Monday, March 30, 2009

stiff hair, nuptial extravagance & egyptian royalty

Gotta love E. When was the last time you attended a wedding where you received a happy pack at the end, comprising a hangover remedies?

What a winner. This bad boy had Essentiale, aspirin, tomato juice, a newspaper and nougat.

So, wow.

What an incredible wedding. E has set the bar: unanimously, we've all agreed that this wedding has set one helluva bar.

I mean, word on the high streets of Camps Bay was that the 'prince of Egypt was getting married.'
One could see the white marquee and engineeringly-sound platform that had been erected, on the mountain, this huge white party palace from the beach, so it really wasn't far from the truth since the couple lives in Egypt.

It was incredible. It took the whole day to get ready.

Let’s just talk about the hair for two and a half seconds.

Hair spray that increased our carbon footprints by 1000%, make-up artists who worked miracles, hair curlers, and lots of girlie giggly time. (Which the whole weekend consisted of – what a winner).

I opted for the ‘Katherine Heigl look’, where she had one of those high voluminous do's at some red carpet event.

Katherine Highgl I was, if we’re gonna be honest. She gave me a beehive. Seriously. My hair was about 5 inches taller than usual – interesting, not totally unlikeable, but this baby was not going anywhere with that amount of hairspray in it. Woke up the next morning with it still perfectly in place.

We felt like princesses, in our long elegant slate grey dresses, and our friend was a queen.

It was hard not to cry as she slipped on her amazing wedding dress. Yay for it not being a boob tube – it was layers of creamy chiffon, dottings of Swarovski crystals, and none other than Dolce & Gabbana heels.
She was an enigma. Not to diss other brides out there – because everyone looks like a dream on their big day of course– but E, I’m afraid, is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.
Absolutely breathtaking.

Poen, C2, N, K and I were rather nervous to walk down this aisle – it was a long guy. Slippery and long, was this bad boy. It was set in a gorgeously old school church, and then we fraternised at the reception, photos and champagne all round.

The tent, set on this mountain cliff – had white couches on which to chill, a bar stocked with everything and anything, a view (and even during Earth Hour, and the lights were dimmed, looked beautiful), chandeliers and drapes, it truly was insane.

Each table was named after a destination they’ve been to together – and a little something about what they saw and why they loved it; while the menu for the evening was printed on the napkins.

The wedding planner was a hoot. In all the stereotypical ways one could envision of such a man.

We jammed pretty much all night long. To a live band, who did incredible covers of tunes for everyone – you know, Counting Crows for normal people; Earth Wind & Fire for Peas and parents.

It was such a good jol – because most of the people there were school friends, so it was one large reunion, boys and girls alike. All I wanted to do was jam with my mates, even though I was a single bridesmaid, I wasn’t interested in tonsil hockeying, I was interested in getting down at this bad boy with my friends.
Then the dapper couple went off with their tins flowing behind them, onto Argentina for their honeymoon.

Yesterday was spent with my family – the only free day I had really. It was my grandfather’s 89th birthday party, so I got to spread the love of the Beehive That Wouldn’t Die beyond wedding borders, severely smoky eyes and one helluva hangover with my cousins, dad, uncles and aunts at Grandad’s little shindig.


I need to fucking sleep.


Revolving Credit said...

So can we assume that Eve didn't accompany you on your flight back to Jozi?

Peas on Toast said...

haha Rev! We were having convo's revolving around (ha!) Eve - like how hungover we were on the Evometre scale. Damn they would've KILLED us!

Revolving Credit said...

Hahaha...Eve the temptress!

Peas on Toast said...

Revvie - your wine was about 6000 times better. And you didn't hang after 20 minutes! :)

frozen-heart said...

Peas! Peas! Please! show us your hairdo even if it's from bee-hind ;) a puffed up bouffant! wow!
hells bells but i am sat here giggling in thought to what my head has me John Travolta'ring and no dahrling it's 'not staying alive' (ok so that has also much to do with the b52 but realy bee-gees ;) .. puns intended) but you know how i mean? it's the moooves! anyhows like i was sayin, Travolta'ring yeh mamma Edna Turnblad... Hairspray minus the kilo's.
c'mon peas show us!
oh yeh and am glad you had a brill time and that you are safely back in the big smog erm i mean big smoke!
hugs x

frozen-heart said...

Edna Turnblad: Look at your hair. All ratted up like a teenage Jezebel.
Penny Pingleton: But Miss Edna. Tracy's "flamboyant flip" is all the rage. Even Mrs. Kennedy, our First Lady, rats her hair.
Edna Turnblad: But Tracy's no First Lady is she? No siree. She is a... hairhopper.

gotta love the pork lovin mamma !
ok so i'm off on my own tangent .... weeee! i'll stop here!

Peas on Toast said...

hahaha frozen-heart you do make me giggle my girl! Hilarious, the do was on VIAGRA baby, it was going NOWHERE. :)
But hey, I rather quite enjoyed it - now I have john travolta's staying alive in my head....not a good memory! ;)

kyknoord said...

What was the newspaper for? To swat the flies attracted by random puddles of puke?

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - you should be a wedding planner - good idea! (Actually, no don't be a wedding planner. You're way too straight for that).

It had their wedding announcement inside, and well one needs something to shade the severe African sun from their eyes right, whil nursing said affliction ;)

frozen-heart said...

oo kak! never meant for a trudgery of bad memories... sorry chicka!
sp let's rather sing > the wheels on the bus go round and round ...
funny thing this thing called moozik and how it can transport us back in time to different places, smells and ungly folk :( but then too it can do the reverse :)
life! oh joy!
did i tell you yet peas, that i am a mooshy addict? well i am!
thanks! :)