Friday, March 06, 2009

if you're shagging, don't read this book

Someone had an erotic dream about me yesterday. Something to do with supermarket shelving and tinned goods falling about the place in a wild frenzy.

Sounds kinky. I think. Because right now I feel completely cavernous in light of a l’air sexuale. God, when was the last time I had an erotic dream? I usually have one at least once a week.

I think the Josef Fritzl book is starting to take its toll. It’s a perturbing biography, I mean, possibly the most harrowing history has ever told. And I blame this story on its adverse effect on my libido.

Even though my Moulin Rouge linen screams ‘brothel for one!’, and I feel like a nubile love machine betwixt those sheets.

The perverse and evil nature of this dude is making me recoil in horror.
They don’t give sexual details of what he did to his daughter – thank fuck for that – but you get the idea, since she has 5 children. (One died, and 2 got to live ‘upstairs’ with his original family.)

It defies the boundaries of even the darkest imagination. The reason I bought this book was to try and understand what brought on so much evil and hatred. What happened to this guy growing up that made him do this stuff? Does he have syphilis, like Robert Mugabe, or what?

He grew up in Nazi Austria, just after ‘Anschluss’, or what the Nazi’s termed ‘Connection.’ When in fact, they invaded Austria and completely took over. His father was a huge Nazi supporter, and he became ensconced and brainwashed by the need to control, just like Hitler.
I’m still trying to fathom who is more evil – interesting times to be had at Hell Inc. though. When Fritzl finally dies, him and Hitler being in the same room together should cause other Hell inhabitants a few headaches.

Anyway, it so turns out that coupled with a wayward father who left when he was 4, a mother who beat the crap out of him, Nazi’s reign in Austria, the ability to engineer bunkers, and obviously some fucked up Oedipus-like sexual perversion, the man was destined to be an evil fuck.

It’s during books like these, where I appreciate and thank the blue heavens for my upbringing and childhood.
It’s during times like these where I’m also going to be helluva appreciative to get my libido back over a Jilly Cooper soft cover. I’m sure gonna need it after this heavy read.

My mate who has a bar at her digs, is having us girls over because there is ‘too much booze in it and it’s just going to go to waste because it’s just sitting there.’ Well, hell we never like to waste. Waste not want not, gotta do the girl a favour here and drink up.

Gonna go as a nurse. Perhaps wearing my Sex Club Outfit might knock my libido into shape.

On that positive note, happy weekend everyone!


The Chantal said...

lol I have to disagree, my grandfather was a staunch nazi and a Hitler supporter for his entire life, I don't think it affects anything, I think people like Fritzl are born that way, it's just something inherent in them, like serial killers, who can be born into a normal loving family, that's just the way their brains are wired. I don't think being beaten and under a nazi influence can cause a person to become an incestuous rapist.

Peas on Toast said...

Yeah that's not what I said Chan. I said him being a Nazi, AND being beaten AND being abandonned, AND having a sexual perversion of some kind turned him into a monster. There were lots of elements to this it seems, as well as mental illness.
That's what the pyschiatrists say anyway. And if these factors didn't ahve anything to do with him doing this stuff, then pray what did?

It's a fascinating book, because they get to the crux of all of this stuff. Just a bit of a pisser on the libido parade. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Mental illness or just plain evil? Look clearly this guy has a screw loose somewhere, but in my mind, saying he (and other criminals/seial killers) had a mental illness almost takes the blame away. You know, shame he didn't know what he was doing he's a bit mental. Clearly this guy knew EXACTLY what he was doing... But like you said, it's a very complex situation with a lot of elements. What scares me is what if we all have that in us somewhere - if one "normal" person can tun into a completely evil person due to some circumstances, can the same happen to me?

Peas on Toast said...

Quarter - absolutely and very valid. They're trying to determine throughout this book whether he's bad or mad. And you're right, he mastered up the bunker/kidnapping plan for years before it happened - so he was well aware of what he was doing. He has to be an individual case I think - because Chan is right too - not everyone exposed to some of these elements becomes a complete mental fuckhead.

Methinks they should scan his brain and see if there's anything amiss just from the pictures. But the evil element is ineteresting, what could provoke such intense badness? Perhaps he was possessed by Satan himself?

Revolving Credit said...

So old Joe Shitzl has fucked with your Moulin Rouge fantasy and completely deflated your libido.

Would it help you get into to speak..if we tied you up and stuck you in a dark room?

Well not a photgraphic dark room cause you'd get high on the chemical fumes and beside which, that's a whole different fantasy

What was I saying...wait, let me go develope some prints and expand that fantasy option..hhmmm..shit, mind like a sive.

The Chantal said...

lol LC I know you meant it all added up to it but I still don't think being a nazi affects things (why does everyone have to gang up on nazis :)) because the others involved in the war were atrocious too, raping, murdering etc it's not like nazi = evil, as for being beaten/abandoned well alot of people experience that and they remain loving, nice people. Now I know you're saying it's a combination of the factors, but I still disagree, there are soooo many child molesters in the world that just are that way, nothing in their history to explain it so it could be he'd have turned out this way no matter what happened in his youth. Also look at the guy in England who fathered quite a few kids with his own daughters, story came out a few months after Fritzl, it's just how the brain is wired, some people have no conscience, some people enjoy certain perverse things.

Or maybe you are right...some people have weak minds and are influenced, I guess we'll never know if he was born with a fucked brain or if it became that way, but he'd probably have been a paedophile anyways, so maybe I agree with you now thinking about it, maybe this individual was weak and became that way because of circumstance, but serial killers grew up "normal" and just did what they did. blah blah, lol, who knows....all i know is it's Friday and tomorrow is my first Saturday off in 6 weeks. Have a great weekend :)

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - I think I'm just going to dress up like riding instructor with jodhpurs, like Jilly Cooper's book covers! :)

Chan - Yip, I agree that people have shitty childhoos and manage to come through decent people. So this is where I reckon coupled with this shit, he had severe brain illness(s) or something. Am not quite at the end of the book, so will let you know what comes out of it at the end - at least any other clues. Have a great weekend!

Revolving Credit said...

Oooo....Little Red Riding Ho!

Peas on Toast said...

I like it! Except...that the pressure is on to be a nurse tonight! :)

Revolving Credit said...

Ooo...that's even better..even Joe Shitzl will approve.

Florence Nite in Jail.

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - YUCK! Shame on you!

No. Stop it. This is me trying to get my sexy back!

Revolving Credit said...

You can go around threatening people with your rectal thermometer!

Hot to tell if someone has a hot ass or not.

Peas on Toast said...

Correct! Or a really large...injection syringe!

Revolving Credit said...

If you went as a marine biologist, you could take your dolphin with you?

kyknoord said...

I once read a book that affected my libido. Damned thing kept putting me to sleep.

Peas on Toast said...

hahahahaha :)

Mini said...


On dreams.....I had one about a gal I didnt like in primary school last night,but had a crush on me.Hectic Stuff man.

Gonna be weird bumping into her next time.LOL

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - so you didn't like her hey? Interesting, maybe it's a forewarning...that she's in yoru neighbourhood...watching you through binocs...and stuff.

Or not, and maybe she's now gorgeous and willowy and stunning and you'll bump into her at a bar and you'll marry each other and it'll be all good. :)

...Or. It was just a dream. :)

Anonymous said...

Make love not war, Peas. It's the only way to counter the freaks!