Friday, March 27, 2009

pick up line of the century

‘Feel my shirt.'


'Go on, feel my shirt. Have a feel.’

Peas: ‘…ok.’

Dude: ‘Do you know what this is?’

Peas: ‘Not really.’

Dude: ‘Boyfriend Material.’


He also is a horse jumping champion, who brushes square shapes into the back of his horse’s backside. And most recently – being international and all – springboks, into his horse’s backside.


Gotta love being one of the single bridesmaids. It’s a cliche that’s actually kiff. Alongside ‘lots of fish in the sea,’ it's a cliche that actually works. It’s farfetched and silly, but it’s also cute and naive and stuff.

It’s E’ brother of course, Stupie. And he really wanted a mention.

Worthy, because he’s the king of spades when it comes to cards.

Nice one big guy, much appreciated.

Tough day of pampering ahead. Mani’s, pedi’s, massages, giggles.

Life is seriously difficult right now.
How do we cope, with all this festivity and pampering and beaching and wining and gifting and princessing?

We did the wedding church rehearsal last night before a big braai at E’s.

Walking down this aisle and where we stand, and pause, and sit and stuff.

Okes, it’s a LONG aisle. We have kilometres to cover before finally hitting the alter. It’s daunting as fuck. Beautiful, and we’re all tearful and giggly at the same time, but we’re a bit nervous. The priest is a gas though. Seriously.
And it’s gorgeous, a cathedral-like church in Claremont.

But we’re all nervous for this aisle walk, and whether we’ll trip/giggle/do something rash/break out in hives/eat gum by mistake/be not classy.

Plus after lying on Camps Bay beach yesterday getting a bit of a tan and soaking in a few daiquiris, it’s if normal life doesn’t exists right now.

Joburg? Shit? Stress? Stuff? What the dickens is that?


Miss T said...

man that is the best pick-up line ever! I love the corny ones the best :)

frozen-heart said...

miss pampereded-peas, i got me a line once from this bloke but it was only once > 'hey you're ugly but you intrigue me'
i showed him how curiosity killed the cat! arse!

boyfriend material rather a good one eh .. reminds me of the one i read somewhere upon a time -
bloke - is that dress felt?
huh? girl - uh no!
bloke - would you like it to be?
doh! girl - like still no!

oh and on weddings ... fuck they make me sad!

nuf said! i feel muf today.

Revolving Credit said...

'Hi, what do you do?'
'Hi, I'm a horse bum comber'
'Oh..Hope you've washed your hands??'

kyknoord said...

So if he says something looks like a horse's arse, he really means it.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I've actually witnessed a girl doing that to a guy and I killed myself laughing. Thing actually worked :-)

What a great time...I LOVE IT!! Every girl should be pampered once in a while...wish it wasn't the "once" though! LOL

Anonymous said...

Rides horses competitively? Comments on clothing? Gay?


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frozen-heart said...

as i pick up my 'peace' ;) of rope i shout aloud! SKIP!
bloody hell! eish!
hope you all ger'rit - what a friggin mind twist :S
praps to lay down now ...
faints and falls over