Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wow. The funbus hasn’t really stopped since the Europeans rocked up in town.
How I am still alive and not in coma attached to an IV drip is beyond me.

Had such an awesome night out with both of them and a group of mates. I think we got home at about 4:30am, but it’s difficult to tell.

What a fun night. I slept in until 1:00pm. The boys are gone now and I miss them already.

Voting was in the air, and so was a Benetton jersey for the trip.
Bought astutely by one tired bitch at Hyde Park yesterday. Political debate arose in one of the meat markets we all headed to – is South Africa destined to ne the next Zumababwe? Basically are we fucked? Is he going to change the constitution? Do I start trying to apply for that ancestral British passport again?

I’ll be honest – Zuma's thirst for power and corruption scares the hell out of me.

All around Melrose Arch big fancy cars were pasted with ANC stickers, people specifically placed there – appearing affluent, driving past the restaurants ad nauseum.
How much do you think they got paid to do that? To subliminally campaign around one of South Africa’s elitest hotspots? Ant and I were having a quiet coffee, noticing all the cars were loitering – driving around and around mouthing the words ‘Vote ANC’ to passersby.

Dove: Who’d you vote for?

Peas: The DA.

Dove: Who should I vote for?

Peas: Well put it this way – are you voting for majority purposes or are you voting for political policies? It’s a toughie this year – I considered COPE for a while.

Dove: Which one will get people educated?

Peas: Good question. They probably all have ‘education of the masses’ in their policies, and yet where does the money go? The ANC’s clearly goes towards big cars that drive around Melrose Arch repeatedly…and therefore just mushroom the general carbon footprint AS well.

Dove: Sigh. What to do what to do.

Peas: Ant reckons that COPE will rejoin ANC again, eventually.

Interesting times ahead.

The DA sent me two text messages yesterday reminding me to 'Stop Zuma.' I like their chutzpah.

Fuck I’m tired. I have two days to recover and to basically start a new reserve tank of energy just to get through a night in Amsterdam alive.

Packing for a trip is almost more exciting than showing your boarding pass to the flight attendant as you step into the plane. And since my trusty old backpack has been places in the last ten years, I had two tonnes of sand from Brazil to empty out of it before packing in my ‘Euro Wardrobe.’

Was having an entire conversation with my backpack yesterday:
‘Aren’t you excited big guy, you’re going back to Europe! Remember when we went to America and you were stuffed full of skiing gear? Why is there STILL Argentine crap in here?’

What the devil do I take? I’m going to the Techno Style Capital of Europe, where everyone looks like rockstars – my wardrobe definitely needs some sjoosjing up - half of our holiday budgets are going towards the European fashion industry.
We’re going to go bananas.

As for the music in Berlin – this city was made for me. It’s techno or bust. Everywhere.

Good GOD am I EVER going to be able to return?


icepick said...

COPE should mate with DA in the next election.

Id be keen to check out the offspring..

Peas on Toast said...

icepick - I agree! What are the chances though?

Maybe we should just run for president though? ;)

icepick said...

Im not too clued up on it all, but i completed a survey online, to compare my ideals with those of SA political party's, before making my vote.

I recall both COPE and DA showing a remarkable comparison with mine. The rest were pathetic - therefore laying down a rather difficult decision between the 2, as one would prefer to vote for the best opposition with the majority, surely? Benefits are increase in pressure on the ruling party. (But what got DA my vote, was the fact that im in the Western Cape)

Anyways, so I was thinking, if both COPE and DA's policies are similar (im not sure if they are)?? Why not form a even greater alliance..

Smells like ultimate diversity to me.

But once again, this election just goes to show - one cannot underestimate ignorance in large groups.

Loyalty over corruption, crime and education?? Fuck that shit.

Peas on Toast said...

I totally agree icepick. And yay for the DA blanket over the Western Cape at least eh? ;) Go Mrs Zille...:)

But it would make so much sense if they partnered up, it would shake up the ANC at least, and give them a bit of fair competition. But as Ant says, the chances of ANC and COPE re-emerging seems likely. Arrgh :(

icepick said...

Fa sure. Zill dog has some brass balls hidden somewhere ey? hehe

Did u see her on the tele? Standing in line to vote - like your average South African citizen should...

Shes rough, but oddly enough, really likable.

Peas on Toast said...

icepick - for sure. My Dad writes to her every week. He wants to marry her. Brass balls and all I tell you.
She has the Hilary Clinton disposition about her - scary, intimidating, a pair of female balls hidden under the coat somewhere, but very likeable - it takes a tough bird to head up her position. And she'd be a great mate to have during a Shithead dual :)

icepick said...

I was actually wandering, seeing as the DA has taken the Western Cape, does this mean less government spending in the Cape? :)

PS./ Your father have a fetish for powerful women? hehe

Peas on Toast said...

Totally dude. He writes to her ALL the time, first-name basis style. She probably has filters on her mail now, archiving all his letters. Hilarious.

Let me know if there's less govt spending there, as in more potholes in your roads etc :(

kyknoord said...

The problem with government is that it's full of politicians. Voting just encourages them. Anarchy is only reasonable alternative.

siblingmine said...

diverting from political commentary ... peas - wishing you safe and merry (no cheap can wine crap) trip. did a similar trip back in '07. berlin is off the wall. and amsterdam should be renamed amsterdammage. geez. take care.

Peas on Toast said...

kyknoord - I'm pretty certain anarchy started and never stopped since Caesar grew his hair out.


siblingmine - thanks so much! That's exactly what I like to hear - off the wall crazy Dammage! Soooo excited I'm battling not to skip when I walk, only irritating those around me even more. Sigh...:)

Secret said...

If you get the chance, sample some of the canned champers onboard your flight - it can only go one of two ways...either its worse than Eve (and you shall thus appreciate Eve for the (non) brilliance that it is, or it could be way better (perhaps even dom perignon) and you will thank yourself for thinking about drinking bubbly on an aircraft to start with. :P

Enjoy it

Peas on Toast said...

haha thanks Secret! :)

If it's Eve, I'm going to have to decline. Having Eve Demons in the Dam can't be all that and a bag of chips - however if it's Dom, hell if it's even good old Jacques Cousteau Le Roux, I'll certainly have one as a nightcap. Eve though....eeeeek don't think I can do it hey!