Monday, May 04, 2009

complete and utter denial

Oh my God.
God forbid – gott verboten – that it’s over.

At the risk of sounding like a Rhodes alumni, we had THE. BEST. TIME. Our trip was sensational.

I’m sitting here in my cold, empty dark flat, with clothes strewn all about me, 5 new pairs of shoes that give me a mini-orgasm when I look at them, a giant piece of the Berlin Wall (Hadta. Sorry, but I just hadta), and a feeling of escalating depression as I realise it’s over and I’ll be sitting in the office this morning.

Honestly, we had such a fucking epic time, I have 8000 emails to go through today because I didn’t step near a computer the entire time there. Berluin exceeded all my expectations, and I had some pretty high fucking expectations.

Actually, please only address me in German.
Any email in English – delete.
Even if it says in English that I won the lottery and therefore can live in Berlin for the rest of my life – delete.

The Dove and I are both wearing all our shit hot clothes we bought over there today to hold onto the feeling of being in Europe, and most importantly, Berlin. (They all look so effortlessly stylish there, and we figured out why: they LAYER everything. Layers, girls. I have 6 layers on today.) Which helps since Johannesburg is bloody freezing right now.

Address me in German, tell me who won Idols, I need something to look forward to and fast. Because right now, I’m about to burst into tears.

Coming back from trips is hard. Always. And the more I go, the harder it is to come back.
This trip is especially chronic, because it was so fucking wonderschon, mere words cannot explain.

I suppose we also flew the entire day back from Amsterdam yesterday. Never done a day flight to/from Europe, it’s not kiff, would definitely NOT recommend it.

So. I’m going to have to make a new fucking tapeworm for my wall and quickly. ‘Things To Look Forward To So That I Don’t Hurl Myself Off A Balcony’ worm.

Maybe I just need to sleep, since 4am was our average bedtime over the last 9 days. Either way am seriously so sad to be back. Waking up to the flotsam of Rosenthaler Platz has been usurped by waking up to fucking taxis hooting on the road.

Fuck it's going to be a long week. WHY is it over. WHY.


Monkigirl said...

Welcome back Peas!

I feel your pain, I'm also back at work today after 3 weeks of leave. A week of that spent on a tropical beach in Madagascar!

Be strong! And make that wall worm, even if it's just a worm to the the next public holiday!

Peas on Toast said...

Ah thanks Monkigirl - and welcome back to you too! Madagascar hey? That's frigging awesome - I was also going to do it during this time, but glad I opted for Berlin - next time definitely! Was it amazing hey? :) I imagine everyone is going through this today - no more 4 day weeks, no more holidays. It sucks major major donkeys testicles :(

The worm is in the making! xx

Monkigirl said...

Peas... It was unbe-freaking-lievable. White beaches, palm trees, the works!

What sucks hairy balls is that I have this awesome tan and now it's too bloody cold to show it off!

If you do ever go, visit Ile Aux Nattes, off Sainte Marie Island. Google it ;-)

Flarkit said...

Es ist sehr, sehr einfach, lieber Peas:

Just become a travel-journo-blogger. You may now deposit the "brilliant idea" fee into my account, thanks

tyrone said...

Welcome back Peas. Please don't leave again... My mornings are boring when there is no blog to read! :)

Peas on Toast said...

Monki - thats' where I was going to go. Two of my mates went there last week too - it looks incredible!

Flarkit - danke schon, du hast ein unbershon idea there. Fuck, I'm tempted!

tyrone - thanks big guy! Can't say it's great being back :( But hey. x

Monkigirl said...

Were they by any chance staying at La Petit Traversee? The owner was expecting 2 South Africans to arrive on the day we left.

Small world...

Peas on Toast said...


(I think. It sounds pretty darn familiar). Will check with them, but it sounds like it must be them. How frigging small is THIS planet??

frozen-heart said...

Willkommen zurück Peas, Sie wurden schmerzlich vermisst! Ich freue mich zu hören, mehr über Ihr mal gemütlich und hoffe, dass die nächsten Blogs werden Marmelade verpackt und vielleicht ein Foto oder zwei?

Ich habe den Aufenthalt in Rumänien, es war eine verdammt Blast! Verdammt schade, es ist eher die hier bleiben, als die tatsächlichen Rumänien! ha ha!

for those of you who canno read German > Mazda's selling real cheap on Tuesdays in Romania !

Never leave us again Peas! ;)

Peas on Toast said...

frozen - I haven't the foggiest what you just said, but it looks ORGASMIC. Just looking at that language fills me with ...a wierd twisted sort of joy. :)
Bless your heart! xx

getaway said...

Yes!! Welcome Welcome!!

Sasha-lee won idols by the way (big surprise!)

Yes, please don't leave us again. I spent quite a few mornings staring blankly at your "greetings from Holland" photo.

Epitome of awesomeness!! Berlin?? Madagascar!! Keep'em coming!

This is the closest im gonna get to adventure for the next month! I could do with one'a those worms...

Peas on Toast said...

Hey getaway! Thanks so much - and glad to hear someone missed me :) Hilarious - I reckoned everyone would be away or doing their own thing. I'm going to doing a travel diary of some of our adventures over the next few days - just keep the holiday spirit alive :)

I'm making a holiday worm for the weekend. Does that count? ;)

frozen-heart said...

now that you have had your oddly orgasmic view of the 'shecksy' lingo, i will say again that 'you were sorely missed Peas, Welcome back! I am glad you had such a jovial time and hope that the next blog/s will be jam packed with holiday fever and maybe a picture or two? oh the nostalgia ...

I was in Romania, it was a fucking blast! ... Damn shame it was more of 'remain here' rather than the actual Romania! ha ha! ag well, the pooblic hols was still lekker! with a capital R!

and again in case you were still tingling and missed the point of - Never Leave Us Again P(l)ease Peas! no more esca(pea)ing ok? well not for a little bit anyway! ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Oh bless Frozen!
You were in ROMANIA?? That's pretty darn swell, good grief! And, was it cool?? (Besides the mass sale of Mazda's that is! ;)

Can't believe Sasha-Lee won. She was great and all, but jASON DESERVED THE PRIZE, QUITE FRANKLY :(

I will be around for a little while until Turkey - thank fuck for a next trip - thank FUCK - but I'll be here bitching and moaning as usual, dontcha worry about that :) xxx