath products.

Also browsed Musica and bought some new music (always love throwing a Now 56, or a The Hits 67 in the basket for good measure. They never let you down; they’re a music investment and every song is a – cheesy surprise.)

So yeah, today I’m wearing a Perspex confection on my finger. The one that looks, and is the size of, a cupcake.


livingladolcevita said...

How did she bring the house down?

Peas on Toast said...

Dolce - hahaha :) Well not poerhaps in the same light as Kyk did eh? ;)

teeee heeee

No she played out of her boots with regards to making all of us feel very loved and special - goodie bags, yummy food, truckloads of chocolates and little games :)

Not to mention a helium balloon I got to take home! Yes! Even! Christmas I tell ya ;)