Friday, April 24, 2009

after months of planning...

Peas: You up to anything tomorrow?

Dove: Not really. You?

Peas: Wanna do the usual…either get drunk, boogie and then faceplant into a mattress; watch a DVD? Or go to a meat market for TGIF whereby every five seconds some investment banker feels the need to grab your bottom?

Dove: Let’s go and hang out in Investec. That should be a gas.

Peas: Or, or! Let’s die of boredom, or or I have an idea: let’s go for a rowdy dinner at the airport.


And then, and then, I dunno, catch a plane to, say, Amsterdam?

Dove: I dunno hey. I’m just not sure. Paint Johannesburg red or go to Amsterdam.

Peas: It’s a tough fucken call.

Dove: Should we decide at dinner?

Peas: Amsterdam or Sandton. Amsterdam or Sandton. Which one?

Dove: This is balls.

Peas: ‘Luftballone’ is ‘balls’ in German. Or is it a 'hot air balloon.'

Dove: I’m so excited I actually don’t know what to do with myself.

Peas: Dude I saw a picture of an eisbein yesterday. Maybe I had a…romanticised view of boiled pig’s knuckle, but it’s a pretty ugly looking piece of meat.

Dove: I’m not touching that.

Peas: Oh yes you are.

Impossible to sleep last night. Just too much fucking excitement going on. More excitement than when the Hoff steps on stage in a jockstrap at a German concert.
We're going to hit these places harder than an oak dining room set falling from the sky and bouncing off the tarmac.

PS: Someone, anyone please keep informed as to who wins Idols. Enjoy the [more] public holidays coming up y'all.


The Chantal said...

Are you leaving tonight, Friday night??? my cousins are flying to Germany via Amsterdam tonight, that'd be a coincedence.

Anyways bon voyage!!! Hope you have a fabulous time :)

Peas on Toast said...

Chantal - serious?? Tonight tonight!
Are they KLMing it too? I'll have to look out for them :)

Secret said...

Ahh...totally have best time ever (though secretly I rate Sandton might be a better jol than a multi hour flight - its the end of the journey that counts. lol!).

Just remember, dont say BOMB!! too loudly on the aircraft - apparently they dont like that. :)


Peas on Toast said...

Secret - Not even 'You're da bomb?' ;)
Kidding! Thanks so much dear! xx

Secret said...

I dont even think "you're da bomb' would work. These people are not english right, they might think you said "You got da bomb?" Haha.
However if you say "You're da shizzle my nizzle", I dont think that would be too offensive. :P

frozen-heart said...

I declare this National Pea & Dove Euro'pea'n Vacation Day!

Girls, my tip is Schorle in the mornings - carbonated fruit jooce mix and then Pils for the rest! oh and remember their meat is mostly in 'sausage' form ... yum yum! so if you plan to be norti remember, it's safer with a condom on their torti!

GUTE REISE! you two, come back safely! p(l)ease!

now what will this bored heart do this self-declared pooblic hols?
well, first its back to bedlam, book and toasted cheesy in hand.. sod the crumbs in the bed!

The Chantal said...

They are KLM'ing it!!!!!!!!!!! okay it's 4 guys, the tallest is 2.02m - sandy hair, one has a shaved head n glasses he's about 1.88m, the brunette is 1.9m and then there's a fat blonde. if you see them would you do me a favour and yell out "poopies" I'd really appreciate that :)

Tay said...

Have a fantastic time!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - hahaha I'll throw out the shizzle my nizzle then, just to be safe! :)

frozen - thanks so much babe, we're sooooooo excited we could literally die!

Chan - perfect!!! I'll look out for them and after a glass or two of KLM's finest, I'll scream out 'balls.' haha :)

Tay - thanks so so much :)

Mel said...

Please pass on some non-budget-breaking hotel/backpackers info... We are going to Germany in December, so if a place is kinda kick-ass could you let me know? :)

Peas on Toast said...

Mel - DEFinitely. I will let you in on anything I can find out - we're staying at The Circus in Berlin, which I've head is kick-ass, but will let you know as soon as we sample it ourselves!

kyknoord said...

Dinner at the airport? Wow. How much do you earn?

Peas on Toast said...

hahah funny.

There's a Dros there you know :)

Rambler said...

Still gagging at that eisbein pic

Have fun in first world-ville...


Peas on Toast said...

Tis pretty siff innit?
Thanks Rambler :)

Miss T said...

enjoy hoffland lass